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Combined post of all Epic 1.5 Info (will keep updated)

Started by LyonoThundercat, September 17, 2004, 06:18:03 PM

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Ok, for all of you following the Epic Quest lines so far:


Elder Animist Muada says 'You seem to have created a reputation for yourself. I have heard of you from Dumul himself as he keeps a watch on most beastlords in the lands. I trained him when he was much younger and look how magnificent he has become.  Like some others, I do see that you also have used your knowledge and skills well.  The command of wild spirits is very strong with you.  If you are truly in tune with the airs of spirits, you will likely know that all is not right with the [wild], no matter which path of the beastlord you follow.'

You say, 'What wild'

Elder Animist Muada says 'We can only talk in generalities for now as we are still investigating the strange disturbance with the feral spirits.  I can tell you that the opening of a way to Discord and that dark realm itself have something to do with all of this.  The spirit world has been [infected] by Discord somehow -- we are certain of that.'

You say, 'infected?'

Elder Animist Muada says 'Some fear we are losing some of our spirits as they sadly seep into that realm that seems to live and breathe.  We can only employ the best of beastlords to help us with this task.  You will, in fact, very much be acting as an elder for a time, becoming one with the wisest of us all.  Your body and beast will be strained to the fullest limits.  Are you [ready] to work among us, master of the feral?'

You say, 'I am ready'

Elder Animist Muada says 'Very well then.  We, the elders, all carry and often wear a [Helm] of the Feral.  It is a cap that each of us creates to channel the essence of the wild through our minds and bodies.  If you are planning to attempt to walk with us in our battle against the chaos of the dark realm, then you will need to fashion your own.'

You say, 'What helm'

Elder Animist Muada says 'In order to create the helm, you will need to collect several items that may prove a challenge -- one that I feel you can overcome.  If you're willing, I will share the [requirements] with you, feral lord.'

You say, 'What requirements'

Elder Animist Muada says 'These tasks fall to you and you only as a beastlord.  In order to create a helm that is truly your own that is tied to your essence, you must gather some rare items to create it.  And, you must be a master with your tailoring if you wish to succeed in making this item.  In part, you will need to use your instincts to discover where these [items] are. '

You say, 'What items'

Elder Animist Muada says 'You will need to [find] a wild grass pushing through the stones of a dark corner in a place built on foul earth.  It bears a magic that we will use as the thread that will help focus your thoughts.  We will also require an elusive shrub that rarely shows itself that we recently discovered.  It is also magic and we will use it for the tanning.  Its essence shields your mind from invasion.'

You say, 'find?'

Elder Animist Muada says 'You will also need to release the tortured essence of a bloated, wild, tusked creature that suffers and collect a tear.  Finally, a kindred spirit and tailor has found a magic that creates a good leather for this helm.  Seek him out.  Now go and return all of these precious goods and I will further instruct you.'

Ok, now to make it more fun:

Piece #1:  Sirens Grotto - An Ailing walrus (Drops aWildspirit Tear) Placeholders are the "Servant" Walrus and Manatee that are around zone.  From information, Ailing Walrus can pop anywhere a Servant was.

Piece #2: Gulf of Gunthak - Savage Lord Hunter (loc is (n) 2644 , (p) 918) requires you to give him 3 unstacked Blue Diamonds.  Results in Taut Leather Swatch.

Piece #3: Plane of Disease - Roaring Grass (PoP) Ground Spawn - Found on the floor of PoD castle at loc (p) 65 , (p) 1777.   (Info from here copied from a post by Caali and was 2nd'ed by Onti)Gryme can be duoed/trioed with reasonable gear, altho if your unsure whether you have the gear, bring a group. The location of the ground spawn is just beyond Aramin. Aramin does not have to be killed. There are 2 trash mobs either side of her that you can pull out (put pet hold on or pet will aggro her and die). Once they are dead theres 2 guards and 1, perhaps 2 trash mobs behind her. I then pulled them and dispensed with them (I had 66 bst, cleric, necro for this, we had nps dealing with them - elemental gear). Once the guard and trash mobs are dead, run past her (shes perma rooted so don't worry), go into the corridor and look left on the floor, ground spawn is a brown pouch.

