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Township Rebellion looking for beastlords

Started by lynnhart, February 04, 2005, 06:49:57 AM

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Being done internally.
I can make sure to remember that part.
When Dreambringer posted the first creation of the Spiritbound Totem. He is the one i will give my credit.
And if i may speak so freely. Doing things "internally is quite odd" if it "was already posted" (as lynn had stated)
As for "2 of the bugs were identified and solved through us"- I am glad that niether TR nor the GMs publicy stated such bugs were found. for the entire community on both(eqbeastlord and were being lead blind except for the beastlords who now have Carpul Tunnel from endlessly trying to find  a solution which they noted trying the pok places literally 2-3 days after Dream had posted his findings.

And personally. i still wonder if i hadnt posted my own finding of Jillaa in Nobles, would the Beastlord epic be completed so early instead of being last because most of the community knows they were dead tired of trying after the combine.
But atleast hopefully we know other beastlords WITH their guilds are working on them secretly( err internally).
"You of all people should understand what I am trying to accomplish here. You too know what it feels like to be cast aside; you've only dealt with the pain a few years-I've dealt with it for a millenia...Seeing you people everyday on this perfect little world He created for you is a constant reminder that my kind came first; your kind was most revered. And while you know forgiveness; we only know regret.

The lesson must be taught. All are accountable."-Bartleby


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I see nothing offensive about Lynnhart's post, other than that she has early elementary school literary skills.

I do have a problem with the post by Nanyea. This person should open his eyes, by raising the eyebrows maybe, removing the side blinkers (probably stolen from the ole fair grounds donkey) smell the air outside, do a bit of meditation, maybe read a book on Zen, then apply for entrance to the human race.


If you want to know a little more about Nanyea, go search on (enchanter board) for some entertaining snippets of history.


(other than that she has early elementary school literary skills.)

low blow low blow man /cry i cant help it if i can spell for $%#^ =p :-D


    I've known Lynnhart for a long time, and if you knew her as well as I did you would know just how ridiculous bashing her is. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met in this game.  It would be nice if people would actually congratulate her for the service she does for our class, maybe not on the forums but out there in the game where it counts!   Mahes do you even play any more? Why not just go on about your life and leave good people alone.

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Though we spoke in game Smokepaw, :P  I wanted to post this to clear up a couple things. was never my intent to attack who you are as a person.  I have a habit of trying to stick up for people, and I saw those people that had publicly worked on the epic be hurt by the lack of participation on your part or acknowledgment to their work.  As I said earlier...if you did indeed do the entire epic internally, grats.  I don't have the time, or the will to get into that debate.

I'm sure you're a helpful person, as Smoke mentioned to me in game, and I'm sure those you help are appreciative.  I wish you and Smoke the best of luck on Luclin.  Please realize though, when you come to a community and your "hello" is a recruitment post, it's akin to kicking sand in the faces of those that have spent years publicly trying to help our peers and better the class.

I hold no grudge against you, and I hope the same holds true on your end.

As an aside, Nanyea...I respect your defense of your guildmate, but please refrain in the future from coming into our house and telling us it's falling apart.


Please don't pick on people that type-o. Hell I'm 27 and a Telecom Engineer. My spelling and grammer suck hard. I'm Very analytical and mathematically inclined so grammatical and spelling and english over all isn't my strong suite.

Personally I prefer to call guild members to talk to them vs. trying to type out lengthy conversations with them.


and that is why all his guldmates now have unlisted numbers



haha, the topic of what this thread came out to be just reminds me again why I'm glad that I posted the thread to the start the Shaman 1.5 (and of course, the 2.0 when we started it) on the crucible the day that I discovered it, which was about two hours before they shut down the beta servers the day before omens came out.  During the course of the shaman 1.5 and 2.0, there were a few people that attempted to hoard some information that they discovered, but for the most part, almost everyone that I knew was quick on passing out the information to keep the community going and I applaud them for it.

I knew that there was a few others classes that attempted to hoard the information (most notably the druids and rogues) and whenever something was discovered they held on to the information as long as they could to try to be the most L337.

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Lynn, as your first post being about recruitment yada yada, i dont care, thats not offensive, what is offensive is your friend nanyea or she is your friend right? I hear she/he likes to live under false assumptions and identities, do yourself a good favor nanyea, and stay away, I for one do not take well to bashing of the beastlords, if you dont know what your talking about, and this is your first visit here, well you can imagine what you need to do.