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List of clickies that you use all the time

Started by Zorthaz, January 10, 2019, 06:06:05 PM

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Hello all,

I want to pull together a list of the best clickies for beastlords that they should use all the time.  I will start with:

Epic 1.5/2.0
OOW group/raid tunic (same clicky)

What do you use?
Savage Lord Zorthaz - 110 - Scaled Wolf herder - Tunare


EQ force multiplier.......BEASTLORDS, the other white meat


Clickies I have:

Symbol of Vivance (I haven't gone to get Rage of Rolfon in PoW yet)
Blood Drinker's Coating
Unified Phoenix Feather
Brick of Knowledge
Diplomatic Papers
Primary Anchor Transport Device
Glistening Kylong Signet for Geomantra

There is also this list:
~Illiyana Wolfmother~


Can someone explain how to pull using the Staff of Viral Flux.


Target the mob and then click the staff.

Savage Lord Zorthaz - 110 - Scaled Wolf herder - Tunare