Piece #4: Riwwi, Coliseum of Games (GoD) Petrified Fangshrub - Ground Spawn  (n) 349 , (n) 29

Take all four items and turn them into Elder Spiritist Mauda, he will hand you back a Pattern and a Needle.  From here, you are wise to have 100+ tailoring skill for the final combine.  It results in the following item:

Helm of the Feral
Slot: Head
AC: 15
STR +5  DEX +4  STA +3  WIS +3  AGI +3  HP +60  MANA +60  ENDURANCE +60  
Required level of 55
WT: 0.1     Size: Small
Class: BST
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7

After you have completed the turn in and get the Helm back, Equip it, and Speak again with Elder Animist Muada:

You say, 'I am done'
Elder Animist Muada says 'Ah, I see you were successful! You become more like one of the elders each day -- elders which may now become known to you. I would like you to become familiar with some of the greater animists of Norrath, so I will have you make some deliveries on my behalf. These elder animists are very busy and you must find them on your own in our lands. Show this letter to the elders as you find them.'

He gives you: Letter from Muada


(Not in any order as of yet for the Elders)

Go find a Barbarian named Marrey McGrannel in Ocean of Tears at loc neg 1521, pos 1542. She does not reply to hails, but will start talking to you once you turn in the letter to her.

Marrey McGrannel says. "It is indeed authentic. i suppose i can tell ye that i've been studyin' the way o' the sirens. We as beastlords use the strength of our warders, as well as bestow magic upon them. These sirens use mind tricks! i'm workin' on a [way] to use the magic these fair ocean maidens do to help our kin."

you say, "What way?"

Marrey McGrannel says. "I do miss me time with Muada and i suppose i'll get me chance again. I'll have to leave now and go to Muada so that i may learn what i must do for him to end the threat to your ways as beastlords. Be well and ready to open your mind to learn from Muada."

after that, she gives you the leter back & despawns.

Found an iksar elder in Overthere named Irionu Bastun. loc (p) 3520 , (n) 3096 at north east corner of overthere, by the water at the ithmus.  Didn't respond to hails but when handed in letter you hear:

Irionu Bastun says 'Ah, well, expect rigorousss timesss. Nice to see a familiar stroke of the pen. I learned from muada a long time ago and it wasss not easy. His tasksss are never easy. Are you familiar with these [lands]?'

You say, 'What lands?'

Irionu Bastun says 'I've been studying the rhinocerousss asss well asss other thingsss I cannot discuss, but my life is about our kind and the power of our warders. This gray beast here isss so incredibly fierce and surprisingly agile for itsss size. I have been able to use the waysss of ferociousss beastsss in some of my conjuresss that you may have heard of, hm?! Endless things to learn about wild beastsss. Enough slithering of the tongue, I shall [read] thisss note now.

You say 'read'

Irionu Bastun says 'I must go. That letter bringsss troubling newsss. I must hurry asss I now have another task I must pursue urgently. I marked that letter for Muada for you. Do not lose it.'

Elder #3: Find a Vah Shir named Rashara Wrualla in Jaggedpine Forest, p324, n1592 and you will get the following:

Rashara Wrualla says 'Terrible. Just Terrible. I had a feeling something was wrong. You may return this to him -- I have signed it. Interesting place here, isn't it? Those Potameids do cause come trouble. I find them very hard to study as they are quite feisty. I specialize in the advancement and power of warders and the spirits of the wild I command are very dear and special. Many of them are of an ilk you have never seen and they are much sought after. All that will have to [wait]. I must go.'

You say, 'why will it have to wait?'

Rashara Wrualla says 'I have no time to study now. I must leave and prepare to assist Muada. I would guess you may have a role in all of this too. Goodbye, young one.'

Then head out to find the Ogre, Ikpug Giblod in Cazic Thule, p865, n355. In the water tanks.  Once you jump in, you will have to gate out.  There is a good write up here at this link:

Though some people have said it is tougher than it sounds to make it to him.

Once you find him, the text is as follows:

Ikpug Giblod says: Ah, is letter from Muada! Have back! I gets bugged all da time out here. Me hates it lots. All my try to do study da lizards and how dey [survive] and grow in dis pretty and big place.

You say: How do they survive ?

Ikpug Giblod says: Well, da smarts is big clue, but how dey manage to build such pretty tings is mysery. Me been here many weeks and still [learning].

