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Signature Moderation: How It Will Work

Started by Rhaynne, March 29, 2004, 07:12:40 PM

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Signature Rules:
1. Total file size of all Pictures(Sig + avatar) <= 35KB (35,840 Bytes)
2. No Plug-in required signatures (Flash, Java, etc.)
3. Size limits: 550x250 + 2 lines of text (no white space between them)
4. Must follow board policies (No flames/discrimination)
5. If you max-out, or nearly max-out the demensions of your signature, please refrain from using much text as welll...

Think of your signature as an index card, you can doodle on the entire thing, or doodle on all but one line, and save that line for your name... but please refrain from writing on the table...

These signature rules, and mainly the size limitations, are here based on percentages of the screen they occupy under the minimum we can expect to support (800x600 resolution, 56k modem)... if you have a signature thats 550 pixles, it's just bearly avoiding causing horizontal scrolling while the window is maximized... If you add text to the sides of said image, it willl cause scrolling...

As for vertical size, we dont need to see 1/2 a page of one person's signature, yet that's what happens at 800x600 resolution.. Please don't make our fellow poster stuck at work on a 800x600 resolution screen see a -full page- of your signature..

As i said, try to keep the entire signature inside the 550x250 limits, for the best of our community

Also... These are subject to change as we need

Remember--Avatar + ALL pictures used in your signature must fall in the 35KB limit above


Before I start any action being taken on signature violations, I wanted to post my planned methodology so that everyone is aware of how I will be handling things.

If your signature/avatar violate policy, and it is not a gross violation of policy, you will receive a PM from me.  You will have 48 hours to take action on taking appropriate action before your sig is "nerfed".

I consider a gross violation to be:

1 - Offensive or pornographic material
2 - Gross violation of the sizing/filesize policies
       - Size is more than twice a dimension limit
       - Filesize of 150k+

Violations of this nature will cause action to be taken immediately.

Please consider this policy in effect as of now.