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Solo spots at 90

Started by Khauruk, January 18, 2011, 06:19:40 AM

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Please post specific info on solo spots for lvl 90, with some details of gearing and AA count.


Tried this out tonight.

Average 146k hitpoints per mob.
Did 710dps on an approx 6k AC bst w/ full defensives (FPoS/Tuzil's and innate lifetaps on weapons were enough to keep me up w/ 5 casts of Bolstering Warder when my HPs occasionally dipped.

Just under 10AAs solo with Lesson while averaging 7439dps.  I had about 4 minutes of running around and looking for mobs, and I figure I can cut at least half of that out, netting another AA probably.

13.8% AA/mob on 100% AA w/ no AA bonus.


How many AA's do you have?


can do 15 to 20 aa easy in the library hotzone solo. my group geared 4.2kaa bst can handle 3 at a time in there easy


Kaesora Library
53 mobs
7k dps sustained

This was my first time there in a while, and I've forgotten how many roamers move/timing, so I was only fighting about 22 minutes of the time.  Never used defensive on multiples, would let pet offtank one instead.  Avoided 3-spawns for the moment.  I figure I can boost that to about 26 minutes of fighting probably, which would put me at about 14AAs.  Make that 15-16 with the last rank of GoM I just got, tonic, and better use of BA/NF/EF.

There's very few offensives I'm lacking still.  I'm basically max group geared now w/ slightly better melee foci/better heroics from some UF t6 raid and Tower legs.  I could use the 8dmg aug still.  Even with all that, I don't know what you're doing that could get 20AAs.  That's a pretty huge dps difference.


i went back tonite just to verify. had a named add and kill my pet 19 mins in and i didnt have a backup so lost some time to make a new one...

60 mobs

Combined: An Imperial sentry on 1/20/2011 in 1431sec

Tanlie + pets
--- DMG: 10740708 (100%) @ 7506 dps (7506 sdps)
--- DMG to PC: 1091045 @764dps

Special: 7: 7th yr vet G: Glyph K: Kiss S: Staunch X: Slain $: Saved by DI
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were you at 90% to aa? at 100% to aa i was avg. just shy of 25% a kill

also i go in loaded for bear. full chanter, druid, and shm buffs on myself. manastorm rk. ii instead of tonic and mage ds.

all passive offensive, defencive, and mana regen aas are max.


60 or 60 and a few mobs sounds doable, certainly.  Not the 80 needed for 20AAs.

As far as %/mob, I took mob count, total adjusted AAs gained, and just did some math.

I was at 90/10, but I calculated what it would've been for 100% AA.  I still need a few passive offense AAs - last ranks of triple attack, pet crits, newest ranks of Vet. Wrath.  I have a bit more mana regen to get too, but not that many.  And yeah, I forgot to pop manastorm on w/ my enc, but I was pretty fully buffed otherwise.  Next time I get over there it should be better, since I won't be so timid.  Hopefully I'll have a modrod scared up ahead of time too, and maybe drag enc behind for 2nd spire/etc.

I was taking slightly more damage than you, which is odd, since I have a good bit more AC than you.  Maybe just RNG though /shrug.




Finally got a good run in library without dying (on about the 5th try), those 3+ mobs gets rough back to back.  I got in 86 mobs, but I had camped in GH with lesson going so I lost 1-2 minutes running there.

I also used lots of tricks to boost the dps, but surviving the multi-pulls is definitely the hardest part.  A trick i found out that works pretty well there is to pull with a werewolf pet, usually the mob you cast on will stop to fight it while the others run past towards you.  The werewolf is beefy (against light blues at least) and lasts long enough that it usually buys enough time to finish at least one mob while saving you some damage and still doing dps.
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Aye.  2-pulls are easy, w/ sending pet in first, and peeling one off it, or using defensive and nuking the hell out of the first (not mana efficient though), but 3-pulls are irritating when there are no casters in there.  I normally just run by them, since it's not hard to find mobs.