You say: What are you learning ?

Ikpug Giblod says: Oh dear. Dere bad tings brewin. Me gots now and get prepared to help Muada. I sorta signed dat letter for you. Bye beastlord!

(This information brought to us by Lestor of FV Server)

Locate Elder Diddugu in Western Wastes near the north end of the zone standing by some crystal formations. He's in the northern regions of Western Wastes located at '4246, -93'.   If he's not KoS.. then lucky you! Or if you're a Vah`Shir and can sneak.. by all means do so.

The safest way to get to him is by following the eastern short north, and continue along the north shore westard until you see him. You'll probably see him before Jen Sapara.. but she's very close to him, and level 62. So no touchy.

I handed in the note, and he promptly replied:

Diddugu said 'I will do nothing to aid beings like you.'

That's a bummer. :( Well, I was through with Mr. Diddugu yet. I headed back to Muada and got another note.

This time.. I brought a friend with me. I put the note into the Give NPC window, and had my friend grant me invisibility... He was indifferent to me then. I hit Give. Bingo:

Diddugu said 'Tanks. You can have back. Me spit 'n' smear dat so Muada know me see it. Me smudged it me thinks. Me trust no one! Me on big job now and no time. Me studying da [mastodon].  Dey hurt me lots, but me tuff with my warder. No match for me! Dey do survive da cold good and manage not to die wit all da wurms and da beasts here. Me try to learn to harness da power of dem.'

You say, 'mastodon'

Diddugu says 'Geez. No rest for me. He he. Must go. You go to. Dangerous for you here. You not so tough!'

He handed the note back right away... I begged and pleaded with him to give up more information.. but he just scowled... Oh well. He 'signed' the note and that was all that was important. Back to Elder Muada in Shar Vahl I went. I handed him the note:

Elder Animist Muada said 'Greetings once again, Lestor. I am satisfied that you may now take on the greater challenges facing our kind. The problem within the spirit world is far more serious than we had first thought and needs to be addressed. It is time for you to take on your first task. Do you [believe] you are ready to continue?'

You say, 'I believe'

Elder Animist Muada said 'At the eye of the storm in the sky, there are rumors of a hungry beast. It was once an surmountable spirit, but it has learned and aged and grown too powerful for anyone to tame. Its spirit is imbued with a feral force that must be reclaimed by a beastlord. You must release the savage energy it has absorbed and return it to me. We will return it to the spirit world at once. You must also find and bring me the remains of a disturbed spirit in a realm of night terrors. I need to understand what has infected those ethereal beasts of late. Bring both to me.'

And that was that.. I left Muada, and here I am to tell the story!

3rd Part:

Upon handing Elder Animist Muada both:

Darkened Spirit Essence(ME)  Seems to drop by the Fire Pits area off a Frantic Ravenous Beast.  Place Holder seems to be a spectral wolf or ravenous beast.  The loc is -127, -747.  No information on how rare the drop rate is.
Disturbed Beast Essence(PoN) - Drops from Ravenous Nightstalkers (The werewolf lookin guys) past the waterfall on the right side of PoN.  Seems pretty common drop.

Muada says the following:

Elder Animist Muada says, "Ah, that troubled wolf harbored a strange mix of spirits that were too volatile to control. I think we are beginning to understand the problem more. The energy from the Realm of Discord is tainting some wild creatures. From what we've learned, creatures with some age and wisdom behind them are most susceptible. It seems we cannot save them all, but we must release their spirits into the ethreal wilds of Norrath so they can be free and no longer [tortured and ruined.] "

You say, "tortured and ruined?"

Elder Animist Muada Says, "We are hearing of more of our respected spirits that are becoming prey to the chaotic magic from Discord. Should you continue, it will be a step on the walk to a [greater calling] -- to walk with the Elders in the name of beasts of every ilk, to rescue there spirits from eternal pain and corruption."

You say, "greater calling?"

