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The Rundeep brothers

Started by wildwaters, October 01, 2008, 10:15:36 PM

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   I am Wildwaters Rundeep and this will be my first story about my travels across the breadth of Norrath.

     Part 1: Darkwaters
   Growing up was hard for me, my father disappeared shortly after I was born. It is speculated he was killed by the grimlings in grimling forest when he was on his way to bury the body of his brother at the fort there. His brother had been killed in one of the many skirmishes with the growing grimling population.
   Though I had several siblings from my litter they all died young from disease and malnutrition as our mother struggled to feed and care for us alone. I was the smallest of us but somehow I managed to survive two boughts of pneumonia and several ear infections.
   My memories of my siblings are few and I knew my father not at all. But my mother stuck to me like epithek's brand glue through all these trials. Even though she died rather young I sense she was quite proud of myself and my brother (my brother is another story).
   Now you may be wondering about my surname - Rundeep. Well I have little information about my ancestors except what I could glean from my mothers stories. Apparently my forebears were a clan of fishermen Vah Shir back before Shar Vahl was moved to its present location.
   There is very little about them in the old records but I did find a short reference to a Joctun Deeprunner. According to the manuscript Deeprunner was his nick name because of his ability to hold his breath and dive deeper for fish than other local fishermen. I guess the name stuck to his family and it eventually became Rundeep.
   Now as I have stated, I was a rather small kitten for my age. Despite the ear infections I was plagued with growing up I had acquired my forbears affinity for the water, though there was very little of it where I grew up. I often would go fisihng all day in some small stream or pool and not be seen untill after dusk. Raw fish is certainly a delectable treat for a young Vah Shir! Because of my propensity for disappearing for long days at a time and causing my mother great worry she called me wildwaters when I came to be of age to be named. My mother is a kindly and rather artistic soul. The name not only suited me but reflected here propensity for prose
   I touched briefly on my 'brother' and offered no explanation of him having stated that ll my siblings had died. My brother is named Darkwaters - a name he gave himself. It happened long ago when I was young and my mother was still alive...
   I had spent the night in a tree on the banks of a stream in the hollowshade moores. I had been fishing the day before and hiking through the wooded sections. It was a wonderful place for a young vah shir to practice sneaking around owlbears and the occasional grimling.
   There was a particular weedy pool in the southern part of the region that was quite off the beaten path and there for relatively safe where I would spend many an  hour swimming and basking  in the sun.
   This particular day it was very warm as I headed down to the pool. I was looking forward to a good bath and a breakfast of crawfish. Perhaps I'd even make some coffee, I remember smiling at the thought of  a nice cup of camp coffee. It is funny what you remember as you get older isnt it?
   Anyhow, as I neared the pool I heard a loud SPLASH! I felt drops of water hit my whiskers. I was rather startled and crouched low looking to see if i had been seen. The water was still and there was no sound.
    Carefully I raised my head - ears alert for any sound but i saw and heard nothing. Slowly I crept to the sandy beach area and looked around. Nothing.
   "Hello?" I asked quietly. There was no response. Perhaps I was imagining things?
   All of a sudden as I stepped closer to the water something large, black and yellow burst form the water and careened past me! I fell back, rolled over and took off in the opposite direction on all fours!
