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Started by Davvol, January 01, 2004, 08:16:00 AM

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Hey i just wanted to say high to all of you. While my main is not a beastlord, i loved the old site and think that this is a great place to get involved with the comunity  :D. I just want to say hi and congradulate you on the site (i like the look).

-Good night and stay safe
Davvol lvl 62 necromancer of Test
Solendar lvl 41 Druid of Test
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Not gonna throw another chef into the kitchen, but hope we can get a concentrated "official" board for all those who don't wish to continue at eqbeastlord.

This one, for what its worth seems fairly slick.  Just maybe need to change that slogan  :wink:   One idea that came to me was... "Everquest Beastlords, Where we talk to the animals."