Elder Animist Muada says, "Irionu Bastun has discovered another spirit that suffers. I understand she has already told you about the ways of the Rhinoceros. This is yet another creature than was once easily tamed that is endangering the lives of many. More importantly, it's spirit has become plagued witht he chaotic magic of discord. Irionu believes that it's spirit may have been traded or confused with one from the dark realm. I need you to learn more and tell me what you know. Go find Irionu as soon as you are able to and give her this letter. "

You receive Note to Irionu

You say, 'Hail, Irionu Bastun'

Irionu Bastun says 'Greetingsss and welcome back, beastlord. I have sensed an unwieldy presence among the feral spiritsss and it threatensss to consume all in itsss path, flesh and ethereal essence both. We can't afford to lose more spiritsss to the darknesss of Discord and this beast threatensss that very thing. I'm afraid the eldersss forbid me to go asss if I am lost we lose another with a strong connection to the wild spiritsss. So, I must ask you to [track down] thisss creature in my stead.'

You say, 'Track down ?'

Irionu Bastun says 'I'm afraid that all I can tell you isss that it isss most thought of as an easily tamed creature, but now it hasss been twisted and frayed into a strange and terrible beast. Though it isss a common beast, trace it to its originsss -- where it wasss born. This one hasss been untouched by any who would tame it. It wasss once prized -- I can sense that. Extraordinary creature. Should you discover the beast, you may need to end itsss mortal existence. Return to me with what you learn. Be quick.'

Then handed in essence from the drogmoor.

Irionu Bastun says 'So, we have lost another. I do try to not worry about this threat, but I do not know how to stop it. Each day we feel more pain and trouble with our feral spiritsss and even our companionsss feel asss though their ferocity is becoming clouded. You must go see Elder Muada. He will want to speak with you, I have no doubt. Give him thisss letter.'

Part Four:

Go back to Elder Animist Muada in Shar Vahl:

You say, 'Hail, Elder Animist Muada'

Elder Animist Muada says 'I will say 'tis very good to see you again. Shall I assume we have some business to tend to?'

Elder Animist Muada says 'I understand you had to end the life of that poor old drogmor. He was prized stock, you know. He was one of the oldest and most revered by those who raised the mounts. Where there was trouble with the wilds, there is now some peace. Someday you will learn to feel it too. Let me read this [letter].'

You say, 'What letter ?'

Elder Animist Muada reads the note and his whiskers twitch, his often bright eyes become dull.

Elder Animist Muada says, "Oh, no. What a terrible turn. How can this be? Two of our most [majestic and unique creatures] -- with such wisdom and magic. Of all, I thought these would not be touched or affected.'

You say, 'What majestic and unique creatures ?'

Elder Animist Muada says 'You would know them as two halves of a whole, I suppose. I cannot speak their names for fear. There is so much we don't know and so many suspicions. The corruption of our precious beasts feels more than coincidence now. These creatures that stand so proud and regal know what is happening to them and we need to help them, but that path is a difficult one. I cannot tell you more as we can trust very few and there are prying eyes and ears. Go to Marrey McGrannel and ask her about the danger to our majestic creatures.'

Head out to Ocean of Tears and Locate Marrey McGrannel (bring 3 Ales along with you... she is a heavy drinker  :P )

You say, 'Hail, Marrey McGrannel'

Marrey McGrannel says 'Aye, ye have returned to help with this great and difficult problem. 'Tis is so complicated, I hardly know where to [begin].'

You say, 'Begin ?'

Marrey McGrannel says 'Not without an ale. Would ye have one handy? If not, would ye be so kind as to get one? Actually, make it three. Sorry for the trouble, but I've been out here so long, I've near forgotten the finer things in life!'

Hand in 3 ales,

Marrey McGrannel says 'Thanks to ye. Ah! Now, let's get on with it. 'Tis a long story, so how about we have a wee chat. Take a seat if ye like, hm? Are ye [ready] to listen? Ye are going to need to pay attention -- even as I ramble on a bit.'

You say, 'I am ready'

Marrey McGrannel says 'Aye, so, this takes us back many, many years ago, so it's hard to tell truth from legend, but I'll share it all with ye. I'm sure at some point in yer life, ye've either seen or heard of them sphinxes in the Rathe Mountains? And, I bet ye have [no idea] where they came from.'

You say, 'I have no idea'

Marrey McGrannel says 'Indeed. Well, here is what I can tell ye and ye can decide if it's true or tale. Only the sphinxes themselves know where they came from. No one else does at all. Two of the few remaining sphinxes, named Zazamoukh and Ankhefenmut, have [been on Norrath] longer than you or I and, maybe, before Veeshan laid her mighty claws across the ice of Velious.'