   Having put some distance between me and the immediate threat my youthful curiosity took over. I turned around and crept slowly back towards the site of the explosion.
   There between some weeds in a little depression in the sand was a arge slimey black creature with a yellow stripe running between its eyes and down its back. It had big black eyes and resembled the tasty toads I would catch and eat outside of Shar Vahl.
   He must have had very good eye sight because his eyes locked onto mine and he stayed very still crouched in his little hole.
   Cautiously I crept forward - he did not appear threatening.
   'Hello?" I asked in Vah Shir but he did not respond.
   "Hello?" I asked again this time in the common i'd learned in the class room. Yet again there was no response to my query. Emboldened by this creatures apparent lack of intellect I moved forward. His eyes tracked me back and forth as I examined him fro the right and then the left. I moved closer yet still he made no motion.
   "Are you good to eat?" I asked again in my native language. I reached a paw out to feel him.
   There was a swift movement and my eyes exploded with black and stars as he leaped from his hole with lightening speed and a large webbed foot swung around and connected with the side of my skull.
   I fell back dazed and the creature, who did indeed resemble a large frog, stood over me.
   "No." he croaked in Vah Shir! I was still a little dizzy but I laughed deeply and loudly.
   "I see." I replied in Vah Shir as I stood slowly and took a stance just opposite of him. I sized him up. He was a good head shorter than me but appeared to have a solid build (as far as a frog can have a solid build).
   "Common please," he said in that throaty voice he had. I nodded,
   "Very well," I replied in common speech.
   "Who are you and what brings you here? You seem awful young to be alone in the moores my friend."
   "That is my business and my name is..." he pronounce some strange name which sounded like a case of loose bowels,
   "as for my being young you are just a cub yourself so I might ask what you are doing out here by YOURSELF?" I bridled at that and my fur stuck up a little,
   "I am no cub!" I spat and started forward - then I stopped, my ears twitched and I listened carfeully.
   "What is it cub?" the frog person asked provokingly.
   "Quiet," I whsipered. I couldn't hear anything over a slight breeze that suddenly picked up and rushed through the weeds. But I was sure we weren't alone.
   "I thin-" I was interrupted by a large form crashing solidly into me and knocking me on my back. The grimling howled as it landed squarely on me. It snarled and reached for a dagger. I was very frightened and I clawed with all my might at the side of its head crushing the skull inwards. As I began to rise I saw the frog person run and dive deep into the pond as four more grimlings came form my left and two from my right.
   Spinning around I saw there were two more behind me with a couple owl bears with studded collars on leashes.
   My mind raced there was no where for me to go and I was severely out numbered. I grited my teeth and pulled out the two small ulaks in my pouch. Dropping the pouch to the ground I took  a fighting stance taught to me by the elders of Shar Vahl. I had never had to fight for my life before but I had no choice.
   One of the grimlings chuckled as the four to my left began to move closer brandishing filthy knives.
   Of a sudden the water again burst forth in a foamy spray as the frog man leaped from the waters. He landed two webbed feet squarely on the first of the four grimlings sending him careening into the other three. They collapsed in a heap as the fourth one sailed into the two grimlings to my right.
   "Those two kitten!" the frog said pointing behind me as he settled into a fighting stance with a gutteral chuckle. I noticed he held a long two edged blade that gleamed in the light as drops of water fell from it. I grinned and spun to face the two grimlings behind me as they let loose the owl bears.
