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Need some UI help.

Started by Ranofer, January 12, 2004, 12:42:52 AM

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Hey all. Is there any way I can put the % my mana, xp ect.. is on my little UI window and keep my current UI (the default one?). Also, I dont know how to change stuff in my UI so I could use some help on that too heh. Thanks.


If I were you I would head over to and check out the custom UI's that are there. There is also a number of forums and tutorials on customizing UI's. You can definately do what you were asking about. But you would need to know the SIDL layout.
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If you can find a link to a good copy of Mafoo's mods, she has made a great player window that gives your mana, fatigue, hp, xp and aaxp in percents, as well as all your stats. She also has a group window that gives you percent health on everyone and you can target groupies by clicking on their names. She's got a thread going on, but hasn't been supporting it lately.