You say, 'Been on Norrath ?'

Marrey McGrannel says 'Aye, I'm glad ye asked. So, the story goes that during the Age of Blood, there were great ogre magi of the Rallosian Empire who convinced the sphinxes to ally with their legions, but it was no easy task. That ogre magi had their [work] cut out for him to get that alliance to come about.'

You say, 'What work ?'

Marrey McGrannel says 'Them ogres really had to wrap their minds about riddles that the [sphinxes] created and after many attempts, they finally won their allegiance and some of the secrets the ancient creatures guarded. Some say that those secrets were the reason the gods destroyed the ogre magi instead of cursing them as they did the other ogres.'

You say, 'Sphinxes ?'

Marrey McGrannel says 'At one time, there were many of those creatures, but a lot of sphinxes were slain during the great wars of the Age of Blood and in the aftermath of the fall of the Rallosian Empire. Two of the few remaining sphinxes flew with haste to hidden valleys in the Rathe Mountains, away from the meddlesome races. Their secrets were once again protected and freed from the alliance with the ogre magi. But now they are [threatened].'

You say, 'Threatened ?'

Marrey McGrannel says 'It is a very rare occasion when those sphinxes attempt to contact any Norrathian, but they have. Their minds have been invaded and they feel a dark presence trying to overcome them. They believe it to be a dark influence in Discord. While they want our help, we cannot just go [speak]to them.'

You say, 'Speak ?'

Marrey McGrannel says 'We must accommodate their requests to build trust. This means we must weave through their riddles. Once we do, we will be able to talk to them and help them. We've decided that ye be the beastlord who will take on this task. Go tell them you are willing to help them and see what you learn.'

Receive a "Feral Lord's Brooch" on cursor - no drop expendable item with 10 charges of sow all/all

Seek out and find Ankhefenmut & Zazamoukh ( in Rathe Mountains @ loc 3462.82, -3316.92, 24.21)

You say, 'Hail, Ankhefenmut'

Ankhefenmut eyes Mingo curiously.
Your faction standing with Ankhefenmut got better.
Your faction standing with Zazamoukh got better.

Ankhefenmut looks upon you warmly -- You could probably win this fight.

You say, 'I am willing to help you'

Ankhefenmut says 'Uyo rea het tebardsrol?'

You say, 'I am the beastlord'

Ankhefenmut says 'Ah, a quick study. Interesting. We did indeed seek some help, but you must [prove] your wits. That is our way.'

You say, 'prove'

Ankhefenmut says 'You must answer three [riddles].Because I only request your help, I will not put you through a great challenge, but you must know and understand the world around you if you expect to pass this test of good faith.'

You say, "What riddles?"

Ankhefenmut says 'The first riddle is thus -- There are two revolving in two ways.'

You say, 'moons'

Ankhefenmut says 'Very well. I see that wasn't too great of a challenge. The second riddle you must answer is -- Set upon the world in defiance, the cauldron still swims with its ire alone.'

You say, 'kedge keep'

Ankhefenmut says 'I had not thought you'd get this far. Most of Norrath's history is forgotten, but this is encouraging indeed. The final riddle you must answer for me, is this -- They were one that splintered in to three.'

You say, 'elddar elves'

Ankhefenmut says 'You have indeed studied the world and know the simplest of references. I am grateful you would even attempt to aid us, two of the few remaining sphinxes. Most would rather take our secrets from us or see us dead! And I do believe we have once again come upon an [enemy].'

You say, 'come upon what enemy'

Ankhefenmut says 'Yes, and do perk your ears. I do not want to have to say this too loudly. There is darkness around our minds and it is clouding our visions and magic. It is a cold, [chaotic feeling] and it does not feel natural. I might have dismissed it as my path to aging, but it is not, for my counterpart, Zazamoukh, feels it too.

You say, 'what chaotic feeling'

Ankhefenmut says 'Not since we allied with the ogre magi long ago, have I felt foreboding in my heart. But I feel it tenfold now. Something or someone is attempting to envelop our minds and use them against us somehow, but we are not sure how. I fear that even as I speak to you, I am [endangered] further, and so are you.'

