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Grind to 90 solo

Started by Hzath, September 04, 2010, 07:58:07 AM

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I am hoping to do some missions within the new expansion that will be quick and worthwhile.  I am sure many that are under NDA and have done some, will probably agree.


Well for prepping the first day, along with banking 30 AA, I plan on banking some shared task rewards.  Some of the UF pretasks have some nice XP.

What I hate about the first month or so of the new expansions is all the camp spot fights, KS, ninja looting, etc.  I plan to do alot of my XPing in conv (3-boxing).  With a almost full set of t9 armor, a couple levels and new spells, should be able to Molo UF.


Hello fellow Bst

I dont really post here often. I read these boards alot though.
Not to derail this thread but how do you hand the Swarms in Mech?
I mean exactly how many do you pull and what are you doing as you
kill them?

Thank for any info

Quote from: Hzath on September 04, 2010, 07:58:07 AM
First post!

Where are you all planning to solo (full time or between groups) on your trip to the new max level?

I'm thinking I'll grab SoF instances with an alt and just solo beza or mech guardian, it'll be all light blues but at 86+ I hope to be handling the swarms more safely than now.


Well, how many you can pull you'll determine by experimentation and gear/AAs, etc.  Be cognizant that Hzath was one of the best geared BSTs when he wrote that (afaik).

How we can hold agro on multiples:
*Turn off deagroes from hotkeys (chameleon strike especially)
*Hit protective spirit on larger pulls when they first hit you so you can build agro before merc really has to start healing (assuming you use merc).
*Spread some agro onto pet to start
*Using tab or extended target window toss a nuke at minimum on every mob on you.  Some DoTs on some may be useful since they keep generating agro.  Slows/cripples if needed.
*Use a camera angle that lets you watch to see if mobs have split off onto merc
*push swarm of mobs *into* a corner so that you're not pushing them away so they'll switch targets.
*Use damage discs/nukes to get the first couple down quickly.


Pretty much what Khauruk said, my general strategy is to round up 3-5 hit defensive and try to burn through the first 2 quickly with lots of nukes, AE nuke if i'm feeling frisky, and then finish the others off at regular speed and heal up when they're dead.  When defensive isn't up I try to keep it to 1-2 mobs it has refreshed.

It's trial and error learning what you can handle, and sharing the tanking load with the warder at the start when it's too many.
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Our poison nuke is very effective at adding agro. When it pops use it on a different mob. I think they added an AE nuke and an AE disc. Flurry of Claws and Glacial Breath. (might be outdated or removed or possibly wrong names)


I soloed pretty much to 90 in LP used lessons and exp pots took no time at all. think 89-90 was 3 pots 1 lesson and bam 90... Best camp was gators could clear camp and run back to first gator sit med for 30 secs then repop hehe was easy
Gimpbstlord  dam i need to update

Kindo dam i need to update


hey again

Thanks for all the input guys. sounds like im doing the best that i can.
My gear isnt that bad and i can handle about 4-5 mobs in mech
at one time. I didnt know if there was something for bst that would
be like the sk's have.

thanks again Rnan


The new PBAE nuke "glacial roar" and our new beam 3 target melee skill "flurry of claws" are both available if you really want to maximize your dps versus multiple targets.  It's really fun to do, but it's also easy to kill yourself if you get a few too many or flurry of claws pulls a train through a wall.
Beastlord Community Round Table representative.  Feel free to PM me or contact me in game (Drinal.Hzathz) about anything you think needs attention.


I have been hitting RSS when not getting HoT groups and just hit 87.  At 85 and 86 all mobs were light blue but at 87 about half are green and half light blue.  This is a very easy kill spot and good experience for someone 85-87 range and maybe till 88 with half still good exp.  At 86 was able to get about 13-15aa in a 30 min lesson or 10-15% reg.  I guess it would be viable with half still light blue at 87 but experience will definetely fall with so many greens now.


Thal isn't a bad spot through 86, starts dropping off at 87. I was getting 10% level per lotd burn with nary a threat of dying.
Grbage Heep
85 Beast of Torv


I hit 88 today and RSS is 100% green except for named mobs so exp is not worth it anymore.  I hit LP crocs and they still great exp either as AA or reg exp so I guess I will be doing crocs, worgs and undead camp in LP till 90.


Quick update I went to RSS last night for a burn just to see how much AA I could make and I still was able to do 10AA in a 30 min lesson because I killed so fast.  I made more when they were lightblue and had a slower kill rate but 10AA a lesson is nothing to complain about.