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Title: WoS
Post by: Spiritclaw on April 19, 2007, 04:09:45 PM
I went to WoS this morning to work on leveling my wifes mage through 70 so she can mem the new spells.  I was in the rocks left of F1 left (F1 on AB is just outside the entrance).  This is a spot I head to often if F1 left and F1 right are camped.  F1 Left was camped by a group that pulled SH and killed him without a problem.  Then pulled 3 dragorns and killed no problem.  One of their group members said I wasn't respecting their camp.  Because of me they were running out of mobs.  He asked me to move closer to MPG, which is a tougher camp for a Solo person (botting wifes mage doesn't count as they are on different computers and I can't control her easily).  It sucks when a full group that can easily take on tougher mobs says that a solo toon should move to harder content because it's all the solo toons fault that there are no mobs in easy area.  Last I checked, the majority of that area was roamers and those camps are just pull areas, not camps as in pulling specific static spawns.
Title: Re: WoS
Post by: Jili on April 19, 2007, 09:25:01 PM
I was in the other group Spirit and had a little chat with you in tells. Two of my groupmembers figured it was rude of you to come in and start pulling mobs, since there were already to few mobs in F1. (Two groups already there)
I came there to help a friend get some runes and xp for her cleric. We had a full group consisting of her guildies and me. I pulled, and had to run long distances to find any mobs. So I yanked 3+ every pull to save some pulling time.

Me however wanted to stay neutral, because I agree with you that you didn't do anything wrong really. But you didnt have to take the discussion to /ooc so the rest of the zone got some free drama for their popcorn.

Just put the one sending tells on ignore next time =)
Title: Re: WoS
Post by: Spiritclaw on April 19, 2007, 10:51:40 PM
I did eventually.  My problem was that a full group would have better drops and experience further in the zone than telling a single beast with a mage there soaking up exp.  Getting told that it was all my fault there were no mobs is like telling a level 10 to get out of a pull spot in WK that a group of 12s is pulling to, never mind the fact that the group of 12s are over powered for that portion of the zone.

Edit:  As far as going to OOC, I was trying to get him to admit to being just stupid.  One beast soloing isn't going to the cause of all mobs being dead.  He kept accusing me of not respecting his camp.  I was respecting his/your camp, I never came close to you guys, nor did I pull any mobs off of you.
Title: Re: WoS
Post by: sicshift on April 20, 2007, 03:05:57 PM
hmm i would take it as a compliment and keep doin your thing, spirit. :)

i am the solo zone clearer...hear me roar!!  :-D