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Title: Stupid people....
Post by: Zorthaz on March 23, 2011, 05:09:16 PM
This actually goes back a few days when I was in a group in Tosk.  There was an 86 bard and a 78 Mag.   The mag insists he has to pull and pulls a bunch of boars.  No problem there, we can handle it.  Then the Mag pulls ogres, Mag's pet gets flattened, Mag gets flattened, my pet gets flattened, I get flattened, and the bard just kites them to death while we run back.  We get rezzed and the Mag starts pulling again.  He pulls a buch of boars and we handle it no problem.  He then proceeds to pull a bunch of ogres and gets everyone but the bard killed again.  The mag then disbands the group and disappears. 

Fast forward a few days and I am in Fire attempting to get a Fabled to spawn so I can get my Paladin alt the pet spear.  The same mag shows up in zone and begs me to let him into my group.  I finally let in and invite him into the group.  He proceeds to train me and I have to kill off his mobs and then my merc rezzed him.  I told him to keep his azz on the wall and I would pull.  He eventually starts compaining about how I am pulling and wants me to go to Crypt of Decay.  I told him no, so he starts wandering off and got himself killed, so I disbanded him.

OK, so I get the kids in bed and log back into Fire and in guild chat I have a guildee complaining of no groups and no one will help him.  He is a 54 warrior and he is doing exp in Karnor's Castle.  So I load up my 48 beast and run over there.  I got grief because I was lower then him, then I got grief because I didn't have a merc, then he decided I was pulling.  I start pulling and with no way to really split mobs we got two on every pull.  I have to use my pet to tank one and I would tank the other.  The Fabled Dog Captain was up and I wanted to see how hard he would be so I sicced my pet on him and he wiped the pet real quick and hit me for a max of 1500.  The group had to zone to dump aggro.  Once outside the Warrior decides we should fight outside.  I was OK with this, but the mobs we light blue and green to me.

Eventually another guildee logged on an alt and joined us, so we moved back inside.  The Guildee brought his mid 40ish monk with tank merc and we proceded to plow to the back.  When we get to the back we get a bunch of adds and somehow the warrior dies.  I lost him in the confusion and I ended up booking for the zone.  The monk leaves with his merc and I decide to run over my 83 beast with cleric merc to rez the warrior.

I clear to the back and hunt around in all the rooms we visited earlier, but no corpse.  II keep asking him where did he die and I am getting no response.  Finally I jump down into the well and sure enough there is his corpse.  I then asked him to consent me so I could drag his corpse somewhere safe to rez.  No response...  I repeatedly ask him to consent me so I can drag his corpse.  I even include the typed command to do it.  No response...  After 5 minutes he comes back and asks how to consent. I once again provide him the instructions.  Finally I have consent and now I have to find my way out of the basement of a dungeon I haven't been in in over 3years.  Eventually I found the stairs.  I dragged his corpse up on top of the castle and while I am looking for a safe place to rez, a Fabled something aggroed, so I killed it and cleared the area.  I did a quick check of the corpse and there were some fabled plate guantlets on it.  I popped my merc out and got him rezzed.  I told him to check the corpse for the guantlets.  It turns out they were not warrior usable.

We start the plow to the front of the zone, and earlier I had seen a high level necro in the zone, so I assumed they got the captain.  When we got to the front, lo and behold the captain was still up.  I pulled him and proceded to kill him.  The warrior immediately looted the Fabled mace without a word.  No question about did I want to roll for it on my other beast.  He then wants me to start pulling mobs and killing them so he could get some exp.  I told him it doesn't work like that.  I pulled a bunch of mobs and killed them and then he told me he didn't get any experience because he didn't damage the mob and my pet beat on the mob.  I put the pet away and pulled a mob and let him beat on it.  It took several more mobs before he was convinced.

He decided I should log back on the 48 (49 after ding) beast and get some exp.  I logged on the 49 beast and we began plowing to the back.  We cleared all the rooms and eventually eneded up in the room with the well.  The warrior manages to aggro all the mobs behind all the doors in that room and dies.  ( He freakin fell in the well again!!!) I booked it to the zone to clear aggro.  I logged back on the 83 beast to go grab his corpse and rez him.  On the way back another fabled popped on me and dropped the monk/beast only Fabled Tranquill staff.  I logged back on the low beast to loot and then swap back to the 83 beast to go get the warrior's corpse. 

By this time the warrior is back in zone and lo and behold the Fabled Captain spawns.  I pull the Captain and kill him and check the corpse he does have the Fabled mace.  I tell him I am going to switch toons again.  I load up the low beast and run over and check the corpse and the Fabled mace is gone.  I said WTF!!!!  The warrior proceded to tell me he gave the no drop weapon to my pet and looted it again.  I simply said "later" and logged off....with his corpse still in the well.
Title: Re: Stupid people....
Post by: Khauruk on March 23, 2011, 05:34:24 PM
And people wonder why people box.
Title: Re: Stupid people....
Post by: nedoirah on March 24, 2011, 03:22:23 AM
I haven't been on in 2 months. This makes me wonder if I'm missing anything anymore. I used to really love... erm... like... umm.... enjoy... well.... play the game. yeah (eye roll). Unless I'm playing with friends, I generally don't group with anyone. WAY TOO MANY STUPID PEOPLE. (big breath of relief) I usually bot my shaman with cleric and tank mercs. I manage to plow through morell castle content fairly well. Not sure about named yet. Still need my t4 weapons though... maybe this weekend if i decide to play and not watch tv for 4 days straight.
Title: Re: Stupid people....
Post by: Karve on March 24, 2011, 12:07:50 PM
LOL omg, I don't want to move to your server, ever.
Title: Re: Stupid people....
Post by: Zorthaz on March 24, 2011, 01:16:08 PM
I logged on last night for a bit and the 54 warrior conned another officer in the guild to group with him.  I had to laugh when the officer told the warrior in guild chat that he could not group with a level 90 toon and get experience.  I thought it mildly amusing that the alt the officer chose to log on was a beastlord.
Title: Re: Stupid people....
Post by: nedoirah on March 24, 2011, 04:16:32 PM

Has anyone tried to explain the 150% rule to him? Or can he grasp the concept? I'm leaning towards the second option myself... given everything you've said so far about him.