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Started by Kylaz, January 05, 2004, 11:11:59 AM

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Didn't see that elsewhere. I highlighted a few question marks, and added DPoC focused pets...

Warder Chart

Note 1: Pet Information was from submittions, please post any corrections to this table!

Special Abilities

  1. Shielding:

    • Warder's DO NOT use /Shield often..
    • You need to be under 30-40% life. They dont always use the ability when you drop low(random chance).
    • You need to stand -RIGHT- next to your pet--not having the pet behind the mob melee'ing---Note that this might be why pet doesn't always shield you when you drop low.
    • Warder's can use the level 30 warrior disc /shield, which allows the warder to absorb -some- damage that would otherwise go to you sort of like a migitation boost, instead of taking 100 damage, you take 50, and pet takes 50(or more).

  2. Enrage:

    • This is triggered when the warder drops to about 10% life left...
    • When Enraged, the pet riposte's ALL attacks made from it from the FRONT(if warder is gang-banged by many mob's, it cant riposte attacks from behind)....
    • Enrage lasts about 12 seconds, then the pet can be hit normally.
    • Enrage has a long "recast" time. if you can suspend your pet, unsuspending it will reset enrage timer.

  3. High regen:

    • Focussed pet regens hp at a much higher rate. 6% regen has been reported for the unbuffed DAoC focused pet (ie about 275 hp/tic).

The Table:    
Pet Damage Chart
Spell level
Pet Lvl  Pet HP  
Level 9920011 Bite / 7 bashRare Double
Level 151640020 Bite / 8 BashDoubles
Level 222265027 Bite / 11 BashDoubles (1)
Level 302680032 Bite / 12 BashDoubles (1)
Level 3931~1500?40 Bite / 16 BashRare Quad, Shields
Level 4939210049 Bite / 17 BashQuad
Level 5441~235052 bite / 20 bash-
Level 5643250055 bite / 21 Bash-
Level 5845~285062 Bite / 24 Bash-
Level 6047325068 Bite / 26 Bash-
Level 60(DPoC)473500?70 Bite / 27 Bash?High Regen
Level 6260350074 Bite / 28 BashEnrage
Level 62(DPoC)61?4475?76 Bite / 28 BashEnrage, High regen
Level 6460420077 Bite / 29 BashEnrage
Level 64(DPOC)61460079 Bite / 29 BashEnrage, High regen
Level 64(SOAS)63~560086 Bite / 30 Bash-
Level 64(CCS)64560086 Bite / 30 Bash-
Level 64(GoDF)65577591 Bite / 32? Bash-
Level 6860??86 Bite / 30? Bash-
Level 68 (DPoC)61??90 Bite / 31? Bash-
Level 68(RS)65?94 Bite / 35? Bash-

(1) rare quad with 2 1H weapons.

Note: All of the warders from level 39 and up have the warrior ability of /shield.
DPOC = Diamond Prism of Companionship, LDON Takish foci augment, 760 points, North Ro camp.

Note: Edited to ads the info I found on SOAS.
SOAS = Symbol of Ancient Summoning
CCS = Cherisher Companion Shard
GoDF = Girdle of Dark flame
Updated regen & focus info from Warder Focus Items topic
Added the info below on 60 DPoC pet
Added info since 25th march patch.
Updated DPoC since march 30 patch
Added GoDF (lvl 65 pet) GOD focus as per Xalmat post.
Added Spirit of Undalla (68lvl warder) as per Razimir post.
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Updated your chart a bit, also added comments from the website for those that dont know some of the abilities/terms


Any chance of changing the colors on that chart? Black on dark grey is tough to read.


which is black on dark grey?

all the letters are white, unless your broswer is ignoring the style sheet, in which case you shouldnt see this board correctly at all :-P


oh, i see, subsilver profile.. ick this'll be hard to fix



DiosT, now you understand the true hassle of multiple styles. Took me a few shots to get the AA chart to work in both styles too.  :lol:
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i dont really mind it, just had to do a find & replace in notepad :-P

was easier than i expected since i had a font size=-1 tag in every td cell, otherwise i'd have to do the insert by td entry, which just meant i'd have to go through and check the headings ;-)

but I'd rather support more people than just set 1 style and say like it or leave ;-D


some more things to add

Level 60 warder with DPoC is level 60, not 47 currently.  i will have to parse it out for the other things...when i get a DpoC



Nice chart, I love being able to see how the warders progress in a nice simple format that is easy to read.  Keep up the good work.


I've had my pet /shield me at 50% life twice now. Last time this happened was November 2003. And yes both times this happened I was at exactly 50% life. Anyone else have this happen?


I seem to get exactly 4600 HP for DPoC focused 64 pet. Also seems to regen approximately 275 HP/tick.

Enrage occurs at precisely 10% health.

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Seems that DPoC focused 62 pet has 4475 as well.

[65 Arch Convoker] Sage Xalmat Lunaire (Human) <Enshadowed> ZONE: brellserilis
[65 Archon] Eiyana Lunaire (Gnome) <Enshadowed> ZONE: brellserilis
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Quote from: XalmatEnrage occurs at precisely 10% health.

Enrage occurs when the warder drops below 10%, but not if the pet dies before 'stoping' on a percentage between 0.001% and 10%


Close enuff. Lets just say Enrage occurs whenever the pet's HP drops between 1 HP and 10% HP  :P

[65 Arch Convoker] Sage Xalmat Lunaire (Human) <Enshadowed> ZONE: brellserilis
[65 Archon] Eiyana Lunaire (Gnome) <Enshadowed> ZONE: brellserilis
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