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Started by Tastian, September 23, 2004, 09:58:51 PM

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I realize that I am just a youngling when it comes to this board but after playing a beastie for 6 years i have yet to see this fixed and was wondering how hard it would be.  The problem being that as an Iksar Beastie my pet model keeps freezing when proc'ing. I know this problem has been going on for a while, but it kind of makes beastal alighnment an aa that i do not want any more ranks of due to the fact that when used and procing while under you do infact freeze until the next round of combat. Im not sure how hard this is to change but i just thought it should be brought up.


Not sure if this was posted already but I was thinking this would be a nice change for Paragon:

Keep it a group spell that gives back 20% of each recipient's mana over 5 ticks and make it not mgb'able.  This would obviously boost group play, but not ridiculously (as of now you can just sit for 1 minute to make back 20% mana) and would also boost raid play on longer events if raid was set up so that key classes were in a group together. 

MGB paragon during a raid looks uber but actually benefits relatively few players (those that would otherwise be OOM) and frankly the 4% mana or so returned is barely noticeable by casters.  Concentrating this to 20% for those key players that actually need it would provide a noticable benefit to raids and potentially every 15 minutes rather than every 70 minutes.  Also could potentially speed up wipe recovery times and on those occasions when chanters/clerics die during trash clear and the entire raid needs to sit and wait for them to med up.  As a % it would scale over time as well.

Overall, a boost to utility in groups and raids and not overpowering.  And we would actually be wanted for something!

Would be enough of a utility on raids that more than 1 bl might be desired (imagine that!).


Not supposed to post here bud. =P


A - Dev's try to avoid too many %age base's for example why Healing Adept and Defensive AA lines haven't been upgraded lately.

B - We're nearing the end of SoF beta period.  Wait and see what comes out w/ the release.  It might rock, it might suck...either way, it's far too late to try for anything now.