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The Campfire / Re: Looking for some help
« Last post by Zorthaz on April 27, 2017, 07:37:11 pm »
Merc you will want to start out with a cleric merc.  Make sure you do the J5 merc task in Feerott.  Pet you will want to toggle on ghold, focus and taunt.  You will want to have a regular heal spell and a direct pet heal spell.  You will want slow loaded, temp pet, combined temp pet and growl, fero, and the rest nukes/dots.  Nukes are easier on the mana.

Heal = Cadmael's Mending
Pet heal = Salve of Reshan
ATK Buff = Savage Ferocity
Slow = Sha's Legacy
temp pet+growl = Haergen's Feralgia
temp pet = Yowl at the Moon
Nuke1 = Frozen Venom
Nuke 2 = Frigid Lance
Nuke 3 = Bite of the Vitrik
Nuke 4 = Jagged Torrent

Have the pet tank to start and make sure you buff him with the following:

Focus of Yemall
Spiritual Verve
Friendly Pet
Unrivaled Rapidity
Savage Ferocity
AA Hobble of Spirit
Epic click if you got it

Hot Keys you need
Pet Attack
Pet Back off
Nuke hot key will all 4 nukes bound to it
30 second Disc key with all short term discs = kick/slam + Foray + AA feral Swipe
mid term Disc key with mid term discs = aggro reducing AA + spire AA

Burn with BA and FS and Bloodlust when you get it
2nd burn with .....

Wish I could remember more...
The Campfire / Looking for some help
« Last post by Kaegaro on April 12, 2017, 01:06:17 pm »
Hello is Kaegaro, I'm a returning player to EQ..played a cleric from launch to TSS..coming back with a friend and I decided to roll a bst..always liked the pet classes just never got a chance to get into them..anyway I used the heroic on him and BAM 25 pages of spells...5510 AA's, so to say the least a bit overloaded..I searched forums at daybreak and found a post titled Heroic Beastlord help but it starts at 100...I could really use some help getting started...I don't raid yet obviously and that may come later but right now just interested in doing some TBM tasks and getting going again in a duo with mercs setting..spellbar setup...AA's I should be hotkeying..any marcros that might help..really appreciate any help..ty and well met
Library / Bsty Macro setup
« Last post by Tigrah on April 08, 2017, 04:18:28 am »
This seemed like the right place to post this. Hopefully this forum is still alive enough.

Right now I am running with several macros on Tigrah (level 92). Are there any others that veteran bst players may recommend, or suggestions of reorganizing my efforts?

1. Melee
/alt act 247
/disc Rush
/alt act 988 (Gorilla Smash)
/disc bestial rending
/disc flurry of claws

2. BURN!
/disc Nature's Fury
/disc Bestial Rending
/disc Empathic Fury
/alt Act 127 (Frenzy of Spirits)
/alt Act 985 (Group Bestial Alignment)

3. BURN 2!
/alt Act 981 (Attack of Warders)
/alt Act 443 (Bestial Bloodrage)
/alt Act 241 (Bloodlust)
/alt Act 8302 (Protection of the Warder)
/alt Act 966 (Ferociousness)

/disc Protective Spirit Discipline
/alt Act 8302 (Protection of the Warder)
/alt Act 2000 (Armor of Experience)
The Campfire / Re: Time to get offensive....
« Last post by Zorthaz on February 07, 2017, 10:49:14 pm »
I didn't say beastlords were not a solo class.  I said beastlords can't solo as well as necros.  The upside is beastlords are very group friendly.  These days I use GINA to orchestrate my burns. Right now I use BA + SF + Bloodlust + Ale's Vindication out of the gate.  This may change as EoK weapons gak aggro really fast.  When BA fades I hit SR.  When SF fades I hit RF.  When SR fades I hit Ferocious. When Ferocious fades I hit GBA.

If I have to tank I hit my hot key to swap in weapons so I have quad lifetaps running.  With the EoK weapons this is usually about 15-20 seconds after I start the burn. If it is a hard hitting mob, I may activate protective spirit.

The order in which I hit discs and AA abilities is really dependent on the group makeup and the situation.  If it is a ranged fight and I have a bunch of rangers in my group, the order above goes out the window.

The Campfire / Re: Time to get offensive....
« Last post by Lortheus on February 03, 2017, 05:37:16 pm »
I disagree Zorthaz. Beastlord is a solo class that can hop into groups as well. I do it all the time to include killing namers all by myself.

