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Looking for some help
« on: April 12, 2017, 01:06:17 pm »
Hello is Kaegaro, I'm a returning player to EQ..played a cleric from launch to TSS..coming back with a friend and I decided to roll a bst..always liked the pet classes just never got a chance to get into them..anyway I used the heroic on him and BAM 25 pages of spells...5510 AA's, so to say the least a bit overloaded..I searched forums at daybreak and found a post titled Heroic Beastlord help but it starts at 100...I could really use some help getting started...I don't raid yet obviously and that may come later but right now just interested in doing some TBM tasks and getting going again in a duo with mercs setting..spellbar setup...AA's I should be hotkeying..any marcros that might help..really appreciate any help..ty and well met

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Re: Looking for some help
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2017, 07:37:11 pm »
Merc you will want to start out with a cleric merc.  Make sure you do the J5 merc task in Feerott.  Pet you will want to toggle on ghold, focus and taunt.  You will want to have a regular heal spell and a direct pet heal spell.  You will want slow loaded, temp pet, combined temp pet and growl, fero, and the rest nukes/dots.  Nukes are easier on the mana.

Heal = Cadmael's Mending
Pet heal = Salve of Reshan
ATK Buff = Savage Ferocity
Slow = Sha's Legacy
temp pet+growl = Haergen's Feralgia
temp pet = Yowl at the Moon
Nuke1 = Frozen Venom
Nuke 2 = Frigid Lance
Nuke 3 = Bite of the Vitrik
Nuke 4 = Jagged Torrent

Have the pet tank to start and make sure you buff him with the following:

Focus of Yemall
Spiritual Verve
Friendly Pet
Unrivaled Rapidity
Savage Ferocity
AA Hobble of Spirit
Epic click if you got it

Hot Keys you need
Pet Attack
Pet Back off
Nuke hot key will all 4 nukes bound to it
30 second Disc key with all short term discs = kick/slam + Foray + AA feral Swipe
mid term Disc key with mid term discs = aggro reducing AA + spire AA

Burn with BA and FS and Bloodlust when you get it
2nd burn with .....

Wish I could remember more...
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