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aa / xp grind

Started by Sevaril, March 19, 2011, 06:36:10 PM

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I recently hit 86 almost 87, got some new stuff and I am now wondering where would  be a good place to go with a 76 monk and 75  to grp for xp/aas.  Any one know of a few places i prefer a few options they both dont like rss and vald to much and neither is good enough for Hot zones.  Tosk seems to to damn crowded for us to find a decent place


i just re read my own post let me add this also includes my 86 bst in the grp soo thats 86 bst 76 monk 75 sk


Well, I'm not sure what "neither is good enough for hot zones" means.  Does that just mean you don't like Kaesora or Tosk?  (I'd agree, btw).

Since they're SoF - level characters, I'd look there.  Beza/Zeka are nice, and you can do a quest which will provide an instant gate to there for all characters (sorry, i forget the name right now).  If that's a bit trivial, check out SHIP or Steam Factory.  I'd also run around to make sure that SK has a solid set of AC augs....FoS, Kaesora, Frostcrypt, Ashengate, Beza, Mech Guardian, etc,.....  He'll need them soon when he takes over tanking duties.


kk i didnt even think of ac augs for sk thanks for the reminder thats what ill be doing for awhile then