Some of those discs you are mixing up don't really maximize DPS. I have my old level 100 write-up, just pop in the new discs with similar ones to create new combos. First: Make sure pet is wearing Sekmoset's Aggresion and taunt is off for DPS pet.

Burn - Level 100, RoF 

Always keep Bestial Evulsing disc going. And be sure to use Growl of the Snow Leopard unless Savage Rage is running.   

Main Burn Hotkey   
/pause 2, /alt activate 443 ...................***Bestial Bloodrage 
/pause 2, /alt activate 1432 ..................***Third Spire 
/pause 2, /disc Ruaabri's Fury Rk. iii 
/pause 2, /alt activate 245 ...................*** Bestial Alignment 
/alt activate 241 .....................*** Bloodlust   

Hit Frenzied Swipes.   

 Immediately as Ruaabri's Fury Spirit of Frenzy.
 Immediately as Bestial Alignment Savage Rage.   
After Savage Rage ends, use Group Bestial Alignment.   

Note: Third Spire does not stack with Bard Symphony of Battle. You should click off SoB, or use First or Second Spire instead. 

Note: The above burn is what I use for longer encounters, 3 minutes or more. On a shorter fight, I use Savage Rage and Bestial Alignment together. I never use Frenzy with Fury because the both add the Hundred Hands effect. I run those back to back, never together.     

Spells    I always use the 5 top nukes. I have them bound to the same key and I never stop spamming it. Ever.

The key to short fight burns are stacking 2 stackable damage increasing discs together and find a mroe creative way to use the OneHundredHands effects. ex. I use Bloodlust and Spirit Frenzy together for one of my group burns, Ale Ale's Vindication with Frenzied Swipes, etc.

Soloing takes a little more finesse in spell lineup, but only a couple changes really. Make sure the pet is weraing the Sekmoset's Protection buff to begin with and he is taunting. Memorize the pet HoT and Promised Rejuv, as well as Auspice of Eternity, Aegis of Jupac, and Companions Aegis AA... You are the healer now. You can still spam some nukes and burns on mobs with the pet. All the Spell Aegis's stack, except the AA one takes over one of the ones listed above, so you can reacast once you hear your audio trigger go off and protect your pet from hits longer. If you want more DPS while playing solo, add the wizard merc.

Mobs don't last long against these setups.

Give it a try and see what you come up with.
The Campfire / Re: EoK Lifetap Procs
« Last post by Wreckage on January 27, 2017, 02:27:11 pm »
Interesting! Thanks for testing and posting. Ill be interested to see how some of the other weapons work out.
The Campfire / Re: EoK Lifetap Procs
« Last post by Zorthaz on January 27, 2017, 02:52:03 am »
Here is the quick data:

RoF Staff of the Demented = 8 Procs/Minute
TDS Voracious = 9.8 Procs/Minute
TBM Fist of the Stranger = 9.6 Procs/Minute
EoK Captain's Fang = 7.8 Procs/Minute
EoK Envy of the Dead = 8 Procs/Minute

The Campfire / EoK Lifetap Procs
« Last post by Zorthaz on January 15, 2017, 03:47:56 pm »
Hello all,

I don't know if you were as excited as I was to try out the new EoK weapons with their huge lifetap procs, but the reality is not so rosey.  From a DPS stand point, they look like a win with 8K critical hits.  The problem comes from the actual lifetap return.  Since it is a percentage return you can't crit heal the return.  I have been testing Envy of the Dead.  I one handed piercing weapon 117/19  with Lifedraw I.  Lifedraw I hits for up to 1400 and returns 1000.  1000 is all you ever get, even if the weapon crits for 8K.

With an older raid weapon with Vampiric Strike XI I am getting 13K double crit heals and 5K single crit heals.  The amount of healing you get from the EoK weapons is pathetic and I actually ended up accidentally killing myself in the guild hall testing on a dummy when the healing from the EoK weapon could not offset the dmg from our 96 poison DoT.

My next task is to pull some data to compare proc rates.  It looks like the proc rate for the EoK weapons is only 50-75% of previous weapons.  Hopefully my data will back this up.

The Campfire / Re: Phinigel Beastlords
« Last post by Kingov on January 01, 2017, 06:59:01 pm »
Thanks for the input, I'll put those on the list!  :-)
The Campfire / Re: Phinigel Beastlords
« Last post by Garmr on January 01, 2017, 09:02:22 am »
Ones i'm looking at going forward:
Destructive Fury
Body/Mind Rejuvination
Natural Healing
Mental Clarity

Before you do those I would suggest you do Healing adept and Healing mastery next, especially with lifetap augs coming soon to a beastlord near you!
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