   "Aye i'll handle these quite handily my tadpole friend." I yelled over my shoulder.
   "That's MR.Tadpole Friend to you pussy!" he replied as he lunged towards the three grimlings who had begun to recover themselves. He let out a loud ribbit and swung the sword,
   "For Marr and the holy rage of Kreljnok! Ribbit!" The sword clove the first grimling in two and he cut the second under the chin on the back stroke as it attempted to rise from its knees. I did not see him strike the third as I focused on my assaillants.
   "Rundeep!" I shouted and rushed forward. The owlbears were to the left and right of me. Thinking as quickly as I could I leaped forward and swung my sharp ulak at the first bears throat slicing it wide. As he sagged to the ground blood pumping from his arteries the second bear was upon me. It mauled me and sent me flying head over tail. I recovered and spun to face my opponent. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his handlers makeing ready to assault me. With no better option I rushed the owl bear. As I ran forward it lifted both paws high in the air to crush me. I put on a great burst of speed and rolled my shoulder forward crashing onto my back and sliding between the owlbears legs. As I passed underneath him I sliced his stomach open spilling his guts. As I slid out from underneath him I passed between the two grimling handlers as they were advancing. I leaped up and swung my two ulaks backwards catching each grimling below the base of the skull with the pointy sharp ends and severing their spinal columns.
   As the owlbear and his handlers were all collapsing around me I looked over to the frog. He was just kicking the corpse of the last grimling from off of his blade having run him through the heart. He looked in my direction and nodded. I returned the nod and began cleaning myself. He carefully cleaned his sword and sheathed it, then he dove into the water. When he had surfaced we sat near to each other to talk. I liked my wounds where the second owl bear had ripped my fur slightly with his claws.
   "A good fight," the frog said.
   "Yes," I replied.
   "But it is not safe here let us retire me to my home and you to yours." The frog was quiet a moment and then said solemnly,
   "I have no home, no family..." there was a long silence.
   "I have no brothers or sisters..." I replied after some time. I decided quickly that I liked this creature. I stood up as rapidly as I had come to this decision. He twitched.
   "Come!" I stated and held my paw out to him. As he took it I pulled him up. Before I released his webbed hand I pierced it with my claws. His eyes blinked and he made as if to say something but I held up my own paw and pierced it as well. I grasped his hand tightly and my red blood flowed and mixed freely with the grey ichor that oozed form where I had pierced him.
   I quietly chanted the incantation of the most powerful spell of brotherhood I knew. When I was done I released him and said,
   "There! Now you will come home with me. We shall drink small ale and talk of many things into the night - I shall tell you of our family name and of the deeds of my people. I am Wildwaters Rundeep and you are my brother. Let us go now."
   He thought for a moment and then dove into the water to retrieve his sword and a bag.
   "I am ready brother," he stated.
   "Good we have not far to go," I smiled,
   "and what shall I call you brother? It is custom that we give you a new name upon your birth into our family." He thought quietly for a moment as we trudged along and then said
   "I wish to be known as Darkwaters, my name which you would find difficult to pronounce is Darkleafs. But to you my new family I will be the blessing of Darkwaters and to all our enemies I will be the scourge of Darkwaters Rundeep! Yes Darkwaters I am," he ducked his head in that peculiar frogman nod.
   "Darkwaters. A good name I think... excellent!" I clapped him on the back,
   "May our adventures be many and our lives long!" He ribbited in agreement and we walked home in friendly silence...

