Author Topic: Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference  (Read 36676 times)

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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #15 on: April 15, 2004, 02:01:32 PM »
Started doing LDoNs as well at about 30 and did them through 55 as well. However, below is the list of the main places that I did the bulk of the exp if I was not in LDoN or wandering around somewhere. :)

1-9 Shadoweavers
9-15 Nro/SRo
15-24 PC
24-33 M-Seru
33-39 Overthere
39-49 Dreadlands
49-55 Dulak Harbor
55-58 Velks
59-60 Veksar
61-65 PoP

Current AA solo spot when I do - Griegs

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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #16 on: July 14, 2004, 03:10:38 AM »
1-6 ~ Shadeweaver, around PoK book

6-25 ~ Paludal Caverns - starting w/ small bugs (near shadeweaver zone) , gradually moving to the larger bugs + shrroms, moving to fiends (make sure to get cure disease) - you could either group or solo 18-25 @ bandits or the outcast shik'nar in the norther reaches of paludal.

25-30 ~ Marus Seru - Greyhoppers all the way, good zone to bring up casting skills.  Hang near sanctus seru zone and slaughter the hoppers. Save the greyhopper hides, as they are good for tailoring, or selling in bazaar.

30-54? ~ Highpass Keep - Awesome place, just slaughter guards till 35/40, then move to nobles / bards when high enough... suplement w/ gobbies is you feel the need... Insane exp here AND insane loot.. FS shortsword on every guard ( ~4pp each) and pp cash drops, with gems and more pp as you move to nobles... Plus, the erudite merchant next to Justin Rhymes on the ground floor is on beta neutral faction, so you call sell your heart out to him. Maybe boring, but insane, insane exp and ca$h.. made most of my gear money here.

54-56 ~ Dulak - awesome exp and loot here (high end gems can drop off of pretty much everything here) - take either the Armory (large, open building on the left before you hit ships) or the Dandolak's run (ship straight from zone-in) - even better exp now w/ the zone being made a hotspot.

56-60 ~ Velks - great zone, slow and let go... I tanked and healed myself and pet did the damage.. Tons of money to be had w/ all of the velium drops.

60-63 ~ PoJ - guards and jail areas, moving progressively further in as you lvl.

63-65 ~ PoN / PoI / PoD ~ hang @ zone-ins and pull yard trash (or get tsetsi fly camp in PoD) can stay @ these places for good AA's as well.

Good luck!
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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #17 on: July 31, 2004, 07:56:47 AM »
Era: Shadows of Luclin
Race: Iksar
Gear: SCHW and about 6k of equip for the era.

1-11: Field of Bone
12-22: Kurns Tower
22-29: Lake of Ill Omen, Frontier Mountains, Overthere
29-34: Kaesora
34-39: Iceclad Cougars
39-49: Dreadlands around Karnor's
49-55: Scarlet Desert, Katta Castelum, Karnor's, Velketor, PoD
55-60: The Grey, Ssraeszha, Maiden's Eye, PoI, PoJ, PoD, PoN
60-62: PoV, PoS, Drunder, Fungus Grove, PoI, PoJ, PoD, PoN, Droga
62-65: HoH, BoT, CoD, 1st Tier Planes, Droga

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Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #18 on: September 03, 2004, 10:53:18 PM »
Era: GoD
Race: Barbarian
Gear: ~10k worth at creation, currently ~120k

Aside from some exploring here and there, this has been my levelling path:

1-5: Tutorial
5-22: Warrens (most underrated zone in the game, IMO)
22-35: Stonebrunt (koblolds near Warrens ZI til 27, highland kobolds til 35)
35-43: DSP (zels, tribals, some grabbers toward the end)
44-52: DL/BW (everything that was DB)
52-56: JPF (dryads - did 6 AA's here too)

Took a break to level up a rogue to 51... now PLing a druid so I can box him with the beastlord.

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Re: Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #19 on: February 04, 2005, 01:14:27 AM »
Finally got around to reading this thread and decided I would post my info also for any up and comers.  Have been in EQ for 4 years and with this character as my main for over half of that time - just dinged 65 a few weeks ago, so have no 65+ info .  Also, I just got my 65 slow yesterday, so not sure what else I will be able to add to the list now hehe.  If I find I can solo somewhere I couldn't before now that I am 65 and have the new slow, I will update the list.

Era: Sept 2002, not sure which era this was but was before PoP
Race: Barb
Gear: started out with newbie gear and made my own via tailoring with pelts that I got while levelling up until 30s, at 30s started moving up to a bit higher bazaar gear courtesy of cash farming with my 55 bard main.  Got PSC low-mid 40s (and still wearing it at 65).  Currently still primarily in mid-range bazaar gear with some Luclin raid (ssra mainly) and OoW gear.

