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When was the last time you tested stuns?

Started by Zorthaz, December 10, 2018, 05:01:00 PM

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I know everyone is trying to maximize DPS and used Bite of the Asp, but have you tried out the stun option recently?

In the old days, it was button press that refreshed every 30 seconds.  Now it is triggered by a skill that refreshes every 6-7 seconds.  It could help reduce incoming damage and give you more opportunities to interrupt casters.

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Use to use Gorilla Smash back around VoA, I switched it out for Bite of the Asp for the extra DPS. I play regularly with a pally in the newest expansion (TBL) and they occasionally stun and the mobs pound the living crap outta her. I just changed back to Gorilla Smash (Using /autoskill Dragon Punch) and OMG, the immidiate change was very noticible. Between both our stuns, TBL got easier. Considering they upped the stun to allow 113 mobs, and it goes off every 5-6 seconds for 1 seconds, that is a lot less DPS coming from the NPC's.
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Speaking of stuns, there are TBL daggers with Stunning Clout on them that stun up to level 115.  You can swap the T2 and T1 versions into your hands and hit bloodlust and stun lock mobs for 45 seconds.  I found this useful for particular enchanter mobs in the Tyrant of Fire mission.

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I have found that my 104 or 103 pet stun has worked a ton for me in FM(EoK) I am only 108 waiting on new pet stun.

I found it has helped a ton with pet tanking keeping main tank up and less heals needed by far to the point my 108nhealer merk is always 95m plus.

I can even tank in FM now when at 105 it was more then hard.

Stun is a great option I have found. And honestly I am such low dps now that I have come back until I get more aa's my dps will suffer regardless what's am extra 10 or 15 sec a mob vs possibly dieing.

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Depending on the mod I am in I have used all 3 of the different "auto attack skills"

What I did was make a hotkey for each one to /autoskill ....

When the dot lands I hit the next hot key for cat claw debuff when that lands I then hit the 3rd key to stun. When the dot fades I hit the keys again to reapply.

We already have enough to push with out adding 3 more but when soloing and I want the extra effect I have the keys.


Awesome idea Mazame!  I will have to see about how I can incorporate a hotkey to swap /autoskill.

Savage Lord Zorthaz - 110 - Scaled Wolf herder - Tunare