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Hello Fellow Beastlords....

Started by Zorthaz, October 17, 2018, 06:17:07 PM

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If you stop by and still you use the information on this site please post a response here.

Savage Lord Zorthaz - 110 - Scaled Wolf herder - Tunare


I still come here to reference the information.  I feel bad that I stopped posting when RoS launched, but it got into my head that the information posted here was influencing negative changes to the game.  I was a huge advocate of running quad lifetaps and using bloodlust as an offensive and defensive disc at the same time.  It gave beastlords the ability to tank for about 45 seconds.   The devs used itemization to basically kill off this ability by dropping lifetaps and going to more damage with a percentage return style proc.  This did increase damage but at a huge reduction in healing and survivability.

This got into my head and made me very hesitant to pass along tips and tricks.  I now realize that as a community we are becoming a small minority.  It is sad when you can't get even 2 beastlords on a raid so you can utilize alliance.  Maybe if I share more information it might bring more people to roll a beastlord and become one of the few... the proud... the beastlords!

Savage Lord Zorthaz - 110 - Scaled Wolf herder - Tunare


I haven't played EQ in a long long time. I still check if this place is on fire though ;)

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I haven't played in a very long time but occasionally lurk to see how things are going. I'd definitely love to get back into it if I could lol


As a returning player I am using it as a resource.


I haven't checked here for a long time now.
I know many high end raiding classes in general are pretty tight-lipped about things cuz that nerf bat is always waiting just around the next corner..
I find myself leaning toward that crowd myself lately since bsts have been harshly nerfed in RoS expansion.

But...we did get that DoT revamp, frenzied swipe AA upgrade and decent proc damage via 2hb monk/bst weapons..those things do make up some for losing half the duration on savage rancor and other more minor things.

Beastlords are still competitive dps on raids and I'm happy with that :)


Likely things we need to make sure we have details on Epics all 4 of them. Yup I said 4

OoW BP clicky faction included so on.

An overview of the AA system as it stands now. With an important note of the warder AA. Aka when we might wat to use warder blessing fury fort  and so on.

Spells! As you mentioned we had a massive dot revamp.

Disc breakdown.
Things like reuse time. Also a better details listed of what they do. Av for example  makes dots hit massively harder. However it has a Buff it puts on the beastlord with I think 2 min time and 68 charges. So you can get a massive amount of dps out with dots for 68 casts.

Just a few things off the top of my head. Z you have lists with great detail and I know they have helped me a great deal in returning. So I want to thank you again sir.

Oh also maybe a current list or thread. Active users was ish there server and yes class as I know members of the den have main changed off bst but still look.  Could be helpful for new or returning members to pick a server.


yup, still actively playing on Phinigel and stopping by the den now and then.


Old EQ player but very new to the BL class - on Selos Server. I'm finding this useful it referencing old posts!


I not check this site in months because every time i did no one was posting. If the site is used more often I will check in more often.

Black of Bristlebane


old bst from drinal , thinking of  maining one on rizlona once it opens but they need revamp done


I'm contemplating a return. My wife has picked her necro back up. I just need to see if my computer can play, or if I get-i-mean-have to build a new comp. I used to rely on this site. Hope to not have to start over on another class :)
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BST and Necro duo can do all the group content outside of a couple of missions in TBL and TOV that require more toons.  Sounds like fun...enjoy!
Savage Lord Zorthaz - 110 - Scaled Wolf herder - Tunare