1-11: newbie area/mammoth calves in EF
11-25: Paludal caverns - started in Shadeweavers side and at 18 moved to Bandit camps
25-29: Marus Seru
29-35: Dawnshroud
35-44: Dawnshroud, DL, echo caverns
44-47: giants in GD near EW zone
47-49: fort in Gunthak
49-51: Rockhoppers in Dawnshroud, fort in Gunthak
52-55: giant fort in BW, Gunthak town by Dulak zone, Grimling Forest in tunnel heading to AC, the Grey near Ssra temple
55-58: PoJ, ME
58-60: LDoNs primarily, don't remember soloing a whole lot, a little bit at 58 in PoJ but that's about it
*60-62: Deep, AC, Natimbi, FG
*62-65: tier 1 planes, AC, Deep, Ssra, Droga

*At 58 I met my partner and started primarily duoing with a druid, so when soloing 58+ was mainly for AA or cash farming or for an hour or 2 at a time when I was bored and partner was not online.
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Re: Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #20 on: March 16, 2005, 06:50:20 AM »
I dont know How much Mine will help.  the only character i ahve alot of experience leveling is my magcian. butt my experiences gennerally would AFAIK work for a beastlord too

Class: Magcian
Race: dark elf
Era: Early Velious

1-10 nektulos- Great newbie zone in my opinion  took my beastlord and boxed bard there and tore up at the ulticle ( near lavastorm zl)... really fun zone.
11- 15 Crushbone- the ZEM is so high here... its like newbie Pc.... with more mobs and less KSing
16- 22 Unrest - yay Old train central..... just kill the yard trash and work you way in through the back door, Be careful of the dwarf ghost
23- 31 HHK- I love HHk not many people care for it but its good exp and money and theres a bank and a  bunch of merchants right nearby... plus there are normally a large influx of higher level players that might buff ya if you ask
31- 39 EW- I  started in eastern wastes trying to get some early start on my prayer shawl and dragon faction.,  I learned to hate snow dervishes with a passion
40-45  GD- Oh yes killing giants for thier sweet sweet velium weapons! at 5 plat a pop if your here a while you can really pick up some major cash.
45-50 The Overthere- I swear i spent so much time there iw anted to pull my hair out, but the mobs dont hit to hard and the drachnids spend most of thier time casting, getting cash is easy here too.
50- 55 Velks- to this day velks is still one of my favorite zones, just hunt on the first floor taking out what you can and be careful trains are easy to cause around here
55-60  Nurga - Nurga is the palce to be! Not many people are there and  again because theya re kunark mobs they dont hit too hard,  but watch out for casters they like to dispell your buffs

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Re: Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #21 on: April 24, 2006, 02:40:44 PM »
Why not?  I'll add my info here.

Era: Post PoR
Race: Iksar
Gear: Earring of the Solstice, Spiked Seahorse Hide Belt.  Nothing else noteworthy.  Everything else < 50pp per piece in bazaar.  2nd char ever to leave the tutorial.  I'm not trying, necessarily, to solo exclusively, but I want the flexibility to go where I want, when I want.  If I stumble into a group when I get there, that's OK with me.  Sunk about 20K in at level 35, when I decided that I was going to stick with the beastlord.

1-9: Tutorial.  Crazy XP modifier here.  Needed to leave before 10 so I could get the solstice earring without worrying about getting killed, as I'd never been to FG before.  Probably should stay until 11 for XP & cash reasons.  Took only a few hours.

9 - 11: Field of Bone.  Seemed like the right place to go for an Iksar.  Avoided the pit, headed north on the west side of the pit until I was near the ruins with the Iksar crusader to run to if I got in trouble.  Pulled scaled wolf hunters who were mostly white/yellow. 

11 - 17: Kurn's Tower.  Skellies.  Lots of them.  'nuff said.  Good cash to be made here as well if you're lucky.  A couple times a higher level player came in ltb bone chips.  I had stacks and stacks and stacks of them. 

17 - 24: /sigh.  PC.  The XP is too good to pass up.  Started off with PPFiends, owlbear cubs, sediment delvers.  Did a little bit of grouping @ bandit camp 2.  Then soloing bandit camp 1.  Kept it clear @ 23, which surprised me.  BSTs are very powerful soloers - put my shaman to shame. 

24 - 27:  Marus Seru.  Set up shop by the Sanctus zoneline & pulled to pet.  Try to concentrate on greyhoppers, but take whatever when no greyhoppers in range.  Netherbian Lair.  Trogs & Netherbians.  Lots of them.  Echo Caverns.  Needlites & Boglings.  Long stretch of boring.

27 - 31: Nedaria's Landing.  Shore basilisks & majestic grizzlies.  Griffawns once the basilisks & grizzlies started to go LB.  Cave bears don't repop fast enough with only 4 of them.  When there used to be 8, this must have been a fantastic XP spot.

