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Title: Seriously?
Post by: Hzath on May 13, 2010, 05:20:41 PM

Wow.  We get gems such as:

It's absolutely on my radar, but not something I can likely make drastic changes to until the expansion.

in regards to our issues and rangers get month after month of additional work and treatment.  Holy fucking seriously?  Changing abilities after 18months and then spending 4months fixing the problems you made for yourself is such an awesome way to do things. 

At least they learned with the riposte immunity fix, I guess.

P.S.  Fuck the bullshit excuse that he can't work with spells.  Flusterbolt. 
Title: Re: Seriously?
Post by: kharthai on May 14, 2010, 03:38:01 PM

(P.S. Not mocking you. :) )
Title: Re: Seriously?
Post by: Sikkem on May 15, 2010, 04:43:47 AM
The chatlog is up (

Basically he seemed to pretty much say most of what they wanted they could have and as you said making changes to spells seemed to be no problem for rangers.

Don't you love to compare how they treat different classes. They fix HA and bend over backwards continuously to keep rangers happy ever since. They give us a broken spell in Friendly Pet that they couldn't even be bothered to test and all we get is, yeah its broken here is a fix that is worse than the 5 other spells that do exactly the same thing but sux to be you.

One of the things I loved on the post was
14:06 Elidroth it's funny.. every dps class thinks they should be the best, and thinks <insert class> is overpowered
Funnily enough I don't think the majority of beastlords think that way. I think they are just sick to death of being the worst at pretty much everything.

Title: Re: Seriously?
Post by: Sikkem on May 15, 2010, 12:07:50 PM
I do have one serious question about this though.

Why should we think this statement
Quote from: Elidroth
This is a bit off topic but BST burst ability is on my list of things to address.

is going to turn out any different to these ones made about three years ago
<Prathun> Ferocity is a good example of a spell that's decayed in usefulness over time to do caps (both softcaps and hardcaps) on stats and effects. I would be interested in making upgrades to Ferocity more appealing in the future, but that will probably require at least a small amount of focused code and design work.

EQ_Prathun: Another option is to add additional effects to existing spells when I upgrade them.
Title: Re: Seriously?
Post by: wildwaters on May 15, 2010, 05:24:08 PM
The guy IS communicating with the beast class - hes over in the burst dps thread getting ideas. That seems to be one of our biggest complaints right now and hes interested in adressing it. So far everything has been rehashed and nothing new has been added over there. Now is your opportunity to get this side of the class fixed and provide some input.

I think the devs are trying to reach out to the community more because much of the community percieves them as out of touch with the realities of the game. You have to start somewhere yah know.

I would guess that whether or not the ranger chat was a success and it becomes a method applied to other classes probably depends alot on how the rangers handled themselves. Assuming of course they have any intentions of further chats.

Either way I think this is a good thing. Being aware of each classes issues/needs/desires is going to help out alot.

Title: Re: Seriously?
Post by: Sikkem on May 15, 2010, 09:14:13 PM
He isn't really communicating WW. He has made a statement that has been said a fair few times recently by a couple of classes, that beastlords need more burst dps.
That was followed by another statement that he can only work on AA's yet his work with rangers shows differently. He hasn't answered any questions nor has he given any idea on what direction he is prepared to move in.

For all I know he is just gathering ideas to give to other classes for the next expansion and we all know that that has happened before.

Elidroth might be trying to reach out but when he posted his wishlist for AA's that didn't work he didn't answer any beastlord questions on what did or did not qualify for that list either and you can't tell me the new spell guy is communicating after that Friendly Pet fiasco and Prathun is just as arrogant as he has always been.

As for them starting somewhere. Well lets see we had the Free Lunch idea, the Class Rep idea, the Top Ten list and Question of the Week just of the top of my head. Not to mention the Class Leader program that a beastlord cant get into for love nor money (more applications than any other class) but just about every mage that applied got accepted. Apparently they were all starts also

The Ranger chat seemed to have gone really well from both sides. No other classes try to spoil the chat (if we had one you know that wouldn't be the case) and the rangers got told they could have just about everything they asked for.

As for everything being rehashed. Yep what would you expect, we are told to stay within AA's (yet we aren't told what does and doesn't qualify as an AA) so of course you can only rework old AA's or add the odd new one and seeing as most bsts agree we already have to many buttons to push most will opt for reworking old AA's so there isn't a large scope to work with there.

One of our biggest complaints is actually that the Devs seem to have no clear idea on what direction Beastlords should head in Dps or utility, this doesn't answer that question and I don't think they actually have any idea for most of the classes.
14:03 Ariakus Elid what is the role EQ is wanting rangers to fill?
14:03 Elidroth Ranger is a mixture of roles
But at least they got an answer.

I hope your right and our burst dps gets a big boost and that he isn't just fishing for ideas for other classes. Personally I am in the more utility basket with a speciality in de-buffing  but I get that players like to see the big dps numbers. If we wanted to be a dps class though shouldn't we just reroll?