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i got to get in on this one

Started by kukantiz, June 07, 2005, 12:48:26 PM

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Hey all,

Figured i would go ahead and post a small hunting guide see if it helps
1-5  IMHO Field of bone.  wow xp is sweet lots of mobs lot's of killing
5-9  The pit Field of bone.  Might as well hang out here a little while longer try and head over to the ramp in front of kaesora and pull   
         Your kills down onto the ramp.  great xp
10-20 A:  Unrest.  wow the yard trash is outstanding.  but you might want a buddy for this one trust me fill your bags up and make
                  some decent loot as well
            B:  Kurns tower.  Oh yeah not many people here and a massive supply of bone chips.  great place to practice soloing and get
                  to know your pet.
            C:  Paludal caverns.  yes there is a reason i put it last and not because i was saving the best.  you can't deny the fast xp gain
                  from coming here but the problem is this.  your skills will be lacking.  so this is a great place if you are willing to trade off
                  skills for xp.  also great money here.
20-25  Paludal caverns.  Hey if you went to a and b first might as well come and knock out this place for four lvls.  pet proc is vicious
             so you will chew through it
25-29  A: HHK.  Oh yeah plenty of my toons have came here.  usually one or two people here for grouping so well worth
                  dropping in and joining a group.  you can work your way down and be here well into the thirties if you would like
             B:  Netherbian lair.  hmm was it mosqitoes or needlites.  pretty sure needlite room.  low attack low hps easy to solo
                   pull them. have fun and sell the body parts.  beware the queen.

Hunting tactics.
         Not gonna say much here because being only lvl 29ish i am not the master of much.
          i pull send in pet might heal em a couple times when he get's halfway i jump in and let him catch a breather from taking hits
          if needed to end i will back up let him finish mob off and start the healing proccess

Hope this helps

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Quote from: kukantiz on June 07, 2005, 12:48:26 PM

B: Netherbian lair. hmm was it mosqitoes or needlites. pretty sure needlite room. low attack low hps easy to solo
pull them. have fun and sell the body parts. beware the queen

That should be Echo Cavern Needlite room Kukantiz. =)
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Yep, the Field of Bone is the best laid out and planned zone, ever. ( I wonder what happened to the designers of this zone?)
Not many peeps have tried the area between Kaesora and the Pit. Good spot for upper 10's. Good spot to learn about "adds" too, LOL.
The area the far side of Kurns is good too.
There are some underground caverns for the adventurous.

Another spot for solo, or a duo from 20+ up to 30 is the giant fort in Warsliks Woods.