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Got ideas?

Started by Tastian, September 23, 2004, 09:58:51 PM

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We are starting to put together a list of some more community changes that we can roll out in the weeks and months ahead and we would like your help.

Other than backflagging and class definition, what ideas do you have for improvements to gameplay and general improvements to the game. I only exclude class definition and backflagging as we are looking into those already.

So pull out your thinking caps and let's start a good list. Please refrain from adding affirmations to ideas on the list. If you wish to add commentary, then please do, but no "I agree with Number 352!" posts please.

Other things we have heard from the community are as follows:

General -

Bring back the boats

Show pet hit points in numbers not percentages

Put the POD on /find

Allow no-drop items to be turned in for Tribute

Improve EQIM and support it

Give titles for having the Wayfarer augment

Add titles for home towns

A time stamp for chat logs

Make the second and third rings for mark NPC and delegate main assist look just like the first ring (Change the colors to make them look more different)

The ability to choose which LDoN missions you want to do

Add guild chat to EQIM

Add the ability to name your pet or horse

Class Specific -

Lower the Fizzle Rate for bard songs

Increase Pet speed so they keep up with their masters

Pet messages go in tells to the pet's master ("backing off" "holding" etc) This will eliminate spam.

Add an endurance regen items, spells, or items

Increase pet focus drops and availability

Make Call of the Hero and summon corpse equal - Make CoTH available in all corpse summoning zones. If a small area of the zone is necessary to have both coth/corpse summon blocked for potential exploit reasons then just block that small area of the zone.

Decrease the Feign death failure rate

Allow for more trade ins - Tunic to Robe and vice versa (this is a caster and monk request)

Increase the number of Undead and Summoned NPC's overall zones

Improve Track for rangers

Add an AA that prevents leaving group mates behind in teleport and evacuation spells (Druid and Wizard issue)

Brenlo Bixiebopper
Community Relations Manager


Would like to see more animals that use the old-world animal factions.  By this I mean that certain classes and races are not agro to animals (druids and beastlords con warmly to animals in the karannas and DSP for example).  This innate ability has been largly underutilized lately.


How about

- Seeing pet proc dmg
eg. Jaagger's Warder has hit %t for X non-melee damage.

-top 2 pets to have different graphics
eg. Scaled wolf at 68/70 is the same colours as the Enchanter illusion. THis will make it like a status symbol.
Elder Jaagger
Feral Lord of PRISM
Ayonae Ro


to be able to click off pet buffs / have all proc spell overwrite each other and not have pet poofing when someone else cast invis on you.


no food message!!!!!!!!!


no dropitems should be useable for guildtribute

bardmsg turn off should not looks the same like  a pet buff wearing off

pet should have same runspeed like the owner

no random seeinvs mobs on the ways to the fighting zones(random invsdroping is enugh "fun" already :roll:


Can we please fix the iksar warder "freeze on proc" bug?  Makes kiting or running and praying my pet gets aggro a pita.

The Berserker: Foecussed


OK, how about...  (in no particular order)

1) When you fear a mob, and it is casting, it stops casting and runs right away!

2) the ability to set a friend to be global across accounts.

3) the same for ignore

4) Ability to customize keyboard layout per character, or at least have a couple different keyboard layouts to choose between.

5) Fix the lag in OOW zones?

6) Lower fizzle rate for all hybrids

7) on blue servers: bard detrimental songs need to not spam nearby players.

Just the ones I can think of right off the top of my head.

Tenosh, 65 bard, Tahnel, 53 Beast


Make warders address Bst's as something other than 'Master.' We all know, and Sony does, we are not their Master, we're their companion. It's been bugging me for ages.

Bring back the boats, yep yep!

Add titles for home towns. Not sure what this means, can you clarify it Tastian?

Increase pet speed for warders, agree!

GM events. Drunken runs across the Kelethin tree tops are a bit boring, and all too rare anyway.

Dynamic Content could be the most fun thing you'll ever experience in EQ if you just have a few ideas so here's a few, some of which I posted on the official boards..

Bring Miragul, Mistmoore, Veeshan etc back into current EQ lore. You don't have to invent new bad guys, you've got recognised figureheads that don't need popularising. Expand on the Shissar.

The Iksar race is bursting to do something mildly interesting, let them.

Venril Sathir is very bored in KC. Remind him about his plans for Kunark domination.

The Goblins want to take over Highkeep for a week, replacing all the NPC's there.

Marauding Pirates have been raiding Erudin again! Enter the Ghost ships that are docked there and fight back the menace!

Look! ToFS has finally got an 8th Floor!

Bloody Kithicor Part 2!

Let the Trolls at the Frogs!

Gnomes make an exciting invention!

Ok, I'm spent.


Another thing:  It seems like if guild tribute is on when you log in, your regular tribute is on as well.  I lost 3k tribute one day before I saw this.

The Berserker: Foecussed


/agree with bringing back some of the old lore.

I always wondered what happened to Mistmoore, and I'd like to see something happen with th alliance between the dark elves and Crushbone.

A couple more ldon themes would be nice (I'd like to see gnolls personally, Qeynos is an old world zone all should be able to get to).  Also a few new items should be trickling in.  Give people a reason to keep doing these.

Loot in some zones needs looked at.  I'll use Hate's Fury as an example of a zone where noone went to even when it was a bonus zone.  The required level on the stuff is too high to compete with other, easier to get stuff.

Npcs added to all cities similar to those of the froglok starting city that cast low level buffs on newbies.

Give titles for doing some of the older quests to encourage people to get out in those older zones and give them a shot.  The Qeynos Badge comes to mind as a quest I actually liked.

Continue the newbie quest in Shar Vahl that is about the whisperlings.  I always wanted to know more about it :)

Expanded tinkered items.  For example I'd like to see a tinkered "teleportation device" similar to a gate potion in difficulty and cost to make.  Other cool things could be a one time summoned pet (tinkered spider?), something that has a voice graft effect, maybe a very minor healing ward (make it do less the the first level of the aa one).  I dunno I'd just like to see more neat gadgets, plus with the new augs poisonmaking and alchemy got a big boost so I think it would be fair.

More transforming weapons like those gauntlets from Chardok.

I dunno what else.  I will think on it.


I doubt this would be changed at all, but i really dislike the fact that you need to own all of the expansions to complete the new epics.
I think there should be alternate steps for each part of the epics, i know its a dream, but hey this is a suggestion post is it not?

I know many people who didn't buy LoY, and many people who didnt get GoD. I'm sure there are others who didnt get Velious as well.. Being retired, it doesn't really apply to me, byut I just don't see how its fair to make something you want require you to buy something that perhaps you would only get for this one quest. else... Grr i hate money sinks, so unfair :(

careless acts caused a won't be the last of many, some of those might even heal


OK keep coming up with other things while in game but keep forgetting to write them down... here is another I thought of.

1) re-evaluate rate of skill ups for combat skills.  With the rate people level these days it is impossible, with common game play, to get all your combat skills maxed before your 50s.  I think they really need to alter the rate of skill ups for lower level players to adjust for hte faster kill rates common today.

Tenosh, 65 bard, Tahnel, 53 BL


being able to have an AA ort something to ride our warders.

definetly increase pet speed or make it where the pet is leashed to u to a certain distance so annoying to have to summon warder just cause i ran across zone and teddy is lost who knows where doing who knows what.

NEW BEAR warder graphics omg plz something like PoS bears or rujirkan theme bears kkthx.


A "yes/no" box when someone tries to cast invis on you.  To this day, it is my biggest pet peeve, no pun intended.

Hey Skratchen!! How many times did slow get resisted on that last mob? Oh, three or four times...