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The Campfire / Re: Beta...
« Last post by Zorthaz on December 07, 2017, 03:42:05 pm »
I added the new kicks and strikes to the skills table.

The Campfire / Re: Beta...
« Last post by Zorthaz on November 21, 2017, 05:08:48 pm »
I hit 107 and added the parse data for that level.

The Campfire / Re: Beta...
« Last post by Zorthaz on November 20, 2017, 04:55:53 pm »
I have been doing some real basic parsing to see if the double and triple attack is doing something.  So far the answer is "YES" and I can see the DPS progression from 105 to 106 to 110.  I just need to level to 107 to get another set of data to help fill out the progression.

The Campfire / Re: Beta...
« Last post by Zunar on November 16, 2017, 04:44:33 pm »
Unless they nerf those EoK procs down to 3k.
They were never intended to be 8k was an error that slipped through the cracks.
8k proc was meant for 2 handers.
Lets hope it stays at 8k. The item dev is now aware and let it slide for now.
The Campfire / Re: Beta...
« Last post by Zorthaz on November 15, 2017, 05:02:34 pm »
I don't use discs, just AA for my main burn.  Testing in the arena where buffs from AAs and discs never fade produces similar results.

The RoS raid weapons are lower DPS due to the worse procs 3.6K versus 8K.  Sadly there isn't much to look forward to from a DPS stand point. 

I stopped posting information about beta because it makes me a sad panda to see the lack of increases.  5 levels was huge at 50, but at 105, not so much.  All the extra double attack and triple attack with RoS weapons with better ratios just doesn't add up to an increase.  We will still be using EoK weapons for the portion of the burn with bloodlust running.

The Campfire / Re: Beta...
« Last post by Garmr on November 14, 2017, 02:49:59 pm »
Lowered DPS could be due this from new patch if its pushed onto beta already:

November 15, 2017
*** AA ***
- Beastlord, Paladin, Ranger, Shadowknight - Spell Casting Reinforcement no longer extends the duration of disciplines.
The Campfire / Beta...
« Last post by Zorthaz on November 07, 2017, 07:32:41 pm »
Is anyone parsing Beta versus Live?  I have been using Lcenium as my test grounds and looking at trends.

I will add information as I test and they make changes on Beta server.

1) New spells are very mana intensive
2) mobs are way over tuned
3) RoS group gear requires T2 EoK visible piece to upgrade to RoS visible armor.

Look at the increase in skills from 105 to 110.  I know we have been asking for increased double attack for years.

1H Blunt415430
1H Pierce415430
2H Blunt415430
Double Attack175200
Dual Wield270270
Hand to Hand415430
Kick 500525
Triple Attack340475
Eagle Strike0525
Round Kick0525
Tail Rake0525
Tiger Claw0525

Very basic DPS comparison using fists, no buffs, and auto-attack/kick:
Combat Effects106104104104
Hand to Hand106104104104
Kick Skill 525510505500
HTH Skill430421418415
Double Attack200185180175
Triple Attack475390365340
Total Time1217122912401351
Total DPS21461668.71660.21533
Total Flurries131133118107
Flurries per Minute6.
Total Attemps2780280227972990
Total Hits2203223522692340
Normal hits1525161416601714
Crtitical Hits678621609626
HTH Total Hits1843190019291972
HTH Normal Hits1266134614061425
HTH Critical Hits577554523547
HTH Max Hit595569554556
HTH Max Critical Hit1908182817601762


The Campfire / Re: An epic request phinigel help plz.
« Last post by demorock on October 22, 2017, 12:56:12 pm »
Ah so killing the skellys heals you now that helps :D ty
The Campfire / Re: An epic request phinigel help plz.
« Last post by Zorthaz on October 17, 2017, 02:07:30 pm »
Yeah, this will be significantly harder without the merc.  I did keep a cure disease loaded so I could quickly remove the dot they place on you.  I don't think there is any time constraint on this event.  I will have to give it a go without a merc and see how I fare.

The Campfire / Re: An epic request phinigel help plz.
« Last post by Snappy on October 16, 2017, 07:40:38 pm »
I have done this fight a few times on Phinny and the trick is to kill the skeleton adds when you need heals and just kill the 2 mobs with the high priest they are linked with him so when they are both dead the priest will die too
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