31 - 37:  DSP.  Shrooms at the house, then Zelniaks.  Zelniak XP was still pretty good @ 37, but I wanted to start on my Gate Hammer.

37 - 39: Overthere.  Being a current hot zone, the XP is rocking, and I needed to come here anyway for the Gate Hammer.  Almost all single-pull Sarnak Berserkers, occasionally another sarnak add.  With Temp I was (barely) able to handle a Berserker + 2 Sarnak Knight adds, although I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.  I've been leaving the rhinos, cockatrices, and tigers alone, but these are doable as well (had to make sure I could handle them in case things got screwy).  Drowsy & pet are showing their age.  Got bored with this zone, and decided to come back later for the rest of my braids.

39 - 44: Jaggedpine basilisks.  New pet makes quick work of them.  Can fight non-stop for the better part of an hour before having to take a med break.  XP is rolling in.  A few baskies start to go LB @ 42, but most are still dark.  About 50% light blue @ 43, but the kill speed keeps the XP rolling in.  Still seems to be about 50% DB @ 44, but the XP bar is barely moving.

44 - 47&1/2: Overthere.  Finishing up the Gate Hammer quest.  Still a fair amount of dark blues (although all of the berserkers I've seen are LB), and the kills are FAST.  With the hotzone XP bonus, XP/kill isn't too bad either.  XP/hour is better at this level than it was 37 - 39.  Berserkers start to green out @ 46, knights are still mostly DB.  188 braids.  Got my hammer.  Amiable as a delf, still threateningly in my true form.  Level 46 pet is a huge upgrade.

47 - ??: Gunthak/Dulak.  Gunthak until I found the injured wolf, then moved to Dulak.

And that's where I'm currently at.  I'll edit this post when I get farther along.
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Re: Cradle to Grave (1-65) Soloing Reference
« Reply #22 on: August 03, 2007, 05:48:49 AM »
Era: Shortly after Luclin opened on the Sleeper server (created Oct 2006)
Race: Troll. Stole a couple weapons a silly Halfling Cleric had stashed away. Mean Halfling didn't have much else stashed away.
I'm only 46, but I thought I'd write where I've found good warder food.

1-8 Da swamp. No warder yet. Squished Froggies, snakes, skellies,  Froggies, and baby froggies.

8-15ish Upper Guk. Got warder to help me. Warder liked eating froggies and spiders. Froggies and spiders squished me too but was still fun place.

15ish to 23ish Overthere. Weird cactus plants, baby birds, and baby sarnaks all made good warder food.

23ish to 28 Unrest. Fed the warder a diet of Skeletons. Bones good for teeth.

28ish to 30ish Tower of Frozen of Shadow. More undead for warder to eat.

30ish to 36ish. Warsiliks Woods. Warder munched on brutes and giants. Also let warder munch on various critters in Iceclad and Crystal Caverns. Let warder sharpen his teeth on treants and gnolls in South Karana.

36ish to 46. Very hungry warder. Fed him in the Overthere on bigger cactus plants, older birds, and older sarnaks.  Gave him a diet of terrors and geonids in Crystal Caverns. He also munched on drogmors, shrooms, and flowers in Gunthak. Later let him eat some basiliks in Jaggedpine.  Warder found really yummy food in Ogguk from  their guards. Course he eat the guards when they try to feed him.

This is not all the places my warder dined. I only listed the places with the best warder food. When I find more good warder food, I'll add that.

I made it to 51 so here are some more places with good warder food.

46-47 Ice Giants in Everfrost gave the  new warder something good to snack on and got paid well which was an added bonus.

47-50 Paid our old friends the Ogres a visit. However, they were merely a snack. The warder mostly munched on the mobs in Scarlet Desert. These critters make great warder food as long as there weren't too many of them. Then they ate the warder and shortly afterwards me. (ooc: Most of the mobs were light blue and even green at these levels, but I was able to kill so fast that the exp really added up.)

50-51 Dulak Harbor Boats. The warder loves the all-day buffet on the boats. The Stormwave buffet was a little hard to chew but still made an ok meal. Dirulia on the other hand has an excellent buffet with some very tasty warder food. In fact, the warder food on that boat is so good that it doesn't want to leave yet. (ooc: On Stormwave I almost have to have a virtue and KEI, not because the mobs are all that hard, but because it's very easy to get adds. Dirulia is much easier to handle even without clerical or enchanter buffs. The exp is still reasonably good and the occasional gem drop is certainly nice)

51-56 Have been mostly working on AAs during these levels. Velketors provided fairly decent warder food as long as I didn't do something dumb like knock a spider off the ledge and have my warder bring back that spider plus a bunch of friends. Dulak is still fun although not as good anymore.  Nadox, however, is quite decent exp, both real and AA depending on my mood.  It's also easier to solo than I remember it being as long as I'm careful about what I pull.
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