   That is how I met my brother Darkwaters froglok warrior of 78 seasons now. I myself have aged to 80 seasons and our adventures have indeed be many. Perhaps later I shall tell of how I became a beastlord of power and Darkwaters found his rage - and perhaps when I have had a nap in the sun I will tell you of our high elf brother The Healer Franklinia and our great and terribly powerful friends. Of the terrible havoc we have wrought upon the unjust and the many laughs along the way. But now I need a nap...


   Part 2: Franklinia

   I am Wildwaters Rundeep and my adventures have been many in Norrath and all of its lands. Now I will tell you of how I met my brother Franklinia.

   "Quiet... Do you hear that Dark?"
   "Hear what? By Marr's loving light I hate when you do that." I grinned at darkwaters consternation.
   "Upon my word! Where in Norrath did your ears go my brother?" I pointed at the little holes on the side of Dark's head, "and what are those?"
   "Hey, what is this?" he asked pointing at a spot on my chest. As I looked down to see what he was pointing at he grabbed a large tuff of fur around my nipple and gave it a hard twist!
  "Ow! For the love of catnip cut that out!" I howled then batted him in the head. I had become alot stronger in our years together and he fell over side ways rolling down the hill a little ways where he got wedged in a forked tree trunk. My friend Biscuits chased after him and joined in teh fun licking Dark's face which he held firmly between two paws.
  "Hey! What in the hateful words of Inny? Get me out of this! And get this monster off of me!" I rubbed my nipple and started laughing. His legs were kicking back and forth and his arms were pinned to his sides.
   "It isn't funny," he exclaimed.
   "Neither are those Norrathian Nipplers you keep pulling on me," I replied. I helped him up and brushed him off careful not to scrape his skin with my rough paw pads. Biscuits retired to lay on a sunwared patch of grass while we sorted ourselves out.
   "You know I do one little nipple twister and you push me down a hill. Then that great beast attacks me." biscuits snorted, flicked his tail and yawned.
   "He's not a beast, he's a big love machine," I laughed and biscuits came over for a scratch behind the ears. He gave a little purr then began rubbing up against darkwaters who's head was about level with the great cat's shoulder.
  'Now you cut that out you flea bitte-"
   "Shhh..." I cut him off. Biscuits stopped harassing the frog and his ears perked up.
   "What is it brother?"
   "I don't know Dark, but it's coming from over here..." I took off to the summit of the hill and he hopped along behind. Biscuits disappeared into the forest as is his want in these situations.
   Peering carefully over the edge of the hillock we looked down into the round, wooded valley below. I didnt see anything but I could hear explosions and the sound of metal colliding.
   "Do you hear that now?" I asked.
    "Yeah, sounds like a battle - we should investigate," Dark said.
   "Aye, a good idea," I grinned. He gurgled a chuckle and we moved cautiously towards the noise.
   Ahead of us forest gave way to a large circular waste. There was a smell of sulfur in the air and smoke everywhere. I strolled past darkwaters towards the clearing when he grabbed my arm,
  "Stop!" he said firmly.
  "I can see the source of our battle noise."
   "Where?" I asked, he pointed ahead and to the right,
    I looked carefully towards where he pointed and could make out the shape of a large orange monster. It was roughly man shaped but with no discernable legs and stood twice as high as the tallest Vah Shir.
   Barely discernible through the smoke was a small blue figure locked in combat with the overbearing figure of the fire elemental. The monster held in its hand a large staff which it wielded  two handed. It swung the large glowing rod over its head and brought it down swiftly to crush its victim, whom I was sure would be unable to resist such a fearsome blow. Much to my surprise the figure in blue raised his shield up and caught the blow squarely. There was the sound of metal grinding and then a blinding flash and sparks. The sound of an explosion hit us and we were surprised ot see the elemental demon fly back several paces. It rumbled in fury and advanced yet again.
   "Well now, I'm glad I didnt walk into that," I said to my brother.
   "Yeah - I can't stand the smell of burning cat."
   "Well what shall we do? I certainly don't like the looks of that flamer ther!"
   "Well Wild hes the haha gay not the other kind."
   "I still don't care to be anywhere near him at this point. What do you think?"
   "Well I am supposed to be a warrior you know."
   "True but hes three times your size."
   "Now wait a minute, i'm not the one who got his ass kicked by a dwarf back in kala-"
   "I thought we agreed that never happened?" I interruped him. There was another loud explosion and flash, this time both figures flew apart and then rushed back into the fray.
   "Well we better decide what to do quickly or there may not be much left of that little fellow there..." I said as the elemental caught its foe hard with a sweeping motion and sent him into the trunk of a tree.
   "Yeah we probably ought -" Dark was cut off by a defeaning roar as Biscuits charged by with a ferocious look in his eyes.
