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Started by TerrorizzerTz, August 31, 2007, 12:55:48 AM

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Posted magelo for gear and eqplayers for my actual stats as magelo isnt accurate at all. My range is diffrent and got a couple diffrent augs but got sick of dealin with magelo.

Anyway was lookin at ideas for huntin spot solo as I think I am only one in EQ that doesnt box a toon.

Looking for places for Regular exp as I would like to get at least close to 75 as possible before next expansion. And maybe do some AAs along the way.
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I think i solo'd Nobles Causeway around lvl70.  murks and bazus.

after outgrowing NC, I'd try to do Sunderrock basks and drakes.

I also know I did some Hive on my way to level 75,but that was decidedly un-fun.  Hive is depressing.


Places I would try:

Deep in Veksar (tribute)
Deep in GE  (tribute)
Ponys in Arcstone (Easy to get to, fast setup, vendor close)
Blackfeather Roost (fun quests)
NC Murks
Fiends in PoV
Bloodfields (faction and slugworms)
Stillmoon Temple (healing V aug)
The Ascent - (DoN progression tasks)
Barren Coast (Pirate faction)
The Stepps - mobs near the GM zone


Savage Lord Zorthaz - 110 - Scaled Wolf herder - Tunare


I would finish up Combat Agility, Combat Stability, Natural Durability and Physical Enhancement then go do Murks in Wall of Slaughter.  They don't hit too bad and you should be around 8k or better with Cleric/Beastlord buffs.  They will be 8% a kill while it's a hot zone.  The only danger is when they run at 20% but you can position them so they run away from other mobs.


Actually have found with cleric merc can solo some mobs in the first section of The Void. Oceagreen Hills, Bloody Kithicor, Field of Scale everything red at 70 and get about 3/4 to full blue of exp set at 90% with 10% going to AA which I would imagine at full AA exp be alot towards AAs.
Terrorizzer Whenbearsattack 72 Ogre Feral Lord of Shining Alliance