Author Topic: Beastlord + Bard box slow DHHA runs. Low pet aggro. Any advice?  (Read 421 times)

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Beastlord + Bard box slow DHHA runs. Low pet aggro. Any advice?
« on: November 30, 2016, 06:53:16 pm »
Hey everyone. New to the forums. I box a 90 bst (main) and 89 bard both on gold accounts with auto grant turned on. About 6k AAs each.

It takes me about an hour, give or take 15 minutes, to complete each DHHA. My pet tanks, bst DPS, cleric merc and wiz merc. Bard sings melee songs and auto attacks. Both mercs are j5. I play on FV so I have pretty good gear.

Bst with pet tanking pulls about 12k dps.

Wiz merc is pretty awful at about 2k dps. (On balanced. I cant set to burn since pet aggro is too low, but he always climbs up to 70-90% aggro by the end of the fight on balanced and pulls aggro a couple times if on burn.)

Bard does about 2k dps but spends a lot of time splitting pulls back to the group.

Once i get a mob back, I tank with the pet, auto attack bard and bst. Then I mostly play the beastlord since it takes attention to do any decent DPS. At about 30% I go to get another pull with the bard.

Am I doing anything wrong? I'm going to try a rogue merc since the melee songs will be more beneficial to him. Maybe add in a mage to the composition for some more DPS? I feel like wiz/rogue would just pull aggro and the rogue might take too much time to play and distract me from my BST.

I see people talking about finishing 3 DHHA in less than an hour. Almost all of my guild is 105 so there isn't a ton of people to join me.

Bard melody:
Aria of the Composer (Edit: not Sotors Aria)
War march of Dagda
Noiras song of suffering
Arcane Arietta

I just got Pet Focus X earring until i hit 92 then I have a pet focus XIII item ready to go. I always gear up the pet with summoned gear + summoned weapons that proc hate. The pet has defensive spells on that increase hate / AC / etc. Even my bst has to step back occasionally and I always use AAs that drop hate so I dont pull aggro.

Any ideas? I feel like im missing something. I reviewed AAs and can't find anything about boosting pet aggro.

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Re: Beastlord + Bard box slow DHHA runs. Low pet aggro. Any advice?
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2016, 10:45:44 pm »
These are what I use to maximize pet aggro:
1) Turn pet taunt on
2) Defensive pet buff
3) Pet stun proc
4) Hobble of spirits
5) Epic 2.0 click
6) pet weapons
7) pet haste item ( I prefer the defiant waist from dailies)

Other things for BST
1) make sure you are using all the de-aggro aa discs
2) make sure melee agro is set to off (AA name escapes me)
3) don't use roaring strike, use chameleon strike
4) skip stun and rune procs (I recommend lifetaps)
5) Use roar of thunder
6) Don't use poison dots
7) cast order on spells so you can lowest aggro spells first then work up the list to higher aggro spells.
8) Cast more temp pets so you have more taunting happening

Things for bard
1) try the spite song versus suffering
2) haste and spell focus aura as this haste affects pets

Things for the Merc
1) get some aggro reducing Merc AAs

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