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the story of hunril pinkpanther

Started by Hunril, February 09, 2005, 03:12:43 AM

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Ive never been good at telling storys but im going to try

          This is the story of a young beastlord and his adventures. My adventure starts in SharVahl.This all started  on one moonlight night I was walking throgh the streets of Shar Vahl to my home. When sudently I herd a loud crash. This crash sounded like armor hitting the floor so I ran to see what was going on. When I got the I found to my disamay my brother Foorbahl dead. I didnt know what to do a was so upset . When I finaly got the strenth to move I ran to the guards as quick as i could to only find them slaughtered also. So then I ran to the king as fast as i could only to find him sitting there with the head council. The council man Kala'Dun spoke feircly at me about me being a murder. But yet I had no clue what was going on , then after the toung lashing I heard the kings voice sternly he told me" I am very sorry but you are to be exiled from Shar Vahl for the saftey of you and the Var Shirs". I couldnt beleive my ears , So I fled from the town on my way out people were mumbeling nasty remaks about me. But yet I kept running , that night I vowed to find the killer of my brother and the one person who has hurt my home


           My travles had lead me to the snowy city of Halas, Why Halas you ask well Halas has the second best beastlord guild next to Shar Vahl. So when I reached the snowy gates the guard gave a loud shout " HALT TRAVELER WHO ARE YOU". I replied " I am Hunril a travler who wishes to follow in the footsteps of his fallen brother and become a beastlord".
         So as I reached upon the beastlord guild I was nervous word had gotten out about what I had been falsly accused for in my home land. But as I entered the door and I was looked upon with warm smiles. The guild master said warlmy to me " So my friend you wish to become a beastlord." I softly nodded to indicate yes i did, When sudently the guard came crashing in" GET HIM HE IS A MURDER." So as the guard tryed to capture me i felt something go off inside when sudently these words burned in my mind. I repeated them quicky and sudently I summoned my loyal warder. As we fled the town I went to my last hope, The place of equal opertunity only know as the plane of knowledge.


       when i had reached the plane of knowledge I seeked out the guild master. This very guild master taught me everyhting i know to this day and in some sence i considered him my father. But the one I visited him only to find him sobbing. When I asked what is wrong he told me he was so sorry. When I ased for what he told me it was all him. That he spied on me in Shar Vahl for some time and set up the whole murder. When I herd this i furiously sent my warder after him. My warder shreaded him to peices then realizing what i had done i toomnk what was rightfully mine. I took his Claw of the savage spirt and I felt the power.
         The next part of my jounrey lead me to Dawn Shroud Peaks were I was goingt to kill rockhopepr and sell thier hides at top dollar.......

Aww I got writes block ill get back to you with more if u like it let me know its really my first time writng a story like this so be easy if u dont liek it =)

Hunril Hanglow // 56 primalist of eci
"a great person once said the only diffrence between stupidity and genius is genius has its limits" =)


Not too bad for your first story.  Keep working at it.  :-)
75 Vah Shir BST
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thanks alot i think i need to elaborte a little more
Hunril Hanglow // 56 primalist of eci
"a great person once said the only diffrence between stupidity and genius is genius has its limits" =)