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what the shit

Started by Inphared, November 30, 2011, 05:46:37 PM

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what happened to my six little goldy things that used to be stars  :-(


We're turncoats.  We don't deserve nice things.

Blame Hzathz.


What do those things represent anyway?


Higher postcounts generally.  Most usergroups are defined by postcount, and as the 'rank' increases, more little doodads are added.


There are different icons for different ranks, some by posting, some by beastlord level that we added years ago, etc. In the changeover, some of them seem to be out of whack. I changed the whole forum a while back from the older version of the forum software to the new one.

I'll try to sort out stuff when I have the chance, it was a minor thing compared to the rest. Though not to some people I guess :p

EQ - Morell Thule / Erollisi Marr (Retired):
[75 Beastlord] Jaeren (Barbarian)
[72 Cleric] Velissia (High Elf)
[69 Shaman] Sotar (Vah Shir)
WoW - Medivh (Retired):
[60 Rogue] Draeven (Undead)
[60 Priest] Lifesaver (Undead)
[56 Rogue] Klaien (Human)
[51 Paladin] Keidian (Human)
VSOH - Flamehammer (Retired)
[34 Disciple] Daevien (Half Elf)
[33 Bard] Pastorius (Kojani)
[26 Dread Knight] Draeven (Kojani)