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Started by dawrath, February 08, 2012, 11:35:15 PM

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I am curious how many bstlords either raiding or grouping using our dots? If so just the two current VOA dots or add the PR dot from HOT. I plan to test this when not at work tonight but was wondering how many use our dots.

I was using a 4 nuke setup but a friend suggested trying a 5 nuke setup.


As of HoT most of our high level DoTs are insta-cast so I never thought much of not using them in my spell rotation but I'm a group bst and usually am just boxing my own team. The main disadvantage I've seen was the long spell cool-down timers they cause the rest of our spells to have. I usually use a dot then switch to my own toons and do something on them then switch back. Most of the time my cool-down timers have expired so I never had much trouble.

My team consists of bst w/ healer merc and shm w/ tank merc and sometimes my warrior w/ a healer or extra tank merc. I pull with my bst then FD to let the main tank merc gain agro. I pop to my shm and use a debuff hotkey. I start attacking with my bst then with my warrior. My shm has a healer hotkey set up so I can use it when the need arises. I start popping off nukes with my bst: start with poison/ice nuke then krons then poison then poison/ice then either krons or ice then which ever i didnt pop then poison/ice nuke again. If I have to switch to the shm for heals I hit a DoT first then shm to heal then back to bst to DoT again then I start my nuke cycle again. I usually end up burning through mana fast that way but I hit a focused paragon to ease the pain.


I don't use dots in groups since the mobs don't live long enough to make it worthwhile. On raids I will use dots on mobs when everything else is on cool down, and I don't use them at all when burning because of that long cool down. If you are worried about taking aggro use krons first since first since it has the aggro reducer, also throw in Roar of Thunder for the same reason if you need to.