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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« on: January 02, 2004, 11:50:09 PM »
Topic shamelessly borrowed from other class boards (probably even from the old forums).

The purpose of this thread is to provide a quick reference for people to get ideas of where to solo at all levels (not suggestions... list where you actually solo'd).

For it to be useful, please post according to the template listed below:

Era: When you created your Beastlord (SoL, PoP, LoY, etc.)
Race: Always good to know
Gear: I.e. Do I have similar gear? (list major items and/or plat-value)
Levels: Zone(s), NPC(s) and possible very short (halfline) comment.


Era: Shadows of Luclin
Race: Vah Shir
Gear: JM/SoS, SCHW and some Acrylia Reinforced (~15000pp)

1-4: Shar Vahl (newbie moat)
5-9: Shadeweavers (SV region)
10-12: Paludal (SWT zone mobs)
13-14: East Commons (spiders, scarabs)
15-18: Lavastorm (drakes, dervishes, crawlers)
19-24: Paludal (fungoids, shiknars, bandits)
25-29: Echo Caverns (aliens, skeeters)
30-33: Marus Seru (greyhoppers, horseys, rock-dudes)
34-44: Dawnshroud (shrooms, zelniaks, tribals)
45-47: Tenebrous (bats, wolves)
48-50: Lake of Ill Omen (bloodgills)
51-54: Ocean of Tears (seafuries) -- Lots of cash (first major gear upgrades)
55-58: Jagged Pine Forest (gnolls)
59: Dulak's Harbor (dandolek crew) -- slow
60-62,63: Fungus Grove (shrooms) -- 60-62 heaven (63 slow)
64: Maidens Eye (aliens, gorangas), Deep (entrance shrooms) -- slow
65: Deep (entrance shrooms and first few bugs/mutants)

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hunting grounds
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2004, 12:00:18 AM »
Ogre Beastlord-I've had quite a few characters before this, so the path was heavy on the exp/low on the rest
-Was slightly twinked.  Nothing extreme.  Maybe 20k to start out with.

1-9 Field of Bone
9-15 Kurns Tower
15-24 Paludal
24-31 Needlites and what ever Boglings I could work in.
31-39 Dawnshroud
39-46 Sol B
46-49 Sol B/Echo
50-52 Initiates in Gunthak
52-54 Storage Workers in Dulak
54-57 Dandolak's Run in Dulak, or Shipbuilders if they were camped.
58-60 Nadox, castle side (not the best exp, but good fun at these levels), Nurga.
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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2004, 12:59:59 AM »
Not sure I'd recommend anyone to follow half of this, but hey :)

Ogre BST, early Luclin, twinked weapons prior to 50 but little else, fairly common Bazaar gear after that...

1-3 Feerott
4-9 Innothule Swamp (Froggies)
10-14 North Ro
15-18 Oasis (Caimans and Crocs)
19-22 Paludal Caverns (Bandits)
23-28? Netherbian Lair
29?-30 Marus Seru
31-33 PLed
34-39 Frontier Mountains (Giant Fort), Dawnshroud Peaks (Zelniaks)
40-46 Tenebrous Mountains (Grimlings, Bats, Sonic Wolves)
47-49 Echo Caverns (seven spawn room outside TM and later TM room)
50-51 Ocean of Tears (Sea Furies)
51-54 High Keep (Nobles and Bards)
55 Plane of Justice

Mostly grouped after that to be honest.
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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2004, 02:00:25 AM »
Era: Planes of Power (Oct. 2002)
Race: Vah Shir
Gear: second character ever so very little twinking (1kpp maybe)