   [] Wait! [] I thought to him. The response was an emphatic
   [] No []
   "By Saryn's sandpaper titties! Control that monster!" dark exclaimed
   "Too late!" I yelled as over my shoulder as i charged after my friend.
   "Oh, for shit's sake!" Darkwaters yelled and drew his sword.
   The blue clad figure still lay prone against the tree trunk as the elemental approached him lustfully. Biscuits roared again and leaped onto the massive monster. His large claws tore into its back and his jaws locked onto its neck. With a powerful twist of his neck he ripped a chunk from  its neck.
   The elemental roared and flung Biscuits from his back. I was rather worried to notice the 'flesh' wounds closing up and filling in rapidly.
   [] Are you ok biscuits? []
   [] Yes friend, he tastes bad.[] I chuckled and thought back
   [] Be careful []
   [] Aye [] darkwaters reached the elemental and took position between it and the prone form. The elemental howled and struck at my brother. Dark deflected the blow and slashed his opponent. The blade went clear through teh elemental and appeared to do no damage. Uh oh.
   "That isnt good!" dark called.
   "Nope!" I replied as I came along side him. I ducked as Dark deflected another blow - sending it in my general direction.
   "Wild tend to that fellow there while I occupy our friend here - see what he knows!" I quickly made for the prone form beneath the tree as I yelled
   "Let's hope he wasn't just passing through as well!"
   "Aye!" dark grunted as he caught another blow with his sword,
   "Make it snappy he hits like a robobar!"
   "Quit yer bitchin allready!" I reached my target and rolled him over. He was heavy for his size and I grunted with the effort. He was wearing bright blue plate armor. He had a beard and his hair was long and red. I noticed pointy ears as I shook him,
   "Hey wake up there manno."
   He came to with a start and with a speed i have rarely seen darted up and pushed me back. His strength surprised me as much as his speed. There was a flash and he drew a dagger from his greaves.
  "Easy now there Red - We are all friends here. Well except him," I jerked a thumb over my shoulder where dark was visibly getting worn down and biscuits was trying to get some sort of damage to stick. He looked at me and then at our shared enemy and nodded. He began to sing something in a language I'd never heard before. The words felt powerful though and his voice held conviction. I watched in amazement as his hands began to glow. The air around us began to vibrate.
   "If you can distract him now would be  agood time to do so," red said.
   "Right," I replied and turned. Calling towards my brother I said,
   "Dark! Red here is cooking something tasty for our big friendly house guest here - why dont we entertain him a little?"
   "About damn time!" he yelled back at me,
   "How come you always wait till the hard part is over?" I grinned,
   "just like to watch you work bro!"
   "Well you are buying the ale next time we get into kaladim!" I chuckled as I approached the elemental. I began to mutter the ancient words of a binding spell.
   [] Use that spell I taught you for forceful blows []
   [] I shall []
   I got the binding spell off and leaped up drawing my staff and long dagger. The spell slowed the monster some and caused it to turn to me ignoring my brotehr for the moment. I avoided a blow from the large staff and landed a few of my own on the creatures head. It howled and swung again knocking me aside. It hurt bad. I slowly got up feeling my bruised ribs.
   "By the planar gods." I looked up and saw Darkwaters furiosuly slashing away. For every blow he deflected he delivered five more. I grinned. I was about to rejoin the fray when there was a defeaning explosion. Red had let lose a giant ball of lightening which collided with the elemental sending it back several yeards. The concussion form teh blast sent dark and biscuits flying.
   The elemental dropped its staff and its features contorted. Light began to well up from inside it and then all of  asudden it exploded into thousands of pieces.
   I got up and limped over to my brother helping him up,
   "You ok?'
   "Yeah, and you?"
   "Horny as a hallas lass," I replied with a chuckle. I winced as my bruised ribs caught hsi weight.
   "What about biscuits?" darkwaters asked.
   "Awe how cute, you've bonded with him," I grinned evilly.
   "No such thing - just mighty handy to havea big monster in a fight like that," the frog blinked.
   [] Tell him I love him too []
   [] Ha! maybe you two should cuddle. []
   [] Maybe []
   [] Are you ok? []
   [] Yes []
   "Biscuits says he wants to cuddle," I said to my brother
   "Now listen here you fuzz encrusted booger," Dark said raising his sword and shaking it at Biscuits who was about to pounce on the frog. We heard a throat clear behind us and trned to see Red supporting himself on a smoldering tree trunk.
   "May I ask whom I have the honor of addressing?" He asked in what I can only describe as a melodious voice.
   "Bit rude for the bit of help we gave yah don't you think?" Darkwaters said. The elf (his pointed ears and melodic tones were not to be mistaken. I had never seen an elf, only read about them in fariy tales but this was certainly an elf) regarded my brother for a moment. He seemed to be peering into him and darkwaters shifted a little uncomfortably.
