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haveing troubles with determining new spell line up

Started by ramelorm, May 09, 2012, 11:13:45 AM

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Fellow  BST,

with the  introduction of VoA what is  the spell line up now?

old lineup                                       replaced with

krons maelstrom                             Bale maelstrom
frozen venin                                    Frozen Cyanine
Sarsez bite                                      rotsil bite
Glacial lance                                    Frost rift lance
Callous Ferro                                   Shard brutal ferro
rush                                                Barrage
Bark at  the moon                            Scream at  the moon
nature fury                                      kolos fury
Tuzil's Call                                       Yahnoa's Call

please add old and  new spells
EQ force multiplier.......BEASTLORDS, the other white meat


Well some of those are not spells, but discs.  Anyhow, you should add:
Friendly pet /empowering warder
self heal
One dot (I keep it up since it's insta cast and can be cast while moving, hence great for pulling)


Most of the spells are obvious upgrade/replacements for the previous spell. If you're ever confused about whether something stacks, just mem them both and try casting them. It's generally real obvious when they're in conflict.

Shared Brutal Ferocity is new, previously we didn't have a group version of the spell at all.

Our ice nukes are split into two lines and alternate in getting expansion upgrades. So Frostrift Lance doesn't replace Glacial Lance at all, they're different lines. Mem and use BOTH of them. It's Frigid Lance (level 84) that's obsolete now. One of the lines is on the same timer as our AE nuke, should you want to use that.

All of our poison DoT's stack, so mem as many of those as you choose to use. Disease DoT's don't stack, use the latest one only.

There was no upgrade for the pet slow proc....use the old one if you use it at all.


This will blow your mind. In groups I have played a makeshift shaman like 95 % of the time. Debuffs are important for us along with DoT's and occasional nukes. Yes also our awesome buffs. But for the group here is a great setup, for pretty much everything.

1. Annul Magic (dispell unwanted buffs on mobs)
2. Sha's Reprisal (player slow, mana usage: 238, pet slow = over 1k mana no thanks)
3. Incapacitate (decrease that mobs STR and AC, making it even easier to kill)

4. Disease DoT
5. Poison DoT

6. Maelstrom
7. Poison Nuke
8. Aggro Ice Nuke (in case you have to tank in a pinch, maybe keep a shield bandolier with shield block for such a pinch)
9. Roar: PBAE Ice Nuke (if facing more than one mob)

Beneficials (use as needed):
10. Feralgia (Growl and Howl spells are redundant as this one spell greys out those 2 and has both the same effects)
11. Target Heal (for backup heals)
12. Ferocity (you know the deal on this one)

Probably even good for a raid except I would switch out debuff spells for other useful ones like the misc pet buffs (pet slow, empowering warder, pet rune)

This lineup is great for every situation mostly. When it's strictly pet tanking I make changes mostly in stacking heals and delayed heals, and those other pet buffs, and swap in DoT s while watching pet kill.

Once you start getting all those fancy AA's you'll be adding more DPS too, like Bite of the Asp (for an extra DoT), Replenish Companion (panic pet heal), Gellid Claw (Hand to Hand triggered innate proc debuff that decreases HP and ATK). Use discs as needed.