1-3 Shar Vahl Pit (Everything, beware of named scorp)
4-10 Shadeweavers Thicket (Progressivly moved further away from city, stopped after doing poachers and finishing my cloak quest)
11-14 Clan Crushbone (Castle Wall, front steps)
15-24 Paludal Caverns (Fiends till 20, then i soloed a bandit camp)
25-28 Neth Lair (tribals and aliens, no fiends)
29-30 Marus Seru (Stonegrabbers)
31-34 The Overthere (everything but Sarnaks as i am now max ally)
35-39 Dawnshrowd Peaks (Zel's)
40-49 Dreadlands (everything and anything that was db)
49-50 Karnors Castle (Ent.)
51-54 Velk's (grouped)
55-57 Gnoll Caves (yay what fun!)
58-60 Pits under Lady Vox (Spiders, Bears, etc)
61-65 grouped Bastion of Thunder (was doing planer progression with freinds and got my key)
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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #4 on: January 16, 2004, 06:37:44 AM »
Feb 2k3
Some twinking, mainly just KEI

1-5 Shadeweaver
5-10 Paludal Caves, Shadeweaver side
10-15 Paludal - Hollow something side
15-20 all around in Paludal, mandtis things
20-26 Bandits in Paludal
26-30 Needlites in Echo
30-34 Mushroom house in DSP
34-39 In between GE and Mushroom house in DSP
39-44 Basilisks in JPF
44-49 Echo Caves - Bugs and fungus guys and rocks
49-55 HHK Nobles/bards
55-59 PoD/PoJ - had epic
59-65 PoV/BoT grouped
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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #5 on: January 16, 2004, 07:37:08 AM »
Oct 09, 2003.
Mildly Twinked (nothing special)
Iksar of course....

1-4 Field of Bone

5-24 Paludal Caverns - Solo bugs, then fiends, owlbear cubs, back to higher fiends near the bandits and finally the Outcasts.

24-26 Warslik Woods Giant Fort.

26-29 Marus Seru - Set camp and pull to the Sanctus Seru zone area. Nice and open, easy to see mobs and avoid adds.

30-34 Timorous Deep - Golra Island: 8/9 static spawns, no wanderers. Almost zero chance of getting an add. I walked away with 550pp after 4 levels of hunting. Fast respawn, kill all 8 and the first will be up and ready to be killed again.

35-39 Dawnshroud Peak - Go to the GE zone. Face out towards NL and run to the left along the wall until you reach the Ruins that has mushrooms inside. This open area from GE to the Shroom House is were you will hunt. You want to solo tribals and "a zelniaks", not "a Large Zelniaks".

39-42 Jaggedpine Forest - Cave Basilisks. Use the portal at the bottom of the Blackburrows and it takes you right to the Basilisk Caves. There is also a bank and several merchants on the otherside of the Caves, near the "friendly" Gnolls in the same caves.

39-43 Gunthak Beach - many mobs to kill. very few wanderers. low agro range. I found the loot to be very good, for the level.... The mobs can hit hard and the zone is a long way away.

44-48 Echo Caverns - Room below the Task master room. With KEI, I'm able to clear the room and med/heal to full. If Echo isn't camp to hell, you even have time to do the 4 Underbulks, that you pass to get to the TM area.

49-51 Ocean of Tears Seafuries

52-54 The Hole Enterance, Grimling Forest Grimling camps, Dulak Habour ships Stormwave and Lady'D.
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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #6 on: January 16, 2004, 08:30:10 AM »
My first beastlord was a barb back when KEI was available, so his path was a little different.  My path for my ogre follows.

Late 2003
Twinked with 10K to start-then dumped quite a bit later when I decided I was going to keep on playing him.

1-9 Field of Bone-Stuff in front of pit at 1-3 then 4-9 in the pit, mostly killing scorpions.
9-22 Paludal-Started at HS side on bugs, then just killed my way through as I made levels.
22-30 MSeru-Hoppers early on, then Stonegrabbers with the annoying Zelniak thrown in for good measure.
30-34 DSP Zelniaks
34-43 OT-Anything that moves-Did OT Gate hammer quest while here.
43-49 A mix of DL's, DSP Hoppers, and LGuk-Began duoing with wife's necro at this point.
49-52 OOT, Seafuries, Seafuries, and more Seafuries.
52-59 Nurga!!!! Tried Dulak but moved back to Nurga.  Will probably be here well into my 60's.
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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #7 on: January 16, 2004, 03:23:32 PM »
Era: Just before PoP (Sept  02)

Race: Iksar

Gear: First char, so NO twinking (no cash to twink with).  Very crappy gear. Did newb quests for armor. Usually only self buffed.

