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Attention!! How to work with your Signature!

Started by DiosT, January 03, 2004, 03:29:06 AM

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Save our host some disk space, instead of hitting 'post' hit 'PREVIEW'!

Steps to test your signatures (Hard way.. easy way is to update your profile, then look at a previous post.. your signature will change):
1. Open your Profile in a new window, and edit your signature
2. Hit "submit" in your Profile
3. Make a 'test' posts and hit PREVIEW... If the signature isn't 'correct' then hit back up near the address bar...
4. Go back to your profile, update your signature again, hit 'submit' in the profile
5. Hit 'preview' on the other test post window

Signatures are displayed before it comes back to the text box where you can re-edit your signature...

For Avatars/Also the Easy way to test your signature:
1. Put in your link for the avatar, hit submit in the profile...
2. Look at ANY post your made in the past, and your avatar will be there...

PHPBB does NOT save your old signatures, whenever someone views your signature they see what's currently in your signature box.. it takes up disk space to save old signatures, which is why most message boards dont keep old signatures, and just pull the "User3024Signature" text whenever a post by you (with signatures enabled) is being made..

This forum is for SIGNATURE HELP, if you have a problem, please post.. otherwise.. lets try and limit the number of 'test' posts :-)


Also, when you update your signature, it updates all posts you have done. So no need to post multiple times unless you are just trying to inflate your post count.

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