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Forums Policies - Revised 28 June 2004

Started by Kashmiir Battlekat, January 01, 2004, 08:22:23 PM

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Kashmiir Battlekat

Exceptions to these rules will be few and far between but CAN happen if the situation warrants it.

1. No ads. Any (highly unlikely) future ads on the site itself will be tasteful and not in violation of the EQ EULA. This applies also to signatures and messages left by users of the forums.

2. No censorship except in the case of foul language or obscene topics unless the situation violates another site rule.

3. Any post deemed not in keeping with community building will be moved to a location that info can be retrieved if needed. Board Admins reserve the right to delete posts as deemed needed.

4. No personal attacks.

5. No posts that promote violation of any laws or EQ EULA.

6. Moderators will be required to follow all the boards policies. There will not be two sets of rules.

7. We reserve our right to ban/suspend you without warning.

8. Signatures shall not contain any advertising, including those for profit and non-profit businesses, or religous and political affiliations. All signatures are subject to moderator review, and moderators will ALWAYS have the FINAL say in the appropriateness of the signature.

Simple rules. Simple to live by and simply will be adhered to.

Basically treat this board as you would if you were visisting your next door neighbor. Respect is the key. We try to run a site that anyone can come to and feel at home and comfortable, but anarchy cannot rule.

Editted by Jaeren on Oct 21st, 2004:

Added rule 8
Fixed spelling error on rule 2
Clarified rule 1