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Levels 106 to 110

Started by Zorthaz, March 08, 2019, 05:42:58 PM

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Savage Lord Zorthaz - 110 - Scaled Wolf herder - Tunare


I have found that The EoK xpack zone frontier mountings is where exp is at. With a group.

Also TDS the darkened are. Combine zone is also good exp mods have a crap less exp they are level 103 to 107 so easy to hit 110 here.

So it just depends on what you have access to.

If you are free to play EoK FM is a great option even on the low PoP server of bertoxx I find there is normally 15 to 35 people in zone at all times.


Howling Stones Basement - Easy to get to - Zone in, face northeast and jump off.  You will end up on the side opposite the location of the named/PH for a medallion.  There are a couple of mobs at the bottom that you can single, just don't aggro the medallion named if he is up.  Facing the center and going to your left you only have to split the first 2 mobs in the hallway.  After that following the hall around to your left is all single pulls to the end.  There are 2 named that can pop in that hall if you need RoS T2 gear.  You will want a group for these, but the rest of the trash are molo-able.

By the time you clear that side it will be time for repops.
Savage Lord Zorthaz - 110 - Scaled Wolf herder - Tunare