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The usual please read before posting...

Started by Tastian, June 30, 2004, 07:02:21 PM

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Ok this section of the board is going to be used for collecting data to share on the rep boards.  I'm going to ask questions, post polls, offer suggestions, etc and hopefully from that we'll see changes that benefit the beastlord community as a whole.

You are welcome to PM me on these boards or just e-mail me at [email protected] if you want.  I will be checking this section atleast once a day (and yeah probably more than that).  I can guarantee you pretty fast responses from me, but once I pass it on it's out of my hands and I'll just do my best to keep you updated.  

Overall these boards are quite clean and full of constructive information.  I'd like to see that continue.  Please keep an open mind about what others have to say and realize that lots of people play this game differently.  We won't get everything everyone wants, but hopefully we can atleast rationally explain why we feel something should be changed/added/removed.

The rep position is still being ironed out and changes being made.  I'll keep people as updated as I'm allowed to and try to keep communication going as smoothly as possible.  Finally please remember that they gave me access to a forum, not a access to the source code.  8)

Edit - Kashmiir: Also please keep in mind that Tastian has 100% control over this forum. If he feels the need to delete a post or topic I 100% support him this. Please keep this forum clean, to the point and keep your flames or arguements out of this forum. This should be a place for the gathering of information for our community, Tastian and SoE. Lets not clutter this place up and make it so Sony wouldnt read it :)