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Started by Tastian, September 18, 2004, 09:51:42 PM

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Ok started running around testing various level 65 hunting spots at 70.  


The gnarled treants and other mobs were light blue.  Got ~1-2% AA per kill.  Then I ran across to hedge.  The banshees were light blue and gave about the same exp.  The nettling wraiths were all DB and gave 2% per kill.  I then ran past the guardians and tried out the gargs.  They were all DB of course, but still only gave 2% per kill.  


Lot of light blues.  Didn't have much time, so didn't get to test very much.  Mobs gave ~1% per kill when light blue.  I checked the factory and the tin soliders were light blue as well and gave ~1% per kill.  I didn't pull the other DB mobs inside so not sure what they'll give for exp.

Sample size for all of this is smaller than I'd like, but I have so many different things I'm testing atm I'm just trying to what information I have out there now and hopefully others will add on even more.  I plan to test tier 1 a bit more and then hit other spots like droga/griegs/etc.  Not sure when I'll have time for that though.  *shrugs*


One thing I've wondered, is there an exp penalty for light blues. At 65, gnarled treants and co in PoN would give me 1-2% aa. So if they still do it might indicate no change.
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I believe light blues are have a 50% exp penalty, but I don't recall atm and can't check on that.  The exp is down on light blues from what I can tell by the differances between the light blue banshees and the DB nettlings wraths that I don't believe I really noticed a diff in exp on before.  I'd have to dig back through some old notes to be sure though.