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Guide on Classes to Duo With by Kethia

Started by Jaeren, January 03, 2004, 07:42:01 AM

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Why 2 box?

I  /agree with
Quotein closing, adding a duo character can open up so much more of the content in the game without having to
wait for a group that wants to go explore.
but wanted to add when you /lfg with a Bst a lot of player look at you and if they have room ok but if not your solo. having a Boxed char I been about to say /LFM  rather then LFG. and when you say Cleric Lfm you can fill a group fast.  same with a Shammy and a Druid. one of the hardest spots to fill when starting a group is the healer you have that and you can make a group.

Also with you making a group you get to pick where your going rather then trying to join any group you can.

2nd point would be most the spots I grind the mobs are DB - white when a Named pops they are often 1-2 level higher and hurt a lot more if your grinding a spot solo and your doing ok when a named pops  you may or may not be able to take it. and with a boxed char most the time it not even a question.

as for Update

Cleric/ Bst

Pro: CH spell this is a 7500 heal that takes 10 sec to cast and only cost 400 mana.
Boxing I can tab over start the heal at X% knowing  how fast a mob is dropping my life. and then tab back and focus on the bst  10 sec later the heal land and my life is maxed. it very effective in saving mana and it Very low aggro. I can have 2-3 mobs on me and if I cast my top level heal I get aggro but by timing the CH I get the heal I need with out the aggro switching to my cleric.


CH is not a reason that I would want a cleric - not past lvl75 or so anyways.  But, the doom timer heals, massive HoTs, DArb/epic shield click, lull anywhere, etc, are reasons I'd love one.  Not sure if I should bother getting druid to 82 for doom heal though - between that and their SoF DArb alternative it solves much of their issues.


it occured to me, while trying to find more info on how to begin 2-boxing, that there is only 1 thing I would suggest adding... Under Druid and Ranger, there is one very valuable piece (at least it was back in the day). Tracking. Maybe I'm just too out of date. For all I know, bsty can track now. But to me, Druid and Ranger have a huge advantage in their ability to track.
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Don't forget Bards can track too, it just depends on how you want to setup your multiboxing.
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I have boxed a Paladin, a Druid, and a Bard and I keep coming back to the Bard.  Druid shines when I am doing old raids where you can't have any mercs.

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