   "Indeed, I apologise. Allow me to introduce myself and properly show my gratitude for your help with Ixiblat Fer," I did not recogonise the name but something in my primal memories caused the hair to stand up on the back of my neck.
   "I am Franklinia..." the elf paused for a moment before continuing, "well just Franklinia. I am in the midst of some rather important business and I certainly thank you for your assistance jsut now." He bowed slightly and then stood expectantly.
   "Now wait a moment. Who is this ixiblat fer and what is that stick you picked up? What busine-" Darkwaters began but I cut him off,
   "I am Wildwaters Rundeep and this is my brother Darkwaters Rundeep. We are glad that we could be of assistance to you Sir Franklinia." The elf raised an eyebrow at the mention of my brother but said nothing. Before I could stop myself I felt the urge to add,
   "And I hope we can be of further service to you." My brother stiffened when I said that. However there was something about this, I felt he and his mission were important. There was a sense of destiny about him. It also interested me that biscuits seemed extemely interested in him, indeed at that moment he was rumbling loudly as he purred and walked around the elf. Normally biscuits didnt take to people like that and I was quite surprised when he told me quite flatly 'no' when I told him to stay back form assisting the elf.
   I made a mental note to ask my friend about it as my brother tugged at my sleeve,
   "Excuse us Sir Frankin-whatsit but I need to have a private chat with my brother for a moment." He dragged me off to the edge of the smoking clearing. The elf made no move to follow us.
   "Now what in blazes are you doing?" Dark was clearly agitated.
   "Quietly or he'll hear you," I replied.
   "Don't hush me! You just told him we'd go help him do what ever and we have no clue who he is or what in the great depths of discord hes doing!"
   "There is something about him dark, I feel we need to go help him. That's all I know brother. There is something important he is doing and lately I have felt a great unease amongst the wild spirits. When he mentioned the name of this ixiblat fer it caused me great unease. I cannot tell you what to do brother but I must determine  what this is that I feel happening. I will go with him." I spoke earnestly. It was difficult to convey what I felt. Darkwaters thought for a moment and then,
   "I have travelled far with you my adopted brother, we have had good years. I will not leave you now but I cannot promise this is the path I will choose for myself."
   "I understand bro." We stood silent a moment then clasped hands and nodded to each other. After a moment we turned.
   "Elf!" my brother called out,
   "We will be accompanying you," he said matter of factly.
   "Very well friends," the elf said, "now I may tell you of Ixiblat Fer, summoned demon and servent of the evil Ragefire. He was brought here by the sarnak mages, servents to the plasmatc priesthood and underlings of the lord king of the sarnak. But now we must move quickly as it will not be safe here for long."
   "Very well," I replied and darkwaters nodded. We grabbed our things and made haste. I made a decision to ask biscits about this elf at a later date.
    As we moved quickly through the brush the elf began to quietly sing and as he snag the tree branches seemed to retract from our path and there was a great light before us. Even Darwaters was silent as we lsitened to the powerful melody  - very stirring yet in a language neither of us knew.
   We moved quickly, deeper and deeper into the darkwoods. We did not know what was ahead of us but the light and behind us only fading light...

            More to follow


   Btw these aren't so much a story atm as an introduction to my characters >.<
   I'll run through the intros then start a story for yah all to read :)
   Work has been slow so sorry if its long hehe.
   Feel free to post comments unless they are offensive in which case you can take a hike.
   Eventually I'll re-write the above into a less choppy product atm I'm trying to get some idea of my characters.


P.S. Darkwarters is indeed a froglok warrior and my real life brother. Franklinia is my High Elf cleric box and I will be introducing my sk box Poisonwaters and my friend Jolliques mage of the 79th season. We actually did do the elemental (believe it was ixiblat fer something or other for cleric epic) in the second post >.<


That was an awesome intro Wild. I can't wait to read more. You are a really good story teller and I really love how you put it together. You have a fan here! :-)



   I am trying to figure out how to integrate my characters and weave an actual story instead of just long scenes. The time line is not exactly chronoloical as my cleric was my first toon but for the sake of role playing from my characters stand point he was the first character on the scene.
   I'm also not a serious writer so some of it is a little tongue in cheek. I seriously need to work out dialogue but I want to get the plethora of characters set up first.
   I may go back and rewrite the first two scenes  a bit.

   Thanks for the kind comments furry >.<