You say, 'endangered'

Ankhefenmut says 'Zazamoukh calls to me. You must go see the sphinx quickly.'

You say, 'Hail, Zazamoukh'

Zazamoukh says 'My mind . . . something is [happening].'

You say, 'whats happening'

Zazamoukh says 'Something . . . is wrong. My companion . . . it weakens me . . .'

Rambling Sphinx Spiritservant has a dark glow in its eye as it rushes toward you.

*** Fight a Rambling Sphinx Spiritservant ***

Rambling Sphinx Spiritservant's corpse babbles incoherently as the glow in its eyes is extinguished.

--You have looted a Tarnished Ankh Piece.--

You say, 'Hail, Zazamoukh'
Zazamoukh says 'You must give me the remains of that creature.'

*** Hand Zazamoukh the Tarnished Ankh Piece ***

Zazamoukh says 'Thank you. Your actions have earned my trust and gratefulness. The ankh you have returned, that extends the life of my companion, is tainted. Ankhefenmut carries the other piece of the ankh and may need help. You must return to Ankhefenmut as the dark magic grows with each moment. Take this magic silk scarf to Ankhefenmut so that the ankh can be shielded.'

Ankhefenmut says 'What is this? Too . . . late . . . I do not understand. I am fading!'

Raving Sphinx Spiritservant has a dark glow in its eye as it rushes toward you.

*** Fight a Raving Sphinx Spiritservant ***

Raving Sphinx Spiritservant's corpse babbles incoherently as the glow in its eyes is extinguished.

--You have looted a Sullied Ankh Piece.--

Ankhefenmut says 'Beastlord, I am indeed impressed. We did not know that there was a dark magic on the ankh pieces. It seems the life that flows from the ankh will need to be restored, but I think we are safe now. Take this gift to return to the beastlord elders who aided us.'

Receive Gift of the Sphinx you take to Elder Murada

Head back to Elder Animist Muada in Shar Vahl:

Elder Animist Muada says 'Gracious, that is indeed a precious gift. I will present it to the elders when we next gather as a council. They will be overjoyed at the rescue. You may keep that Feral Lord's Brooch to yourself as a reminder of what you learned. All [does not end] here though.'

You say, 'what does not end'

Elder Animist Muada says 'There is still much to do as the sickly magic of Discord trickles through time and space to Norrath and Luclin. It appears that we may need to go to its source. You must go to Rashara. She will have a tale to tell you that will help you on your way to ending this threat to the wild.'

Locate Rashara in Jaggedpine Forest:

You say, 'Hail, Rashara Wrualla'

Rashara Wrualla says 'Aye, I do remember that face, Beastlord. I am still recovering from my short trip to Kuua that suffers from the touch of the Realm of Discord. What a dark and foul place it is. Some of the creatures have hearts so dark it is nearly inconceivable. One of those creatures has robbed me of what I hold [most dear].'

You say, 'most dear'

Rashara Wrualla says 'There is a beast called a girplan, and while it does draw blood, it digs its fangs much deeper. I was traveling with my warder and encountered a girplan that was different somehow. It attacked me and my faithful warder ran to my aid. I did come upon some [luck], though.'

You say, 'luck'

Rashara Wrualla says 'I was able to get some distance when it landed a fatal blow to my companion. But, not only did it draw its blood afterward, it drew its essence, and now I am unable to summon my companion to my aid. I do not understand how it happened and I would have thought it [not possible].'

You say, 'not possible'

Rashara Wrualla says 'It would mean a great deal to me and the elders if you could seek out this girplan in that eerie scarred land and, perhaps, discover what it did to my warder. I am unable to go myself as I could never dream of traveling without my warder. You will find a beastlord in Discord who also seeks the same creature. Give him this note.'

Head out to Dranik's Scar and find Yerika Sisslak (Loc is neg590 pos 50)  

You say, 'Hail, Yerika Sisslak'

Yerika Sisslak says 'You have the aura of a beastlord I should trust. If Elder Muada hasss sent you, you must prove it to me.'

Turning in note spawns named and 11 adds. Drops Rashara Warder Essence you hand to Yerika.   Named mob is a Girplan.  

