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Freelance Open Raid Team - Cazic Thule Server

Started by Furro, June 27, 2011, 05:03:58 PM

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Freelance is currently recruiting all classes!

Brief Overview

Freelance is an open raiding team. It's strictly based on a pure and true open raid concept.  There is no single guild associated and/or affiliated or in an alliance with Freelance. The entire team is a collection of like minded players which come together to experience content and help others share in that experience. We've built our numbers over time, through word of mouth; advertising on forums, and other in game zone wide methods.

All players are welcome to attend Freelance raids. Prior raid experience is not required. We welcome both newcomers to the raid scene, as well as seasoned players. Newcomers benefit from our raids not just from character advancement, but also from exposure to raiding in general. Seasoned players in the mix, allows for class experience and tricks of the trade to be passed down the line. It's good overall, and good for the game.

Raid Atmosphere

Freelance is a friendly, low stress raiding environment. We're accustomed to working with both experienced and inexperienced raiders alike. There's no intimidation factor on our raids. Raids are NOT led by iron fist dictatorship, there is no talking down to others, nor drama of any kind.

We're dedicated to helping others of all play styles, backgrounds and experience. We continuously seek to improve our performance at both the raid and class level through the sharing of knowledge openly and constructively. These efforts make us stronger as a team overall. If/when mistakes happen during events, we as a team understand and we work collectively to identify the causes in order to implement solutions, we do not play the blame game. This concept of understanding is a focal point which fosters goodwill and strengthens our bond as a team.

Raid Schedule & Related Details

Days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Start times: 8:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM CST, 5:00 PM PST

Duration: Approximately 2 - 3 hours respectively.  No commitment required to stay the duration.

There are no mandatory attendance requirements.

Our raids are posted in advance on our forums with related details.

All strategy related to upcoming events are public and available on our forums in the related Strategy section.

Minimum Requirements

  • Level 105
  • 7000 AA
  • All 6 MPG Group Trials completed (for resists)
  • All 5 DoN Tiers (for power gains)

Content & Progression

Ring of Scale - Tier 1

Empires of Kunark - Tier 3

Special events like Anniversary raids, Living Legacy for AUGs.

DKP System & Item Distribution


Freelance uses both DKP and Random 1000 to distribute items. All items are associated with a category, and each category tied to a ruleset; which is used for item distribution.

Current designated expansion LOOT & RUNE items require 20% Raid Attendance in order to BID/Random on them. Retro designated expansion items are processed on demand via /random 1000 Ruleset, with normal associated base costs. With the exception of special earmarked items (quest drops, etc).

AUG and N/A category items are distributed via Random 1000 ruleset.

LOOT category items are auctioned off in 3 rounds of open /raidsay bidding, starting at 50 DKP. Minimum bid increments of 10 DKP at a time. A player cannot bid beyond their Current DKP holdings. Following no bids, an OPEN tag is associated and the Random 1000 ruleset is used (no RA needed).

Each "Real Life" person is allowed to participate, winning one AUG, LOOT, RUNE, and N/A item per night. OPEN items still count as your item in that category for the night, and are available to anyone, including prior winners. FFA items cost the same as their aforementioned category, but are not restricted to one per "Real Life" person.


DKP points are earned based on the total value of all items distributed, divided by the total number of attendees, on a per event/target basis. Basically that means, for each target, all DKP spent, is split among all those who attended for that target. The more we spend, the more we earn.

Reference: Freelance Hybrid DKP System

Contacts & Site Information

Guidelines:Freelance Raid Guidelines

Leader/Raid Leader:Furro
Co-Raid Leaders:Huevos
DPS Coordinators:Minisca
Loot Distribution:Huevos (Darkarma), Dimbly

Cross Server tell format: [tell cazic.nameofplayer

Thanks for your time,




Furro owns :) Man i still rember when they first started that back on fennin ro......
Gimpbstlord  dam i need to update

Kindo dam i need to update


Quote from: Khauruk on June 27, 2011, 05:35:12 PM
Good luck guys.

Thanks for the support Khauruk and allowing this space to advertise about our raids.

Quote from: kindarring2 on June 27, 2011, 10:09:22 PM
Furro owns :) Man i still rember when they first started that back on fennin ro......

Thanks for the kind words Kindarring!  Time goes by quick!

Progress Update:

Tick Tock defeated Saturday, July 2nd!


Progress Update:

Cliknar Hive Guardians defeated Friday, July 29!

The Cliknar Queen defeated Friday, August 12!

UF Tier 7 unlocked.




Beastlord Community Round Table representative.  Feel free to PM me or contact me in game (Drinal.Hzathz) about anything you think needs attention.


Progress Update:

Brell's Temple - Trial of Deconstruction defeated on Saturday, August 27!



Progress Update:

Fungal Forest - The Fungal Corruption defeated on Saturday, September 10!



Just thought I'd like to jump in and show support for the Furro. He's a good little ling, bring him some pie and he'll treat you right. He's kinda like a mini-hitler, but he gets the job done.  :mrgreen:

He who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword, bringing oceans of tears in laughter


Progress Update:

Lichen Creep - A Cunning Plan defeated on Friday, November 4, 2011!




Progress Update:

01/13/2012: Argath - Illdaera's Vengeance Defeated!

With 38 in attendance, strong focus, teamwork, and a big helping of pie for added edge!