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Taking down named MOBs...

Started by Zorthaz, May 22, 2019, 08:45:59 PM

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I am not going to post a specific strategy for a specific mob, but some general tactics I use when taking on tough mobs.  I use these same tactics on my group geared beastlord who only has an EM21 pet focus.

The main strategy is to have a pet tank.  With this in mind, I make sure to equip the pet with mage summoned armor.  If there is not a 110 Mage handy I have my level 90 mage alt summon armor, haste masks and weapons.  The weapon of choice for pet tanking are the rage swords.

Buff the pet with all buffs and in particular hobble, the defensive pet buff, two runes, fortification, and epic click.

Make sure to pocket one "super buffed" pet for emergencies.

Here is what I use to assist the mercs in keeping the pet alive:
Hotkey For AA pet rune
2nd Pet rune that stacks with above
Hot key for AA heal, latest pet heal, previous pet heal
Hot Key for AA slow
Spell slow

All other spell slots are for damaging spells except for our direct heal.

Send in the pet and quickly try to get the named slowed before all the runes get eaten.  In order to give the pet a little time to build aggro I cast a temp pet and unleash the swarm pets (AA).  I will then wade in and begin to melee.  If the merc(s) are falling behind on healing I will cycle pet heals and runes until they catch up.  I will start cycling burns until the named is dead.

Bloodlust is the wild card tool I can use to help turn the fight.  Obviously, bloodlust with big damage procs helps to shorten the fight from the increased DPS, but what if the named is casting a damaging AoE every few seconds?  In this case, I may switch to lifetap weapons to offset the damage I am taking from the AoE so the mercs focus healing on the pet.  If there are no AoEs and the pet is just taking a serious beating, I will switch to heal target of target proc weapons.  If I am in this situation, it is going to be a long fight because I am also cycling pet heals and runes and have very little time to cast damaging spells.

What if things go bad?  If the pet is going to die I hit Protection of Spirit (defensive) and suspend minion and pop out the super buffed pet in my pocket.  If the mob has eaten through 2 pets, then it is time to FD or "mug out".

Savage Lord Zorthaz - 110 - Scaled Wolf herder - Tunare