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Title: SoE EQ Forums
Post by: nedoirah on September 17, 2011, 01:43:21 AM
Does anyone else get a headache from reading those posts?

I don't understand how people can be so argumentive (and insulting not to mention the personal attacks) to the point they damage the small chances they have of getting the improvements needed for their classes. Do they even realize that the mindless arguing makes the devs just completely ignore the issues they are trying to fix?

One of the things I like about our forums is that we don't generally argue or attack others. We may disagree on things but personaly attacks don't happen.

Sadly even the CRT members are jumping into the action and arguing with others. (seems funny that most of those are mages.. not generalizing but just commenting) I don't have anything against any class just the players themselves.

Another reason I hate those boards is that topics get derailed so fast because one player comments on an ability/spell/disc/whatever and the entire thread gets hung up on it and ends up ruining things.

I started reading a thread on proposed changes to meditate and some of the suggestions were fine until they got hung up on respite. (I'm using this as an example not a topic for this thread BTW) From there it devolved into personal attacks and attacks on the disc itself. I understand how passionate some people are about their class and the game in general but they fail to realize how important the discussions are to getting things on track. The same thing happened with Old Man McKenzie and the "classic" missions. I think that went on for over 60 pages of posts before the devs threw up their hands and "destroyed" the fun/usefullness/gear from the missions. Yes, the gear gained from the missions were easy to obtain and the risk involved was null. But the point about that thread is that it devolved into personal attacks and resulted in getting the missions changed into uselessness/pointlessness.

The way I see it, the game has ebbed from each class going from super-powered :evil: to useless :cry: to super-powered :evil: and back again :cry: . This was the result of players arguing about how useless or overpowered each class is/was. I have played EQ for 9 years now and have seen how much beastlords have evolved then devolved then evolved then devolved.... ETC.. ETC...

Does anyone else see the pattern here? The lack of the stability represented in my comments is the major reason I see the game failing.

As stated in comments/posts/threads made here and elsewhere, These are the reasons I box my own team and refuse to play EQ as the social game it was originally designed to be and what I enjoyed about the game...

Way to go SoE and the rest of the stupid people/players involved in the de-evolution of this once great game.  :-D

(BTW my last comment is meant to be as sarcsatic as my very tired brain can possibly make it)
Title: Re: SoE EQ Forums
Post by: Khauruk on September 17, 2011, 02:37:14 AM
The only thing worse than the posters there is the forum software!
Title: Re: SoE EQ Forums
Post by: kharthai on September 17, 2011, 03:04:10 AM
It's a cesspool.  Mind you, Rift boards (and likely many other MMORPG boards), aren't much different.
Title: Re: SoE EQ Forums
Post by: Inphared on September 17, 2011, 05:23:17 AM
The general rule of thumb (as I've always seen it) is that if the user has an extreme abundance of posts, they generally do not know as much about the game as they post about. There comes a point when you are posting more than you are actually playing the game. This is true for a SIGNIFICANT portion of the CRT program, and while they may be good posters, their feedback about the game (imo) is significantly watered down by how much they actually play. It turns into a bunch of he-said-she-said and is not good.
Title: Re: SoE EQ Forums
Post by: nedoirah on September 18, 2011, 01:57:29 AM
I'm still trying to figure out how they get anything done thorugh the SoE forums.

Or do they?

Inphared you're right about that. 5000 posts doesn't make a good player. I can' even go to the SoE forums to look for good info on upcoming events or changes to class/abilities or gameplay in general because people get to argumentive there.