1-6 FoB, SoNH, LoIO - Mainly hunted for newb quest pieces (xp not too bad either)

7-9 FoB - Pit, sometimes would pull mobs roaming from EJ zone

10-21 Kurns - Pulled to ZI until I could make my way to the secret room, then stayed there until mobs got lt blue, then would just work my way upstairs.

21-26 Paludal - Bandits.

26-31 Echo Secret side - Needlites. Could not take queen until level 28 or so

31-39 Netherbian lair, Marus Seru, DSP - Did Neth and Marus until I could handle the shrooms just outside the Neth ZI in DSP, then moved to zelniks.

39-50 Echo short side - Underbulks, and if I could get into a group, the room just outside TM (and TM/skellies if group was good).

50-52 Echo, DSP, Jaggedpines - Could not really find a place where I could get good xp. Finally accepted the fact I was gonna level slow and grinded 52 out in DSP on rock things.

52-55 12+ aa's HHK - OMG!!! Finally went to HHK. If, and this is a big IF, you can get the camp, DO IT!. Fastest xp I have seen since Paludal. I got a level in just under 4 hours, and could do an aa in just over 3 hours. With Chloro, and SR, I did not have to mem my heal spells any more, so 55 was the sweet spot for me. Also made over 20kpp here during that time.

55-58 Dulak, PoJ, PoN - Most of the time in Dulak, on the first 2 ships.

Once I hit 58, I started grouping in the planes, and joined a small guild. We had a full group almost every night, so my solo career pretty much ended about level 58.

58-65 Mostly in the planes grouping (PoJ, PoN, PoI, PoD)
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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #8 on: January 16, 2004, 03:58:49 PM »

150k worth the gear

Started Jan 1 2003

1-5 Inside Shar Vahl newbie zone pit

5-11 Underbulks in PC on the ST side

11-16 Shiknars and Fungoids in PC

16-24 PC bandits

25- 28 Needlites in Echo

29-35 DSP Shroom ruins and zelniaks

36-44 Echo bigger bulk 4 spawn & the 4 by the drunk miner

45-49  Jagged pines, Great Divide etc

50-61 Velks Laboratory

62 FG

Although I did solo 62 and up the exp is so horrible that a 1 hour wait while LFG in HoH or BoT still beat the exp I was getting solo. Once you are in a good group in either one of those zones you can bang off an aa every hour or so.

But here goes.

63-65 PoN trash by the north of graveyard (dead tree) , PoI till lots went LB and Velks whenever I just wanted to get super easy exp by nuking spiders once and letting pet kill while I relaxed and did nothing but slow and heal.


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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #9 on: January 16, 2004, 05:04:57 PM »
Era: Loy
Race: Vah Shir
Gear: Mostly Acrylia Reinforced, shadel bandit ring, Solstice earring (10k)

1-5: Shar Vahl  
5-24: Paludal  
24-35: Echo Caverns easy side
35-36: Marus Seru  
36-39: Dawnshroud  
39-48: Gunthak
48-49: Echo Caverns hard side
49-54: Grimling Forest, Loy? don't remember
54-56: Grimling Forest, Nadox
56-62: Nadox
62 aas: Torgiran
62-65: PoJ, PoM, GE
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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #10 on: January 19, 2004, 11:35:53 PM »
I have a nice,fast,easy,20k-making guide,for evils and non(its in 1-29 section),but i havent actully soloed it with my bst.It saye you have to had soloed there,but you can look it up,I think its nice.Im using it with my bst,but havent finished it with him.too bad i cant post it here :cry: ,hehe[/b]
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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #11 on: February 04, 2004, 04:35:04 PM »
Era: Early PoP (Prior to the kei nerf)
Race: Vah Shir
Gear: acrylia or simaler

