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Underfoot RK3 spells ?

Started by droomagon, March 16, 2010, 09:47:58 AM

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I tried to search online if whether we beastlord gets any RK3 raid-content spells?
(or whatever we can get our hands on)

i did a bit of google, and without a whole lot of success.

What i'm trying to specify is what Underfoot is offering to us as beastlord.... but obviously Allakhazam is lacking alot of information (, anyone has any ideas?


supposition here, but I'd bet that we get them in their spell number order from the raid spell gem turnins.
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As posted on that alla link the beastlord spell from the scintillating obsidianite rune is friendly pet rk 3, all classes get their level 83 spell/whatever first.  Don't bother buying more than 1 rune, seems you need different types for the next levels.  The scintillating runes seem to drop from both t6 and t7 raids now.