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Level 70 Hotzone

Started by Squirrely, July 07, 2008, 05:23:57 PM

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Beasties and Beastors
The lvl 70 hotzone is Isallin. Presently I am tired of BOT and the mobs are light blue. Plus , I am now able to solo singles at 67 with a 108aa's (95%defensive).(Time to Move on) Trouble being lack of info about this zone .
What are the popular camps .
Are there as many peeps down here as in BOT? I like BOT since getting a group is easy,is this the case in Isallin.
Note I went to Isallin a lvl or so back and died instantly. Was told after the fact - be invisi to undead.
Your thoughts and strategies are graciously accepted


Unless you are taking a group with you, I would steer clear of this zone.  At your current AA level and I assume gear level (can't check your magelo at work  :-P), you will probably not be able to survive.  I solo there when there are no groups and the xp is quite awesome for anyone solo, but it's not going to be easy for someone undergeared and under aa'd (if it's even possible at all). 

This, of course, is just my opinion, but I would steer clear of here unless you are bringing a group with you.


So basically there are no pickup Groups to be had in this zone?


To truly answer that you'd need an opinion from someone familiar with the server you play on.


Talk to the spider in undershore  :evil:, and dont forget to bring levi.