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Exceptional Velocity bug?

Started by Orbus1, March 04, 2012, 09:33:06 PM

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It appears that Exceptional Velocity rk 3 is being overwrote by Exceptional Velocty rk 2, only the haste portion though. Are all three rks supposed to be the same at 53%? If they are then oh well and thats why, if they aren't then thats the bug.


All ranks of the % of haste for us is the same. Stats are different for pet. So it really does not matter. The reason it's overwriting the haste part on you or others is cause of the timer. It's like recasting haste so timer resets. So would say not a bug. Now if it overwrites pets haste then we have a problem.


It was overwriting it on me and the warder.


Look here:

The spell we cast is the one with a large mana cost, e.g. Exceptional Velocity Rk. II. This spell lands ONLY on the pet.
However, it has an autocast, Exceptional Velocity II (note slight naming difference) spell which is a GROUP lands on the entire group including the pet. (You can block this one on the pet if you don't like seeing it, but it isn't a real issue since the highest haste rules. For those few of you who still believe that normal haste stacks because you have more than one haste buff, you're simply wrong.)

The pet buff should follow rank priority because the dmg mod, atk, and ac values are different, even though haste is 85% in all cases. The group buff doesn't follow rank priority because there is absolutely nothing different between them other than the name. The name itself doesn't control anything, it's just for us to look at.


There are two buff icons on the pet when we cast this, the haste portion is what is being overwrote(on myself and the warder). Like I said if they are all supposed to be the same haste % then its understandable why it gets overwrote, if they aren't supposed to be the same then its a bug.


"haste portion" is clear as mud...BOTH buffs on the pet have a haste value. The one that matters for the pet is the 85% haste, the other is redundant.

It's only a bug if a greater value buff is being overwritten by a lesser value buff. The actual name of the buff has nothing to do with determining its value.