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Weapon parse extravaganza

Started by Zorthaz, October 20, 2018, 10:36:27 PM

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I went through my bank and my bags to come up with this collection of weapons to parse.  All parsed on the same dummy, with the same buffs, and on the same day.  I was 110 at the time with all AA through RoS.

Dummy was model Qela
Level 114
AC 1004
Body type NONE
Fighting from rear position.

All weapons were unaugged except the Fists of the Stranger which had the 86 dmg type 9 and a 2 dmg type 5.  I used a shield in the secondary slot.  I was wearing the Belt of Boromas which add 500dmg to procs after crit, but  does not affect DoT procs or Pet procs.  These are auto attack numbers with no discs running.  It is always fun to examine the data to look for trends.

NameTypeDamageDelayRatioWeapon DPSProc DPSTotal
Claw of the Savage SpiritHTH13220.591505.4111516.4
Savage Platinum FistsHTH15180.831701.1461747.1
Spiritcaller Totem of the Feral1HB38231.652756.702756.7
Fabled Savage Platinum FistsHTH36182.003444.116455089.1
Dreadstone Primal ClawsHTH87184.837315.65847899.6
Tu'gar, the Eternal GrudgeHTH90185.007351.42307581.4
Oathbound Hammer1HB102224.647058.414118469.4
Oaken KnuckledustersHTH96185.337437.85087945.8
Fists of the StrangerHTH125196.5810122.810910231.8
Fate Dealer1HB138206.9010262.487911141.4
Darkened Slime Coated Harpoon1HP121196.379612.084510457.0
Goo Polished Mace1HB170247.089573.809573.8
Jade Chokidal Prod of Revenge1HP134197.059889.665710546.6
Kunzar Impaler1HP134197.059951.1117911130.1
Kylong War KnifeHTH142187.8911896.6114513041.6


Flayed Flesh HandwrapsHTH32201.602630.01412771.0
Edict of Battle1HB109254.366211.61656376.6
Likato FistwrapsHTH144188.0011744.2100112745.2
Dark Feral RavagersHTH144188.0011353.4105712410.4
Steaming Mitts of GrannusHTH150188.3312192.082913021.0
Vander's Bane1HB142197.4711171.31079621967.3
Gittooth, Lizard Slayer1HB184209.2012243.1146013703.1
Dekloaz's Dirk1HP174199.1612236.1118613422.1
Phlogiston Claws1HB178189.8914251.5118615437.5

Savage Lord Zorthaz - 110 - Scaled Wolf herder - Tunare