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Some questions for a returning player....

Started by Ragi FV, February 14, 2006, 06:09:15 AM

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Ragi FV

I am new to the class but played for a few years until 20 months ago.  A couple questions:

1)  What level should I consider working the inside of the Unrest mansion?

2)  The Iksar Beserker Club seems like something I should be working toward.  I have a PSU and the 1hb/2hb from the mines.  What level should I think about going down there and hunting the Jester solo?  I am untwinked.

3)  I have been able to buy some 5 pp pieces that of armor that allow me to avoid questing Ghulam (sp).  What chest piece could I earn or quest solo in my mid teens to late teens?  I am using the splitpaw tunic (and gloves) at this time.

4)  Why would my pet's attacks be invulnerable to Willow Wisps at 12?  Have not hunted them since.

Thanks in advance.  Any other ideas or recommendations for this Troll Beastlord is appreciated.

Raji of FV
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1) It has been ages since I have been to Unrest, but if I remember correctly we moved into the back room of the mansion in our mid teens.  That was with a poorly equiped Paladin.  I stayed there until my mid 20s doing the 2nd floor loop and the basement.  Then it was off the the new exp mine LOIO ;-)

2) I would say mid to high teens to solo the Jester.  I seem to remember it as a very long camp.

3) Sorry no useful info here, I had the benefit of a previous toon ans a little starting pp for my bst.  I would check the quest NPC in PoK.  He is straight out from the Nexus stone and a little to your right as you go towards the Soulbinder.  The quests my be to high, but as you level you can start completing his quests.

4) The level 9 warder doesn't have magic paws and can't hit magical creatures.  I am pretty sure the level 14 warder comes with magic paws that will resolve the problem.  The only other choice is to give your warder a magic weapon.  If you are going to the trouble, pick up a 2 handed weapon with the biggest damage number you can afford that is magical.  If you give your pet a 2H weapon with 25 dam (as long as there is no recommended level) he will hit for up to 50 damage.  This can be a big help at these early levels.

As far as armor goes, I don't think any bst usable armor drops in either Unrest or Kurns tower.  LOIO Sarnak drop a tunic and pants that are bst usable.  I think the chest was 14AC and the legs are 8AC.  The Sarnak Adherants range up to lvl 25, so you could hunt there for a while.  The exp is not the best, but at least it is not PC.

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Ragi FV

Thank you for your reply.  It was helpful. I plan on avoiding PC even though I never leveled in there.  I just remember running through and seeing the crowds and trains. 

As for the Jester, I think I need to be at least 20 but wasn't sure if I had to be higher.  Getting there is a pain but I have an idea of where the camp is.  I did it when Kunark was fresh in a group.

Thanks again!



Quote from: Ragi FV on February 15, 2006, 12:46:20 AM
Thank you for your reply.  It was helpful. I plan on avoiding PC even though I never leveled in there.  I just remember running through and seeing the crowds and trains. 

i usually avoid PC but make an exception with classes that can cure disease at low level. Hunting fiends from Hollowshade entrance is entertaining and you'll never see another character there.
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I'll answer what I can.  I asked similar questions in this forum a few months ago; you may want to look through my other thread and see if there's anything there that helps. 

2. The IBC is a terrific early game weapon.  I've found the optimal time to hit that camp to be levels 17-19.  As others have mentioned, it can be a long camp, if you don't get lucky.  I took one alt through there starting at 17, and he was 19 by the time he got the club.  Of course, the terrific ZEM helped there, too.  Around level 20, a lot of mobs are going light blue. 

3. You're a troll, right?  Once you finish the IBC camp, you should be ready to move to Upper Guk to camp the Giant Heart Spider.  It's an easy run to get to the spiders from the entrance.  The Giant Heart Spider drops Chitin Shell Armor.  It's AC 17, better than anything else you'll see for a long while; I wore it until I could get a Tree Weave.  As a bonus, it's one of the rare armors we can wear with a chain graphic.  You'll also walk away from this camp with several stacks of spider silk.  You might consider using this to skill up tailoring to make yourself some DoN cultural armor. 

If you're utterly untwinked, I cannot recommend enough that you do the new newbie quests in PoK.  The quality of those quest rewards isn't matched by drops you can get until many levels later.  Talk to Barrenzin the dark elf on the evil side of PoK for armor and Castlen Drewe the Vah Shir, a short jog from the soulbinder in central PoK, for non-visible trinkets (ring, cloak, etc.).  There is also a nice cloak to be had from a quest in Shadeweaver's Thicket (AC 8, +2 or +3 to Str/Wis/Cha).  I fondly remember earning that cloak while skilling up Dual Wield at level 17. 

Good luck, brother!  Grobb has been reclaimed, but keep the memory of the gators alive! 

- Gordun (60 Troll BST, Bristlebane; retired)

Ragi FV

Thanks for the feedback.  I will go to Upper Guk (again) after I get that IBC.  I started going down there last night halfway through 17.  I got 18 but did not see this Jester.  Early when I was upstairs some Jester of Bristlebane kept making me small, turned me into a skeleton and gave me some juice that was poisoned.  Never saw him but it would just happen.  There was someone else roaming my area too but that Iksar never changed or got small like I did.  Very odd.

At 18, I have done the quests for shoulders, earring, ring and cloak.  all very nice.  I was able to buy a couple things cheap in bazaar at 5-25 pp that were good.  I plan on doing the cap and gloves and maybe a bracer out of PoK.  The rest I have are good.

I went into UG 2 nights ago and noticed a HUGE aggro in there.  I died once as I was trying to run back from the plank near the entrance.  I swear I could not move as over 20 frogs beat my Troll tush into submission.

Thanks again,



The Jester of Bristlebane is definitely not what you want. :)  The placeholder for the undead jester should be the thick boned skeleton that wanders around the corner.  There is another thick-boned skeleton that also shows up as a PH for the fingered skeleton, which is adjacent to the area where the jester's PH roams.  I seem to recall they are both on 20 minute respawn timers.  As a bonus, both TBS's drop fine steel! 

The jester (and PH) wanders around a corner past several cubbyholes.  After you come down the steps to the second basement level, go straight through a room with burynai in the corners.  There will be a hallway to your left, where the fingered skeleton (and PH) roams.  To the right will be the corner where the jester roams.  There are about 6 cubbyholes before and 6 cubbyholes after the corner.  The later set each has a single skeleton spawn inside them.  I hope that helps.  The EQAtlas map is approximately correct, except that the jester wanders the halls; it never goes into the cubbyhole indicated. 

It's easy to get killed in Upper Guk. :(  If you go in around level 19-20, the frogs at the entrance should be green and leave you alone.  The spiders will still be blue.  I would not advise hunting blue frogs in Guk solo.  The spiders do run, but they are not social. 

Good luck! 

Ragi FV

Thanks.  I got 19 and the club last night.  Things started to really go light blue.  I got the IBC on the 7th kill and this Jester spawns in at least 3 different spots in the U shaped hallway.

Still can't believe I was getting changed and made smaller while on the top floors while the other guy near me was unphased.

Thanks again!



OK I am running a 13th lvl Vah Shir BST and I am in Najena.  Is this zone supposed to give more exp than before or have a better loot table?  Does that figures into the same equation with the other new Hot Zones?