Author Topic: The new Con system and you, a guide to keep our sanity (mostly) intact.  (Read 6976 times)

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Ok, this question has come up quite a bit and it seems like either people just blindly click play and don't read the patch notes or there is some confusion.

We have introduced a new con color, dark blue, which represents a range of blue con NPCs that give a bonus to their experience due to being very close to your level, generally within 5 levels. The concept of a dark blue con NPC has existed in EQ for a while now, but we've decided to change the con system to visually include this range so you can visually see when an NPC falls into this "sweet spot". To properly display a different shade of blue, we've had to reorder the cons a little bit.  From trivial to highest con, the colors are now:


- Gray - This creature is trivial to you and will give you no experience for killing it.

- Green - This creature is not much of a threat, but will still give you some experience.

- Blue - This creature is below your level, but high enough level to give you experience.

- Dark Blue - This creature is below your level, but close enough to provide a solid challenge and gives you more experience than normal blue cons.

- White - This creature is the same level as you

- Yellow - This creature is slightly above your level.

- Red - This creature is well above your level.


In addition, yellow con now extends up to 3 levels above the player for high end NPCs to help casters determine what can be affected by their spells.


Explanation ripped from Kanan's post

/sigh.. there are several posts on this already on these boards and it was mentioned in the patch message as well, but here goes

old green = new gray
Old LB =  green today (you get xp from them)
Old DB has been broken up into 2 ranges, LB now = from green to your level minus 6
New DB now = your level minus one to your level minus 5

Clear now?

The mobs levels have not changed.  The con system is working as intended.

I'll clean this up later tonight, still at work and only got a minute here and there
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