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Title: 65 BST and 56 DRU..where?
Post by: Tyranoe on January 02, 2004, 12:36:21 AM
I am looking to level up my 56 Druid while getting my Beastlord some AA at the same time. Seeing as my Druid does not have his good 58th heal yet I was looking for some ideas of where I can do this with a relatively good return of exp/AA for my time.

I just dinged 65 just after midnight on 1/1/2004 and now am looking to grind 50+ AA before the exspansion. Any and all advice is appreciated.


Tyranoe Saurus 65 BST E.MARR <Pendragon Society>
Title: 65 BST and 56 DRU..where?
Post by: Zikayn on January 02, 2004, 01:11:10 AM
After asking some people here at work with higher lvl characters they suggested The Grey or possibly Droga. :P
Title: 65 BST and 56 DRU..where?
Post by: Ukator Iceblood on January 02, 2004, 01:17:25 AM
I have two spots that might be good. Second zone out in PoN pulling banshees, and Droga as a whole. Both spots I get 2% pretty much each kill. I've had lower level guildies who have come along and said xp was great.
Title: 65 BST and 56 DRU..where?
Post by: Skanda on January 02, 2004, 01:34:33 AM
I agree with PoN. Across the river I get 2% per kill solo. An even better spot is the gargs the line the walls of the city in the SE corner. I can get 2-3% per kill from them.

In Droga it depends where you go in the zone. It has several tiers of mobs. The closer you get to the King the harder the mobs get. In most of droga I will only get 1% per kill. If I go camp near the king on the other hand I can get 2% per kill.
Title: 65 BST and 56 DRU..where?
Post by: Sempai on January 02, 2004, 04:28:29 AM
Recently took a 2 box druid from 56 - 64 (and counting) mostly in Droga at the food supplier and king camps. I prefer the food supplier camp myself, but either works. At the lower camps, most will con red to your druid at that level, but a runner is really the only thing that can get you into trouble.

All I use the druid for is snare and a heal now and then. I think the experience is really nice there, and it is an easy camp to hold. I find it less crowded than PoP and I do not have to fight for camps.
Title: 65 BST and 56 DRU..where?
Post by: Hereki on January 02, 2004, 06:39:58 AM
The Grey isn't good - several kills per AA%.  I'm betting that Droga would be good, and I'll add a mention for Nurga.  The deepest level will be all dark blue at 65, with about 1.5% AA per kill, and much easier and faster kills than in PoP zones.

I've taken a 52 druid in there, and he does ok - but I have a few points in Paragon and CA, which adds to my kill rate.
Title: 65 BST and 56 DRU..where?
Post by: Kryq on January 03, 2004, 09:41:25 AM
I'm been doing Droga quite a bit lately, seems to be much more relaxed then PoP zones.

You are breaking the king camp with just the druid and BST?  How do you do it?  Looking it over, I don't see any way splitting the room, and there are at least five mobs in there, IIRC.

Share the secret! :P

Title: 65 BST and 56 DRU..where?
Post by: Sempai on January 05, 2004, 05:38:42 PM
Breaking the king camp in Droga is not as scary as it looks. Trust me. The aggro radius in Droga is so small it is just crazy. If you are really unsure, have a port spell memmed and port out if it goes bad which is how I learned it. When learning a tough camp with my druid bot, I simply hit disc protective and have the druid port out if I get a bad pull.

I setup in the hallway closest to the camp (west hallway) and single pull the mob around the pool, then the mob outside the door to the king camp. There is a chance for a roamer here, and if you are really playing it cautious, you might want to kill him before you break in the camp. These days I just pull at will since I know that I can survive 3 mobs at once on me. The first pull from inside the hallway leading to where the king is (can be Earth Seer Gamolk) always gets me 2 mobs. Not really a problem for me, but it usually means I will need a heal.  :lol:

I then move to the area where Earth Seer Gamolk spawns and am now faced with the 5 mobs inside the king's actual room. Believe it or not, you can single pull all of these with slow if you are at max distance. I think it matters what order you pull them in, but in my worst case I only ever got 2 at once. I basically pull the room in a clockwise order starting with the mob that is closest to you on the west wall.

Once the camp is broken, I setup at the spot where the king spawns. I keep the king room, the hallway and some of the mobs out front cleared if I am working it hard for experience too. If I am just taking it easy, then the 5 mobs in the room is all you really need to keep dead.

Now, I will admit that I am fairly well geared and I have a decent amount of AA, but I see no reason that others should not be able to do this camp with a 2 box. I am still learning how to 2 box effectively, and I am barely using my druid when I hold this camp. I am fairly sure that I could solo this camp if I just invested in hobble, but I see no reason for that with my druid bot.
Title: 65 BST and 56 DRU..where?
Post by: Whiska on January 06, 2004, 03:23:07 PM
This Droga thing sounds interesting. Are you folks fighting your way to camp for more safety or just invising there and setting up? Im getting a little burned on POP and this sounds like a great alternative. Have a 61 Druid bot I can take.
Title: 65 BST and 56 DRU..where?
Post by: Sempai on January 06, 2004, 03:48:07 PM
I invis to the hallway now to save time. I used to fight my way down, but that was before I was really comfortable with dungeon.

With the small aggro radius, if you see your invis dropping, you can usually just stop and reinvis unless you are standing right next to a mob. Of course, I have suspended minion 2, which makes it much safer to do this.
Title: 65 BST and 56 DRU..where?
Post by: Whiska on January 06, 2004, 06:52:53 PM
Sounds good, Ill probably fight my way down while getting used to it. Thx  a bunch for the info. Hopefully it will be less crowded now than when they first revamped the zone - Copper Hammer frenzy was going on then.