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Right now I'm waiting/hoping...

Started by Lorathir, October 19, 2004, 07:42:54 PM

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to see a patch that addresses

1) The lack of individuality between the archtypes after level 20.

2) The fact that battles are over too fast, relegating them to a button bashing contest with no room for tactics.

(I'm not in beta but I've been following those two "hot topics" with interest.)

When that happens, I'm back to looking forward to this games release again. Until then I've still got WoW to look forward too. Neither happy nor disappointed, I feel like I'm spoiled for choice. Even bad news is good news in the MMORPG world right now.

And ain't that a refreshing change?  8)


Quote from: Lorathir1) The lack of individuality between the archtypes after level 20.

Funny, I heard that the opposite was true...that before 20 all the archetypes are so similar that it makes it extremely boring to make a new character, whereas after 20 they start to come into their own.  Here is a post on the GU Comics forum about that...of course it's all opinion really.

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Ah, that's interesting Oneiromancer thanks for the heads up. It sorta flys in the face of some of the things I've been reading on EQII.Com and the official site and put's a different spin on things.

I'd much rather a game that played a bit boring until 20, then after things really started to open up. That imo, could hardly be considered as A Bad Thing, especially as you get your first archtype choice at 10 and the game has an (eventual) level cap of 200.

I guess the only thing left is to wait and see. I hate doing that. *pout*


Check the Beta boards (should be a link to the article on the patcher login screen) -- Moorgard posted some info about how class, race, and individual diversity will be expanded upon as toons advance. :)
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