Author Topic: How to have pet autoattack. I'm a necromancer. Playing on Project1999 server.  (Read 1968 times)

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I need help making my skeleton pet attack the NPC I start attacking using my spell or melee attack.

Thank you.

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Welcome to the site!  Pets do not automatically attack unless 1) the pet is not on "hold" or "greater hold" and 2) the mob hits you or casts on you.  If you use macros to cast spells then you could do the following:

/pet attack
/cast 1
/cast 2
/cast 3
/cast 4

That would send your pet on the mob you have targetted and cast the first available spell (1-4).  If you keep spamming the macro key it would then cast the nest available spell.

If you just want to hit the macro once and have it send in the pet and cast four spells you would need to add pauses.

/pause 50, /pet attack
/pause 50, /cast 1
/pause 50, /cast 2
/pause 50, /cast 3
/cast 4

In EQ macros the pauses come after the other command on the line.

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