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Poll on adding EQ2 forums

Started by Jaeren, October 24, 2011, 11:12:59 PM

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It was brought up that lore seems to be allowing beastlords in EQ2 soon and talk of adding forum section here for it. Thoughts? It's not really a big deal to do it, I would just like to know if it was worth putting the time into it though.

EQ - Morell Thule / Erollisi Marr (Retired):
[75 Beastlord] Jaeren (Barbarian)
[72 Cleric] Velissia (High Elf)
[69 Shaman] Sotar (Vah Shir)
WoW - Medivh (Retired):
[60 Rogue] Draeven (Undead)
[60 Priest] Lifesaver (Undead)
[56 Rogue] Klaien (Human)
[51 Paladin] Keidian (Human)
VSOH - Flamehammer (Retired)
[34 Disciple] Daevien (Half Elf)
[33 Bard] Pastorius (Kojani)
[26 Dread Knight] Draeven (Kojani)


I'd say maybe add one section for it now, raised high on the main page.  Let the OP of that other thread advertise it on the eq2 forums, and see what comes of it.  Expand if necessary, delete if appropriate.