Yerika Sisslak says 'You have certainly accomplished what I was not able to. I must go now, but be sure to take this letter and the essence back to Rashara.'

Find Rashara Wrualla:

Rashara Wrualla says 'I am speechless. You have done what I thought was impossible. You've restored my place as a beastlord and an elder. I am forever in your debt. Return to Muada and tell him I sent you so you may hear the most-troubling news . . . it seems we know more about a true enemy of beastlords in Discord. I can say no more.'

Head back to Elder Animist Muada in Shar Vahl:

You say, 'rashara sent me'

Elder Animist Muada says 'It seems that as soon as we overcome one problem, another makes itself known. This time, though, we have found a [beast] in Discord that truly means to abuse the strength of the wild spirits.'

You say, 'what beast'

Elder Animist Muada says 'There is a foul creature that is borne of Discord itself. We believe it has discovered a way to abuse the ways of the beastlord for its own gains. It has invaded the ethereal world of the wild and is trapping the magic and power we consider sacred. It must be [stopped] before it grows ever powerful and erodes the ability of all beastlords to be at one with our feral companions.'

You say, 'stopped'

Elder Animist Muada says 'Go speak to Erana Farrel. She is in the city of the dragorn and will most likely be in hiding while she investigates. She was the first to discover this evil plot and has the most information to help you. Give her this cloak. She had asked for some protection while she was out in that volatile realm.'

After you get the cloak from Muada, travel to Ruined City of Dranik.
Erana is at -1019, -253 (Under bridge)
Unconfirmed but my hunches are that she is up for 2 hours then down for 2 hours. For instance right now im waiting for her respawn because I turned my cloak in with her about to despawn.

Hand her Elder Cloak of Resiliance from Mauda.   This will spawn the mob you need.

Erana Farrel says 'Egads, me friend. It has been summoned from the ground. Take as many friends as ye can muster. Ye are going to need them. This creature will be surrounded by summoned spirits of our very own warders. Ye must release as many of those abused spirits as ye can and dispatch the animist. That beast must have something he uses to control the warders. Return it to me!'

Spawns (413, -1466)

Discordling Dark Animist has been slainl!

He has 5 Warders, one of every race. All slowable (not sure about migitate) they hit for 600ish.

He has a good amount of hp, or so it seemed to me, since our dps was allocated all over the place. We offtanked and killed adds which seemed good until the AE dot which was 1000dd + manadrain/hp like 100ish per tick. That made our clerics go oom. It was close, we had 18, pretty much all elemental quality/few time pieces. Hits 800ish.

Things you want to know before you turn in his cloak.

-Set up your raid force in the hall. There are a trio of Dragorns that might get in your way. Have you raid pull them, then hand in your cloak.
-The event despawns in an hour. It was bad for me considering I had no clue what was happening the first time, had to run around the zone and find out what the deal was.
-You can get another cloak by speaking to Mauda.

--You have looted a Discordant Totem of the Feral.--

Spawns Discordant Dark Beastlord plus 5 adds 1 of each type of warder.

Turn in Discordant Totem of the Feral

Erana Farrel says 'You are owed a great debt from beastlords everywhere. You have restored the revered spirits of the wild and they have returned to Norrath. And, what's this? Interesting. I would not have expected you to find this totem. Its markings are unfamiliar. I have wrapped it for you. You must go to see Muada at once and show him this.'

Turn in Wrapped Discordant Totem of the Feral

Elder Animist Muada says 'I am honored to have had the opportunity to observe you -- a feral champion for the ills that have befallen our kind. You have certainly made your name known among us. While the spirit world is not freed from danger, it is much more promising with all that you've done. Take this token of our appreciation. It may not appear to be too much right now, but it will be very important should you [wish to continue to walk among the elders] of the lords of beasts.'

End result is here: Savage Lord's Totem


9/17/04 - Updated to correct spelling in part of text, and added finishing step after combine is made.  Added text for first part of the Step 2 (Thanks to post made by Lirish), And the second part as well (Thanks to a post made by Kikanass).  The two new Elders added(Thanks to Aeshmal)

9/18/04 - Updated info for Exact location of OT Scout, and added Turn in Text for the Jaggedpine Scout (Thanks to Onti)  Added the Beastlord spell listing from Lucy that included names in the title.  There could be a link to some of them.  Added information posted by Lestor of the FV server (Thanks to Lestor) as to the location of the 5th Elder.