1-5: Shar Vahl
4-9: Steamfont
9-15:  North Ro / Oasis
15-25:  Paldral
25-30:  Marus Seru
30-35:  Overthere
35-40:  Crystal Caverns (heavily addicted to kei)
40-49:  Echo Caverns / Dreadlands (heavily addicted to kei)
50-54:  Jaggedpine (mermaids/dryads/gnolls) (heavily addicted to kei)
54-60:  Velks lab (gained epics at 56) (heavily addicted to kei)
60-62:  Valor/Storms (grouped)
62-65:  BoT (grouped)

1-29:  BoT (grouping)
29-80:  PoD (bulks) ME (gantus)  the deep, Akheva
81-100:  Ldon
101+:  Ldon, BoT (giants-solo) HoH (Hero shrine - solo)
125+:  Fire kiting (this is still really really hard for me)

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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #12 on: February 19, 2004, 10:06:35 PM »
Well, here goes a little from me. Currently level 52 Iksar beastlord, untwinked for the most part. Average bazaar gear after 25 or so. All after the KEI nerf

1 - 9: Field of Bone
9 - 13: Butcherblock aqua goblins (pre-nerf. Man they were good plat)
13 - 19: Beetles, shrooms, fungoids in Paludal
19 - 22: Shik'Nar in Paludal
22 - 30: Tesch Mal Gnolls in south karana. Tried them on a dare, and won, so yay me!
30 - 39: Grouped a lot in LDoN here... Real bitch levels
39 - 44: Jaggedpine basiliks, with an occasional foray outside to kill off bears and wolves and crap
44 - 49: Dulak and Gunthak, though I did a LOT of LDoN grouping.
49 - 52: Mainly soloing Nurga, Dulak, and HHK nobles and bards.

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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #13 on: March 04, 2004, 06:57:45 AM »
Slow leveller here, (less that 15 hours a week), here's mine to 36...

Race: Vah'Shir
Era: Returned to EQ in the PoP era.
Gear: 30k of gear donated by RL friends....

1-4: Shar Val Pit
4-9: Shadeweaver's Thicket
9-12: "Glow" room in Paludal, bugs and fungoids
12-20: Fungoids in Paludal
20-24: Bandi Camps in Paludal (/em groans)
24-28: Marus Seru
28-29: Needelites in Echo (maxxed defense)
29-35: DSP, mix of Zel's, Tribals and shrooms.
36+: Been on hold, now 2-boxing a cleric, so will start in Echo at underbulks a little early now that cleric (lvl 30) can group effectivally.

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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #14 on: April 10, 2004, 09:53:06 AM »
Race: Iksar
Era: LoY (post KEI nerf)
Gear: Started with basically a suit of reinforced acryila and a couple PSUs.

1-15: Shadeweaver's thicket
15-20: Lavastorm Mtns, Najena
20-22: Lower levels of Kurn's Tower
22-25: Neth Lair, Guards in Nek. Forest  :twisted:
25-29: Dawnshroud Peaks
29-39: Echo Caverns, Overthere, Guards in WC  :twisted:
39-44: Druid camps in WC and EC, Drovlarg temple in FV and the forest giant camp nearby it, Yeti caves in DL, Lizards outside of CT zone, Undead camps in DL, Guards in Highpass (not highKEEP)  :twisted:
44-49: Hill Giants in RM, Dryads and various animals in Jagged Pine, Gunthak beach and huts where an injured wolf can be found, Guards in: Freeport, Ak'anon, Butcherblock  :twisted:
49-53: Dulak, Highkeep nobles/bards, LDoN groups, Entrance of the Hole, Burning Woods, Velk's Lab
54-present(56): Nurga!!, LDoN groups, Nadox, Velk's Lab
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