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Started by Blarp, October 24, 2011, 09:46:11 PM

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 ya all just going to Rush there? or whats up?

ill most leikey spend the 1st 2 days soling every solo task i can so i can request all tasks for flags be  Max zone flaged then grind out my exp.


I'm going to continue to be the inactive eq player and mostly hidden admin of this site and stay at um, 75 i think? lol

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Our guild normally takes two weeks off of raiding for people to explore, level, get AA's, and just basically enjoy the new expansion. So over the course of two weeks I plan on being 95, and then we will see from there.


Well, I'm already maxxed out, 30 AA's saved, 10 task rewards saved, 27 quests just needed a hail to complete, and will get a couple more just before launch. So I expect to be at least halfway toward level 92 in the first hour....depends on whether I direct any of that towards AA or not.

After that, we'll see...I often take a trip around Thanksgiving, so that may slow me down.


Due to NDA I can't say why but I wont be in the new zones for at least a week. I level some place else.


Quote from: Mazame on October 26, 2011, 05:04:56 PM
Due to NDA I can't say why but I wont be in the new zones for at least a week. I level some place else.

Same here if I even bother buying the expansion. All I can say is that the expansion is going to be a madhouse on opening day.

I'll just park my tail in a nice comfy lawn chair and watch with a bag of popcorn in hand.


I'll probably just grind the MC mission and drop/reget when the majority of mobs are dead.  That should be good till 93 at least.

On a similar note, when we hit 95 where do you guys think the good solo spots will be?  I'm trying to think of where the good light blues will be then and Kaesora Library is all I can think of. 
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Despite the huge HPs, I'd hit up UF.  Xp/mob is so much higher, I think it would balance out and with the levels and your gear, you should be able to take them fine.  As for specific spot - maybe Kernagir in the mission area?  If not that, you could roam through Pellucid, or try Convorteum.

I'd avoid Library and Tosk though if they're still hotzones  - too busy, too much drama, too many SKs will be swarming in there and rangers using headshot.  Kurn's instances though should be easily plowable and can be requested solo.


Brells rest will be fast exp for you hzath, plus there will be tons of mobs for you to pick off by 1-2 at a time for endless killing with next to no real problems. im sure u could take on 4 np. even on a bad pull but with our FD u should be fine if u tag to many.


I found missions to be the best xp and the fact you can knock most Hot mission out in 20 min or less is nice. also the fact that you can do 10 then pop lesson for even more xp is nice.