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New spell line up with ROF part 2

Started by Mazame, April 18, 2013, 07:09:55 PM

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Quote from: stubar on May 24, 2013, 01:40:56 PM
(and btw, the dps increase is MINIMAL---maybe 2k)

And as an FYI---/GU Findlewill in 42s, 6497k @154687 --- Stubar + pets 6497k. Bloodlust used once on that one. So as a DPS increase tool?? Zero F's given.

TWO K YOU SAY? Findlewill in 45s, 6861k @152487dps --- Apex + pets 6861k @152487dps, I knew it.. also ZFG is my shit, get outta here with that


Talk about timing. While I'm pretty sure they're talking about a more serious exploit, it should be noted that abusing the bloodlust exploit is quite easy to detect in logs should they want to do so.
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SOE strives to provide a fair and fun environment to all customers and we take exploits and cheating seriously. Due to in-game exploitations made by a number of players recently, the SOE CS team is in the process of issuing bans on several accounts.


The last patch seems to have fixed the Slow/Bloodlust timer link problems. They work independently now.