9/19/04 - (My RL Birthday!!!) Added text from CT Elder (Thanks to Vaelina).  Added updated information on the PoD ground spawn to be more detailed (Thank to Onti).

9/22/04 Updated information on the 3rd Step of Epic Quest (Thanks to the great information posted by Battlesaur and help from Leaini)  Added Text for Irionu, Muada, and Marrey that was posted by Zagumm.   Added the text info for the Sphinx (Thanks to Mingo)

9/23/04 - Added answer to 3rd Riddle and text from Sphinxes as well as the following text from Elder Animist Muada and then from Rashara(Thanks to Jural)

9/24/04 Added text from 4 different areas (Names to come later...sorry all) and updated link to be the showing of what we get for Epic 1.5!  Grats to the few who have already completed this glorious quest.

Cyphen Wilder

I am thinking that after all elders are found that you will need to go back to mauda.  it seems that he is calling them all together since so far their messages point to them going back to seeing mauda.  in addition, he points out that "you" are becoming more like the elders everyday.  so, when done with elders, going back to join their meeting as an "elder" to learn what must happen seems to be a reasonable path of the quest.


The OT NPC does not have "Elder Animist" in his name at all. That should probably be removed from your guide. Otherwise, very neat and well done.


First I want to thank Lyonno for keeping the new epic info summarized and up to date.

Marrey McGrannel - Did NOT despawn when I gave her the letter today.

I hope this holds true from now on out.


Did you wait for a couple of minutes? They take a short time to despawn, from all reports.


Rashara Wrualla did despawn after a few mins in JP. Didn't check the others .

Ukator Iceblood

edit: See in the other post about the two new Elders.

QuoteTwo more Elders have been found.

1. Rashara Wrualla -- Jaggedpine Forest, p324, n1592

2. (I forget the name) -- Cazic Thule, p865, n355. In the water.

Aeshmal Fangwarden, level 66 Beastlord of Caelum Infinitum
Fennin Ro

From other thread...

Good stuff people!
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Just a note: I posted the info about the Cazic Thule mob, but information on this one is sketchy at best. If the loc is correct, it looks like the mob is in the water pits beneath the four-corners temple beyond the maze; this is the highest-level and by far the most dangerous area of the zone. Many mobs here see invis, there are casters of every variety, and it's generally a scary place.

This mob is NOT confirmed by me or anyone I know personally; it's just something I heard in the serverwide channel. The Jaggedpine spawn, on the other hand, is definately present and the loc is correct.


QuotePiece #3: Plane of Disease - Roaring Grass (PoP) Ground Spawn - Found on the floor of PoD castle at loc (p) 1777 , (p) 65. Word has it you have to get the key to get into the castle this far.

I duoed (with cleric) Gryme for the key. It's at p65 p1777 (reverse of up top there). It's behind the locked door AND behind the Spider Queen. She is rooted. You can pull her two guards killed them. Then pull guards behind her kill them. Then try and run by. I did it with a group. Warrior engaged, SK kited adds, druid evaced us out once i got the piece. It was directly past Spider Queen and to the left.
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Be very careful trying to just run past the spider. She has an AE that, among other things, will snare you. If you get snared, and then stunned by a lucky hit from her, you'll probably die before you get away from her melee range (which is considerable).


Search the CT area with a necro . Didn't see any mob near the loc given .


The Cazic Elder is confirmed. The loc won't help you much.

Screenshots will be posted soon, but the gist is that he's found in the water pools beneath the temple beyond the maze. If you've ever been to Four Corners, you know the area. The temple is a pain in the ass to climb up; at the top, there's a small entranceway guarded by a Thule Lizard. Below that are several rectangular pits filled with water -- this is hard to explain. The ogre NPC is found in one of these pits.

Oh, and bring a gate item. You don't want to try getting out of here by running it.

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So this one we need to fight to?

I don't know CT at all. Only been there twice I think.
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Quote from: AeshmalDid you wait for a couple of minutes? They take a short time to despawn, from all reports.

Perhaps it did despawn then.  I didnt give it a lot of time.  I assumed it was an instant despawn.